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Defenestration Of Blog (W/ Electrocutionnerdz) - Green Beret - Out Of Control 1996-2003 (CD, Album)

Download Defenestration Of Blog (W/ Electrocutionnerdz) - Green Beret - Out Of Control 1996-2003 (CD, Album)
Label: Prolapse records - PRO-009 • Format: CD Album, Compilation • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore, Experimental

SenSys is an ACM conference, and has traditionally had printed proceedings. As anyone who has been a conference organizer knows, this can often be a cumbersome and slow process, requiring many weeks of lead time from the publisher, and quite a lot of work on the part of the authors and the publications chair. This also shortens the time available for paper shepherding. Going the traditional route also incurs a nontrivial cost which is passed down to every conference attendee, whether they want the printed book or not.

Finally, there is an environmental cost to all those dead trees that never get read, and to physically ship out the proceedings to all of the SIG members. Personally, I don't have a need for printed proceedings. I realize there are still plenty of people who want to hold a physical paper in their hands, which is what printers are for -- indeed, if we put the PDFs online a week or so before the conference, anyone who wants to flip through the papers physically could print them out themselves and bring them to the conference.

Printed proceedings seem to me to be a holdover from the time when scientific literature was chiefly distributed through printed books and journals archived in libraries. That is not the reality today. Many journals have now gone all-electronic, so it seems odd to me that a conference could not go the same route. At the same time, I realize there are some real or perceived downsides to electronic-only proceedings.

There is a question about whether it really constitutes a "publication," and I have heard that some institutions in Europe and Asia expect a printed proceedings in order for a paper to "count. The copyright issue becomes a little sticky, but I think that it would work fine to allow authors to retain copyright in their papers but require that they release them under a Creative Commons license permitting the conference organizers, and ACM, to distribute them.

Finally, do electronic-only proceedings diminish the gravitas of a paper being accepted into a major venue? I would hope that those bulky yellow-spined books alone do not impart validity to a conference paper, but you never know.

So, I'm curious to know what others think about going all electronic. Anonymous July 13, at AM. Carolyn vdB July 13, at AM. Norman Ramsey July 13, at AM. Vlado Handziski July 13, at AM. Emil Sit July 13, at PM. Matt Welsh July 15, at PM. Evan Jones July 18, at AM. Prabal Dutta July 30, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Notice what is happening to the iron filings. There are number of force lines around the bar magnet due to its magnetic field.

When you tap the glass sheet or the paper, the iron filings point themselves along the lines of flux by acting like tiny compasses. Therefore the arrangement of iron fillings as shown in the image indicate the lines of force. Okay, now you have seen what happens around a bar magnet.

What happens around an electric current passing conductor or a coil in this case? So the same thing happens around a bar magnet also happens around an electric current passing coil. When an electric current passes through a long coil or a solenoid , a magnetic field is formed around it as shown in the image.

This electromagnetic field is equivalent to a magnetic field around a bar magnet. Therefore, a current carrying long coil or a solenoid act as a bar magnet which are known as electromagnets. The polarities of both ends of the solenoid changes according to the direction of electric current passes.

Like anything else in this world, strength of Electromagnetism depends on a number of factors. They are,. The following experiment will help you understand how each of these 3 factors affect the electromagnetic strength. Take a small thread winding or any plastic tube, and wind 50 turns of insulated copper wire 30 swg around the plastic tube. Cut a galvanized wire into 2 inch pieces and put a few pieces inside the plastic tube.

Make sure to scrape the insulation of the wire pieces inside the tube using a sandpaper or a knife. Galvanized wire is usually made out of iron or steel which means, they get attracted to magnets. Bring more paper clips one by one and count the maximum number of paper clips that can be hung from the galvanized wire without falling.

You will see that the amount of paper clips that can be hung is always greater than the first instance as explained above. The amount of clips which can be hung increases due to the fact that the field strength of the electromagnet increases. The magnitude of the electric current flowing through the coil increases as you add more batteries.

Similar to the way people use heating effect of current, the magnetic effect of current is mostly used in home electrical appliances. Electromagnets are also used to remove splinters of steel or iron in hospitals dealing with eye injuries. Would you like to learn how exactly a Electric Bell works? Jump onto next section! When you push bell switch, it completes the circuit of the bell and an electric current starts flowing through the coil. The U shaped soft-iron core becomes an electromagnet as a result of that and the soft-iron is attracted towards the electromagnet and the hammer hits the gong.

When the hammer attached soft-iron rod is attracted towards the electromagnet, circuit becomes no more closed, but opened. So that the current stops flowing and switches off the electromagnet. The soft-iron rod goes back to its original state so that contact is made again, because of this process the bell will ring continuously as long as current is flowing. What do you think would happen, if you were to pass an electric current through a conductor when the same environment is a magnetic field?

Following experiment will reveal the answer. Hang the thin copper wire between the poles of the horseshoe magnet using the thread. Connect the wire to the battery and the switch. Stage 3: Turn the horseshoe magnet to the other side, so the polarity changes. Repeat it. Copper wire moves outward from the horseshoe magnet in the first stage. Hold the first, second and thumb fingers of your left hand so that they are at right angle to each other.

A simple DC motor contains a rotatable coil in between the poles of a permanent curved magnet. The current from the battery flows through brushes to the commutator which is connected to the ends of the coil.

The commutator is a copper ring cut into two halves. When the arm CD of the coil comes near the North-pole of the magnet, the half ring Commutator connected to CD is in contact with the brush connected to the negative terminal of the battery.

Therefore current is coming out towards you. This means that the force on CD is upwards and the coil electromagnet will turn clockwise continuously. To make sure the coil turning round in the same direction you have to change the direction of the current in the coil.

In other words, you have to reverse the current in the coil. Because of this, the current through the coil in a DC motor is reversed in every half turn by a commutator. Chemical reactions happens when electricity passes through various conducting liquids.

This is known as chemical effects of electricity. Connect the circuit to two electrodes in the beaker. Pour one of the liquids into the beaker.

Yes, opinions can be helpful. The problem is that we often internalize other's ideas to the point that we forget that our opinion is valid, too.

It's not our job to make sure others around us understand in the moment. Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. Either is more than OK. Don't change a story that's meant to be yours to please other people. Know that your story might look different than those around you. I've always been a perfectionist, and I've always been a people-pleaser. At times, I've placed so much of an emphasis on what I wanted my story to be instead of letting it be.

I'm terrible at letting go, but I'm learning that it's so necessary. For me, letting go looks like letting go of my own expectations. Here's your reminder that social media and most things in life are but a highlight reel. We all have our successes, but we all have our struggles. A lot of the time, we don't get the opportunity to choose what story we're dealt in life. What we do get is the ability to choose what we do with that story.

I'm a big believer that every day, we have a choice. We can allow ourselves to be so consumed with others' stories and compare them to our own, or we can allow ourselves to celebrate stories. All stories. All parts of stories. Yes, that includes the parts of our stories that are hard to talk about. Yes, that includes the parts of our stories that don't make sense. Yes, that includes the parts of our stories that aren't like the stories of others.

You can't disregard the parts of your story that have helped build you. You can't throw away the parts that are uncomfortably or messy.

Instead, I hope you embrace them. I hope you don't run away. Future you will be thankful that you didn't. I promise. Realize that little victories are worth celebrating, too. I get so much joy when someone messages me telling me that my work helped them.

I've realized that meaning isn't always tied to numbers. The same is true in life. I hope that you don't invalidate your growth or success because you think it's too small or not important enough.

I hope that you don't hide your story because you don't think anyone can learn from it. I'm here to tell you that someone will learn from your story, even if the first person who learns from it is you. I'm here to tell you that your story is enough because you are enough. The little victories are what keep us going. I hope you celebrate your huge successes.

I really, truly do. However, I hope you realize that there's a lot more to life than huge successes. I hope you realize that people see your growth. More importantly, I hope you see your growth. I hope you see that your story doesn't stop just because one guy couldn't choose you or one employer decided to go a different direction.

I hope you see that your story doesn't stop at one setback or discouragement. Every day, I challenge myself to pick at least one little victory of the day. It's what keeps me looking forward instead of backwards.

It's what makes me hold on to hope. It makes every day a celebration, no matter how small. Know that your story has power, but only if you let it have power. I hope that you don't let your current chapter stop you from pursuing the rest of your story. I hope that you don't let one person or one situation or even one bad day stop you from looking up and moving on to greater things. Your life has a purpose, and your story has power. Embrace it, even and especially when it's hard.

It will be worth it, but you have to keep moving forward. Chase after the good, and allow yourself to reflect when it gets tough. Give in to community, and know that you are capable.

Most of all, keep the pen in your hand. Get to it, friend, and keep writing your story. You'll be glad that you did. Politics and Activism How Young Feminists Can Understand And Subvert The Internalized Male Gaze Women's self-commodification, applied through oppression and permission, is an elusive yet sexist characteristic of a laissez-faire society, where women solely exist to be consumed.

Performing for imaginary cameras, you hum and sway. The sensation is absurd. It's in those moments that Margaret Atwood's poetry appears true. Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it. Even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else.

You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur. From what context did the male gaze emerge? Obviously, heterosexual male desire is the ever-present subject. A woman's complex feelings, interesting thoughts, and own sexual ambitions are less important than her male framing. Examples of the male gaze abound in tropes like the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" or female superheroes who always must be sensual.

You can just think of the internalized male gaze as a facet and an outcome of the patriarchy. This concept is problematic, of course, because women may end up placing greater value on how they look than how they feel. In fact, this misguided step towards sexual equality has colonized and exploited feminism. We should look somewhere else besides mainstream corporations for such intimate solutions in gender equity.

We are better off practicing critical reasoning, introspection, and grace. Due to the immersive nature of the U. American social systems, women are victims of and participants in this sort of sexism. Instead of feeling shame, I vow to unlearn what I've been spoon-fed. If the actions are only benefiting men, my little show must be reassessed. But, if the actions benefit me - or other women - the spectatorship is decidedly less harmful.

It is in this way that women can function with the most benefit. If a woman's existence hinges upon the masculine gaze, she then has the ability to manipulate the system in which she is seen, becoming the one who commands this visual economy.

And, obviously, people who identify as women should be in the literal director's seat and metaphorical driver's seat more often. That indisputable fact is what you have in your control. Photo by Eleonora Patricola on Unsplash. I have found myself thinking this in the past; however, this is simply not true. We can always expand our knowledge, our arena of thought, with more information and experiences.

Putting yourself into the easy positions in life may be secure, but it is much harder to grow as a person this way. Instead, they just settle. Instead, I'd like to find myself at an in-between level. I would like to be someone who tries new things and is open to new experiences, just by simply reminding myself to be more open-minded. If we seek out our own adventures in life, it will help us grow stronger and firmer as people.

With our different values and beliefs, I hope and pray that one day we can bring our differences to the table for the betterment of society. For this wave of "betterment" to begin, we must start with open-mindedness. Will Love If they love you, they're not going to care if you didn't get them some expensive diamond necklace or Rolex watch; they just want you. Miami University. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash. Let me preface this by saying I am not a bad girlfriend.

I am simply a forgetful one. So now here I am, with a little over a week until Valentine's Day with absolutely no idea what to give my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I am a very forgetful person, so this has happened every Valentine's Day in which I had someone to give a gift to.

So, for everyone else struggling, here are 14 somewhat last minute gifts to give your significant other this Valentine's Day. It's a whole list of songs that remind you of them, or maybe it's even got songs they introduced you to. Share the playlist or make it collaborative so that the two of you can see how your relationship grows through music.

It doesn't have to be a long and dramatic declaration of love, just something cute to let your S. Go all out with it if you want: decorate it, color on it, and maybe put some cute stickers inside to go with it. I've written "open when" letters for friends and it is a fantastic way to let them know you love them. The premise is you write a few short letters with different themes, and on the envelop you tell the other person when to open each letter.

Again, regardless of your writing skills, a poem is a sure way to melt someone's heart. Just be honest and put your feelings on paper. If you're really stuck, there's always formats you can follow, like simply rhymes or typing the poem to make a shape like a heart.


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    Green and selective hydrogenation of aromatic diamines over the nanosheet Ru/g-C 3 N 4-H 2 catalyst prepared by ultrasonic assisted impregnation-deposition method Huanhuan Yang, Liguo Wang, Shuang Xu, Yan Cao.
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    Apr 07,  · Main 3 effects of electric current are Heating, Chemical & Magnetism. There are various day-to-day benefits of these electric current effects such as heating water, electrolysis, electroplating and electromagnets are just a few. Different factors affect these benefits such as Resistance. Reveal more!
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    Apr 20,  · "Plants are an awesome natural filter for negative energy," Amy says. Their health-boosting and air-quality-enhancing abilities don't hurt either!
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    Jul 13,  · Going Green with Electronic Proceedings I recently attended a conference where the proceedings were given out in CD-ROM format, which totally didn't work for me since my laptop doesn't have a CD-ROM drive. I was able to get the proceedings on a USB flash drive, which was great until my battery ran out (only a few outlets were visible in the.

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