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Bringing Me Down - Various - Hammer Rocks (Vinyl, LP)

Download Bringing Me Down - Various - Hammer Rocks (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Epic - 466897 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal

They could still have girl talks and act silly. It was often funny to think about how kids always wanted to be adults, but adults always wanted to be kids again. She closed the door quietly and flicked off the light switch, encasing the room in darkness. Another flash of lightning lit up the room and Zoey frowned before climbing up to her bunk to sleep.

She really hoped the rain would slacken off by morning. Zoey gasped in surprise at the abrupt alarm and rolled so far over that she went crashing onto the floor.

Scarlett shot up from the bed and hit her head on the bottom of the top bunk. Rubbing her head, she looked to her side to see Zoey moaning in pain. The sounds of fast winds and pounding rain came through the small window in the room. A boom of thunder resounded so loudly that they could feel it resonate in their chests like a bass drum. Scarlett opened the door to see flashing red lights on the ceiling, lighting the hallway one second and then plunging it into darkness the next.

Something was definitely wrong. Suddenly, a group of crewmen came around the corner of the corridor, shouting and sprinting at full speed, and Scarlett shrunk back into the cabin so as to not be run over.

Across the hall, Scarlett saw Cassandra standing in the doorway of her cabin, looking back at her with the same petrified stare. She stepped out of the cabin to ask her if she knew what was happening, but they heard the echoes of another wave of people bouncing off the metal walls. There were more this time, but the girls recognized a familiar face.

Channing was among this stampede, carrying an armful of lifejackets and appearing disheveled with his hair wild and his shirt misbuttoned. Where is everyone?! She said she would be back later! That meant that something was seriously wrong.

Like, leave it? Her clothes, toiletries, wallet, books, iPod, everything? What were they going to do? Jump into the sea with nothing but the clothes on their backs? There was nothing or no one to come rescue them out here.

The officers said that the waves are getting so rough that they could overturn the ship. We have to go!

The girls hastily put on whatever footwear was closest and followed after him. The fierce waves kept hammering the vessel, making them trip and fall a few times. They started up the stairs for the deck and headed for a life raft. It was already filled to the brim with people. One older man put his hand in front of Zoey, Scarlett, Cassandra, and Channing. The four of them instantly ran to the next one, which already had a handful of people struggling to loosen its lines.

It would definitely be a long swim, but maybe the rush of adrenaline would help maintain her stamina for a while. A forceful wave rocked the ship, causing them to stagger and the water puddles made them lose traction on the deck. The ship violently tilted in the opposite direction and gravity forced Scarlett to lose her balance and collapse. The ship slanted even more and she felt herself begin to slide across the metal deck. She screamed and tried to reach for the hand closest to her, but gravity had taken control too quickly and Scarlett had slipped through the bars of the railing, plunging deep into the ocean.

She held onto Cassandra, whom was frozen in place from shock. Oh God! Zoey was cut off by the ship abruptly hitting a reef, making her, Cassandra, Channing, and the rest of the crew in the lifeboat plummet into the water as well with high-pitched screams. Scarlett hit the water like a sack of bricks. She opened her eyes and they burned like fire from the saltwater. The sea was unforgiving.

Waves kept bringing her up and under. She surfaced and tried to search for Zoey. She could see people several hundred yards away, but they were too far to swim towards. She called out for help, but thunder resonated through the air, completely blocking out her voice. She tried to swim through the choppy waters to get to someone or something, but the waves kept submerging her. Water filled her nose, mouth, and eyes.

She grasped her lifejacket tightly and stopped her writhing, realizing that the waves were going towards the island. She let out a cry of relief. All of them would reach the shore eventually. Once her feet hit the sand bar, Scarlett trudged through the water, taking great strides. Water poured from her body and she ripped off the lifejacket, feeling like a fifty pound weight had been removed. She halted and looked around with stinging eyes. Or Channing. Or anyone. All that was on the beach was old debris, shrubs bent over from the fierce winds, and aged buildings made out of cement.

Where was everybody? Scarlett cupped her hands to her mouth. She walked up the beach and surveyed the area, her eyes moving back and forth. What if something happened to everybody in the water? What if they all drowned?

Or sharks got them? Scarlett shivered in the rain. Somebody had to have made it. They must have. But she was exhausted, wet, and desperate to find some shelter from the all-powerful rain. Maybe she could search for people in the morning or, at least, when the rain stopped. She went into one of the vacant buildings that still had a roof and laid on the ground, smoothing her hair away from her face and trying to gain control of her trembling. She finally had a chance to pause and take everything in.

Oh, fuck! What am I gonna do?! She nodded to herself and closed her eyes. Everything would be better in the morning. For now, she needed to sleep. Yes, sleep was good. And it overtook her within a matter of seconds. She was rocking back and forth as if she were still in the water. Scarlett opened her eyes to see that it was still dark.

The rain had ceased and the grass was shiny with water. She turned her head to the side and also saw trees. Where the hell was she?! Dropping her head downward, she saw a pair of feet shuffling directly below her and her face felt warm, almost like all of her blood had gone into it.

Was she being carried? Had someone finally found her? Scarlett then saw another pair of feet appear and brought her gaze upward to see a rugged-looking man with overgrown hair and a grizzly beard, dressed in a rain jacket, pants, and dingy boots following close by. He also possessed a bow, a quiver on his back, and a torch in his hand for light.

He leaned in and Scarlett scrunched up her eyes from the bright light and heat of the torch in her face. Scarlett nodded her head and relaxed. She was alright. She and everybody else were okay. But who were these guys? Had they happened to be on the ship and she had just never seen them before? She began to think. Then…where did he come from? Scarlett began to see a cobblestone trail and small wooden houses appear every now and again like they were once part of a village. They looked to be decades old; maybe even a century.

Scarlett saw the light from a few torches set in sconces before she was dropped to the ground; rather roughly, she would add. Before she could get back on her feet, one of them forced her hands behind her back. What the hell was he doing?

Scarlett then felt rope beginning to secure her wrists tightly together. Scarlett stared down into the grass in shock. They were capturing her. But why? Why would they do this? She just needed to get some help and find her people. Scarlett whipped her head and was overjoyed to see Zoey with her wet pajama shorts and tank top clinging to her body. Channing was also there and several other crew members from the ship.

It was apparent that not many had survived and the ones that did looked disheveled and chilled to the bone in their damp clothes. All of their hands were bound as well. She moved closer to them using her knees, mud sloshing under her. Maybe they had an idea of what was happening. Pipe down over there! It was then that Scarlett noticed that there were multiple men stationed in various positions around them.

All of them looked pretty rough. Maybe they really were living out here. There was dirt on their clothes and nearly all of them were in a serious need of a shower, shave, and a haircut. Scarlett could tell she was trying to keep her nerves under control.

Just stay calm. Everything will be fine. The islander pulled out a pistol and pointed it into his face.

Scarlett felt her heart stop. Everything seemed to stop. Channing immediately closed his mouth. This man was serious and there was no doubt that he was bluffing. He had that fiery look in his eyes. Scarlett looked around the camp and noticed one of the natives watching her. There was the faintest hint of a grin on his face. All of the hostages turned as one man, taller and larger than the rest, approached them threateningly with a pistol already in his hand.

He had dark hair with a short beard to match and wore a faded leather jacket layered over a dark tunic. The leather made him look superior to his companions. She resisted the man trying to move her and elbowed him in the groin. He doubled over in pain and two more people came to take his place, one grasping her brown hair and the other forcing her to move.

It was Amy. Amy stood up and rammed into the one of the men while Channing joined in, turning the situation into a scuffle with even more islanders entering the fight. He walked up to Chrissy, whom was now being held securely by two men. The man automatically spun back around and struck her hard across the face.

The smack even made Scarlett wince. His patience was running short. The dark-haired man looked down the line to count the number of remaining women and saw two blondes beside each other quivering with fear. He saw her quickly tear her gaze from his and bow her head, closing her eyes.

Scarlett heard footsteps coming closer. They were loud and deep. She was shaking. Scarlett slowly lifted her eyes to meet his. His gaze pierced hers, making her feel completely open and vulnerable. There was no hiding from him. She was about to cry, but forced herself to open her mouth enough to let out two shaky words. Their expressions were filled with terror. Scarlett locked eyes with Zoey and saw tears gathering in her eyes.

The man forced Scarlett to look back at him again. Scarlett did everything not to whimper and kept her eyes glued to his chest. He was really scaring her. And his sick little touch seemed worse than any slap across the face.

Thankfully, Channing came to her aid and tried to distract him. He was kicked in the back by a native. Some of the men looked at each other, puzzled. This was too disturbing. She just wanted him to let her go. Have you gone full-blown crazy, Vladimir?! She goes to Mathias! Zoey whimpered and ducked down as far as she could, now caught between the two men.

She looked straight at Channing, pleading for any type of instruction. What was she supposed to do since the leader obviously had some creepy type of affection for her? Channing gestured towards Vladimir with his head and mouthed a sentence to her. What was he saying? Channing repeated the sentence. She understood one word: help. He nodded towards Vladimir again. Then, he made a kissy face. Channing was the insane! He was telling her to flirt with this man, this thug, to get him to help them.

She had never done anything like that before. You need to help your people, though. Giving Channing a petrified look, Scarlett picked herself up and slowly approached the leader. Was all of this even real? She practically cowered in fear. The other scavengers were gawking, some of them smirking.

It unsettled her and her train of thought wavered. Vladimir regarded the woman in front of him with a questionable gaze. What was she doing, talking to him? Was she trying to get him to let her go? To let all of them go? Was she some kind of fool? But her smile made him cock his head to the side in fascination. When was the last time a woman, a beautiful woman at that, actually smiled at him? Definitely not since he had come to this island. It was peculiar.

She was peculiar; so shy, so innocent, and she was doing her best to reason with a brute like him. But something was making her lose her focus. He followed her eyes to the men watching her. Jealousy instantly took over. She was talking to him and they were making her uneasy.

He shouted at them to wipe the smirks off their ugly faces. Their faces fell and went back to being serious. Scarlett looked back at Vladimir. We bringing all of these new ones to Mathias or what? Vladimir again shouted something at him in a foreign language. The man angrily threw the crew member he was holding to the ground.

Vladimir paused for a moment and then exhaled. His sentence was cut short by a bullet to the head by Vladimir. She closed her eyes tight and then opened them again. Connor was still lying motionless on the ground with a pool of blood rapidly growing around his head. He was really dead. He was supposed to meet her for a date tomorrow night and he was going to make a shark tooth necklace for her.

She had hardly known the guy, but she had considered him a friend. He could have been her future boyfriend, maybe even her future husband.

But she would never get the chance to know now. Vladimir narrowed his eyes. He gave a short command in Russian to the man holding Channing. Be still, dammit! Red debris spewed outwardly from his chest as if something had burst forth from it, like in the movie Alien. The scavenger crudely let his body fall into the mud with a squelch. He was dead. The man who was going to take care of them and had said everything was going to be alright was dead. They were on their own now. How the hell were they going to get out of this without him?

Only a few of them whimpered. Why were they being separated? Who was Mathias? Was he going to kill all of them? Scarlett heard Zoey cry out as she was being dragged away along with Amy and Chrissy. She could only stare at her remaining friend getting dragged towards some unknown place. Who knew what these savages were going to do to her?

A scavenger began to lead her to follow Zoey and the others. Now, fucking GO! She suddenly had a stomach churning thought. The way he looked at her, the way he touched her, the way the other men looked at her…. She needed to run, to get as far away as possible! She needed to do this. She had to escape. It was a big risk and possibly a death wish, but there was no way she could stay with this man. Wincing from anticipation, she suddenly slipped from his grasp and took off in the opposite direction, her heart pounding so hard that it hurt.

She ran and ran with no intention of stopping. But her eyes overlooked a section of the stairs that were missing and she felt herself unexpectedly falling forwards. She rolled down the steps, bashing her knee and collarbone in the process, and finally came to a stop on flat, level ground. She went to get up, but her knee was throbbing and screaming at her for forcing too much weight on it. She flinched when she heard a presence behind her and yelped when Vladimir seized her shoulder and spun her around to face him.

He raised his hand to slap her and Scarlett cowered in fear, ready for pain. Then a shrill, ear-piercing scream exploded through the forest, making him pause and turn his head. The pop of a gunshot followed it.

That was one of the girls. Scarlett was secretly glad Vladimir had stopped mid-slap, but that gunshot meant that someone was dead. Zoey, Chrissy, or Amy; one of them was dead and lying on the ground with a bullet in their body. Vladimir peered down at the girl in front of him. She looked precious when she was terrified. But that was no ticket to get out of a punishment. She had ran from him. Philadelphia-born vocalist Billy Paul was comfortable with both soul and jazz, and his best-known song, the hit "Me and Mrs.

Jones," borrowed a bit from both styles with its polished arrangement and Paul's thoughtful phrasing conveying a tale of illicit love. While "Me and Mrs. Main article: LCD Soundsystem album.

Main articles: and Sound of Silver. Main article: This Is Happening. Al Doyle left and Nancy Whang performing as part of the band in For a more comprehensive list, see LCD Soundsystem discography. Apple Music. Retrieved February 10, Retrieved April 23, Retrieved April 28, Tobias Zywietz.

Retrieved July 16, January 17, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved July 2, LCD Soundsystem. DFA Records. Pandora Archive. March 20, Retrieved April 17, Archived from the original on December 24, Archived from the original on June 4, EMI Group. December 8, Archived from the original on September 26, September 16, The Guide. Archived from the original on January 13, Retrieved April 29, August 14, Archived from the original on July 9, August 21, February 25, Rolling Stone December 25, BBC News.

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