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Do Whatcha Like (Original Mix) - RLP - RLPmix Totaldancefloor (CD)

Download Do Whatcha Like (Original Mix) - RLP - RLPmix Totaldancefloor (CD)
Label: RLPMix Records - RLPMIX 201 • Format: CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Tech House, Disco

I can remember where I heard them. I standing in my kitchen of my apartment listening on my pc that was streaming thru a dial up connection it has an underwater sound and a hot chic swimming in the video in a white swim suit bottoms only Or perhaps the Dajae - u got me up remix.. These are the most popular house traxx with a wind instrument. Here in the Chi.. I can remember hearing Chris Sheppard in Toronto in the late 80's and early 90's a lot of the stuff that has been listed here by all these great DJ's.

The floor went OFF!!!! Let me know!!!! That's it!!! Thanks Cisco! Lando PM - 23 September, Cary, the original pressing has 2 versions. Thye "Jazz" and "Row" mix. Hot Music is on the "B" side. Record label is red. I'm headed out to the guitar center to pick up some 's 2 for 1 sale. Lando AM - 24 September, Sale depends on where you go.

I love them Congrats on finding that track Michael.. I love it when I find something that I have been dying to get! Reading down some of the lists really brought back some memories for me.

Can anyone tell me the name of the late 90's vocal thats a woman singing goes "I need I need a friend bla bla bla someone like youuuu somebody like you" Ty in advance to anyone that can help. Goodkat AM - 1 June, the thread or bad boy bill? Marko PM - 12 June, Hi Everyone, Dying to find a song for which i can't remember the name nor the artist. Song goes something like this Robejz PM - 12 June, Quote:.

Marko PM - 12 June, Quote:. Taipanic PM - 13 June, Quote:. I found so many songs that I never thought I'd hear again from looking up many of the tracks listed! Does anyone know the title of the song with these lyrics- I watch Windows High as could be Watching Windows I'm aware of where you been Probably from late 90's and runs through my head every so often since then. Nuzz1 PM - 11 September, Love that rich bass from 90's house, a lot of new tracks sound thin to me, too similar, get off the computer and get crate diggin and sampling and tweaking, it took a lot of creativity and effort with all that analog equipment to make music then, and you can hear it in the music of 80's and 90's and early 's , but it still all goes back to the 70's for the foundation and inspiration, the 70's is the Giants shoulders we stand on.

I've been trying to find a song , not sure what era but I'm guessing 80's or 90's. I believe it is called "Deeper"; I believe the hook is: "deeper deep deep deep deep deeper x4 come on come on deep; come on deeper yeah deeper". I know that is not much but some of you are really knowledgeable and I really hope someone can help! After reading this thread I was sure I would get my answer. Thank you so much d:raf, that is the song!!!!

People gather around let's hear the sound it's telling me and you that it's time to celebrate take somebody by the hand forget all your worries and be thankfulnfor your blessings We gonna celebrate tonight come on and celebrate we gonna celebrate tonight 2.

This is your life And this is not a play, some TV show you've seen This is real life, you know that This is your, this is your life, hey hey hey This is your, this is your life You act like a child playing games now Play and pretend, art of disguise Alone and lost in all your lies 3. We are allowed to be free we are allowed to be free 4. Had my love but you lost it set me free set free set me free it's is sung by a woman Thanks. Goodkat PM - 31 January, Quote:.

Goodkat Now how about giving us the title of the house classic track with those lyrics from the late 90's: Quote:. The only lyrics I remember are, "It's a dream, it's a dream, it's a dream," or "Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.

Thanks, Jeff BoJack32 yahoo. The song actually starts off with a very melodious tune and some lyrics also goes "you give good love to me My memory recall is weak, but here's what I got: The hook went something like "Im thinking or hoping we can be or get together" and the 'gether part repeats several times. I know thats not much, but its all I got. Remember loving that song as a kid the few times I heard it on the radio. If any of y'all recognize it, I'll love ya lots.

Peace, and thanks! Rensky AM - 11 March, Hey everyone, I see you are working miracles here coming up with the names of songs for people.. I have 2 songs I have been trying to find for years.. I'm I'm I'm a bitch" and no this is not the Merideth Brooks song..

Desperately looking for this! If it helps the voice is quite high pitched. Thanks in advance. It's probably in the top 5 of most sampled songs ever. Been looking all over Google and YouTube no luck. Here are some of the lyrics "If you wanna fuck I wanna fuck If you wanna fuck throw your hands up, Hell yhea do wanna fuck, hell yhea do you wanna fuck" Thanks.

I would be very grateful if someone could help. These are the only lyrics and the music has a semi-creamy deeper disco feeling to it. Many thanks guys! I think it's called Medallion. Throughout the whole song, the only lyric that is said is the word "medallion" If anyone knows the song, know the artist, or has a link to that song, please let me know!

Sikhumbuzo PM - 19 April, Hi all. I am looking for a vocal house track sung by a lady vocalist. It goes like this "we can make it if we try, you and I".

Am not sure if it title is " in the beginning". Thank you. Or maybe I'm not googling right, or i have the lyrics wrong. Many many thanks. This is the best recollection I have of it. OK it starts off with a male voice speaking and describing what you need to make a dance track.

It goes something like this Any ideas? Eggenz AM - 4 May, Quote:. Smile PM - 8 May, Quote:. Eggenz PM - 9 May, Quote:. Smile AM - 10 May, Eggenz, try this one www. Eggenz PM - 10 May, Quote:. Does anyone remember these two songs that had this awesome disco guitar rift?

One was called;" Got to be Free", but I don't remember who did it. And the other, I think was called; "Got your Soul"? I don't remember who did that either but both songs had the same guitar in it and it sounded like the disco song "Boy Meets Girl". I have been searching for these two songs for close to twenty years, if anyone can help I am guessing that this would be the place.

God bless brothers! The lyrics should be similar to: "woman, i can feel.. No matter what Does anyone recognise? Thanks, peace, Leon. Eggenz AM - 19 May, Quote:. Please can you knowledgeable cats help? Looking for a late 80s 90's house tune for my other half, it's quite a mellow tune, lyrics are wide open space, free to express, free to create Or something similar it was on a Gordon Kaye mix tape number 9 special k.

Can anyone help? Randomly been searching for about 9 years for hthis record Eggenz PM - 19 May, Quote:. Sparrowseve PM - 20 May, Thank you so much I'll look now.

You're wonderful thank you!! I am new here I am looking for an artist name and track name for an early 's garage song that goes: 'they don't know Thanking you in advance Male vocals and lots of piano and the vocals go 'i'm gonna get you back some day, gonna get back to you, don't you know'? Any help on the artist or song title would be really appreciated. Sparrowseve PM - 24 May, Quote:.

Eggenz PM - 24 May, Quote:. Sparrowseve PM - 25 May, Many many many thanks!!!! The other half is over the moon!!! Heard it recently and it took me so back. Would love to hear it again. Thanks all. Thank you so much! That's it. I hope I can help out with a dope track sometime too. Thank you a million! So amazing. Thank you thank you! Mollyme AM - 3 June, Ok, don't wana come off greedy but figured I'd run with my luck and try another.

Anyone know a track - female vocals that says "I'm feeling But so melodic its comforting. Lol Thanks for any help you can offer. I believe my brain is starting to recover from the Techno Era in Germany. Check out this Song. You will Not regret IT. I've been looking for this specific track for a few days now and cannot seem to find it. I contacted the dj and he told me it was a special edit only djs have. It's a female vocal, lyrics are something like "what a night, I love It's mixed with heavy bass.

The dj told me it was house throb. If anybody can help, i would really appreciate it. I can even send you a clip from it, if it helps. Eggenz AM - 15 June, Quote:. I'm lookin for an old house track.

The song that comes before that one is House Music by Eddie Amador. Love the forum, thanks a bunch! Jforce76 PM - 24 June, Hey guys I recently stumbled upon this website looking for a rare house song for almost 27 years you don't know how hard I tried LOL and I was able to find it on here it's work my body over by dsk I was so excited when i did. So I am very grateful to have found it and I decided to join because I figured who better to ask them DJ's about rare songs.

I'm looking for a couple but right now I'm looking for an Amber song. It's the song One More Night it is kind of Techno ish houses real fast I can't find it anywhere I tried you tube I tried other of sight I was hoping maybe one of you guys might know which one it is but it's very house very techno ish fast and the only words says it's just one more night over and over.

Would also like to know if they is a place for a DJ that only plays songs like this on the DJ scene? Regards chris. Jforce76 PM - 1 July, I tried but no luck. Thank you guys for the help. Jforce76 PM - 1 July, I am looking for another song. Its a house song. It came out like in 04'' lot of trumpet use in it.

Anyone know any songs that came out around those years with that latin trumpet sampling in it? Deb80 PM - 2 July, Hi im looking for the name of a song I used to dance to in the 90, it had the words "roll the dice" in Jforce76 PM - 2 July, No thats not it.

It samples an old song. No lyrics really only a sentence and its in a mans voice. The trupet sounds go like this Tat,tat.. If anyone recognizes that pattern, i will always be grateful.

I am desperate! Eggenz AM - 11 July, Quote:. Jforce76 AM - 11 July, The horn song from The don os actuslly another song i was looking for. Not the one i was thinking but this one is another one of my favorites. But i am looking for another one. Ots a deep house song. There's a girl that basically talks in it and says " i want some more, can i have some more, i need some more" That last part repeats over and over i need some more need some more Need some more.

Jforce76 AM - 11 July, There's a house song from the early s. It has a clip from what i believe is a movie. It says something about zeus making people dance. Anyone heard of a sond that mentions something like that? Im looking for a '90s house song The lyrics I remember are it only gets better when the dawn comes we dont have a lot of time, You are all of my desire, You are setting me on fire, by the time we kiss Lied to I think There is a saxophone playing Thanks.

DJ Seans AM - 4 August, Hey Guys1 I am looking for a title of a 90s era song with lyrics no matter where you go no matter what you do I will always follow you. Artist is a female. Eggenz AM - 9 August, Quote:. Sparrowseve PM - 13 August, Yo Hello you cool cats, had such a good result for my other half before with you finding Shaka boom Being vinyl junkies we need the next fix!!! We gotta tune we can't identify and need your expertise again!!!

Going back to special k tapes again there's a tune on k8 part 2, it's a mix of plez "I can't stop" Nnno nno". It's mostly a vocal track with a lovely piano tunage At the end of k8 part 2, there's 2 tunes one with words " we all dance under the same sun Too high" and the other "make me love you".

Any of you funksters got any ideas for these 4 tunes?? Trainears PM - 15 August, Hi - please can anyone help? It had this spoken word lyric in a male voice "now you're in my house.

I am looking for a track ID and hoping someone here can help me! The vocals go something like: Don't go askin' Whats his name Aint nobody but you Are to blame I know, I've been untrue But I had to do it repeats "I had to do it" Very jazzy house music track. Horns, keys, percussive. Sounds a little like St Germain. Anyway, any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance! I wait for you I know god will x2 I know the law lord, i know he'll leave don't know what to do two will make a way not sure about this one I don't know what to do I wait for you I know god will x2 I know the law.

More like a hip-house track, male voice with a chorus that repeats "Let Me Find Out". I know someone here knows it. Goodkat PM - 24 September, Quote:. Lessthanthree AM - 26 September, There is a song i have been looking for since or so that the DJ used to play for our breakdance competitions.

It sounded a lot like "The bomb" by the bucket heads but the horn pattern went up. Lessthanthree AM - 26 September, Quote:. The lyrics go something like this: Girl I think it might have the track "Let me Tell you something" mixed in as well but my memory is foggy. Does anyone know what this track is called? I have been looking for it for about 20 years. Eggenz AM - 30 September, Quote:. Some of the lyrics are "i give my love to you you your love to me Chaos in the cbd recently played and i cant find it in the web.

But its sooo groovy! Please if someone could help me.. Promiz AM - 16 November, Hi! Please let me know if this hits you! Great to see the efforts being made to help identify tracks on here.

The 90's certainly gave birth to a generation of house proud people. And after reading through this forum, I am hopeful that someone here maybe able to assist in my search? It's lumpy in bass and has a light weight percussive pattern to match. The lyrics I remember are.. Yost track. The tape has since deteriorated and all I have is a distant memory It's been almost 2 decades!! Goodkat AM - 20 November, ha,I see jt from time to time. Next time you see him if u dont mind of course please pass on my gratitude for his contribution to music.

I have quite a few of his tracks in my collection. A skilled artist indeed. The lyrics that I remember are something like: "Can you feel it in the air, I can feel it everywhere, can you feel it?

Na na na na yeah yeah yeah yeah na na a little bit of loving is what you need na na That's all I know lol please help been looks for years!! Early to mid 90's hard house track. I believe the lyrics were taken from Coolios Ohh La La, although I don't think the coolio song was actually sampled for this track, although maybe I'm wrong on that. Goes something like: Ooh la la doo wa-diddy Cause I got the key to the city Ooh la la doo wa diddy Can we go somewhere and get busy?

Ooh la la doo-wa-diddy You're lookin kinda pretty Ooh la la doo-wa-diddy Can I get close to the kitty? I have a song stuck in my mind that I cant seem to remember the name of. It is a lady singing and in part of the song when the music stops she sings: I'm in love with you.. Let me know if someone recalls this song..

It has repetetetive line like Oh Yeah Oh Oh-Oh Come on girl, bring me the wtf i don't know he sings so fast And I remember the first line in the verse We had a kiss that turned to lobotomie And then just a reggae thing where you don't understand a single word. Undertakerpt AM - 19 December, Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me find this dance track not sure if it qualifies as house The song kicks off with just a bloke singing the hook. It could be a foreign language, or it could be jibberish.

From my memory the hook goes like this "eeeh baay, aay ah boo, aay ah binkie nah ayy a booo" and repeats. The beat comes in and he repeats the hook. Wavespeech AM - 20 December, Quote:. Undertakerpt AM - 20 December, Quote:. It's stripped back and raw I'm not a DJ btw. From what I remember the lyrics, in no particular order are- oh babe we'll turn out the lights I like to party and you like chopin. The woman singing has a mid range kind of voice and the bass is quite heavy with piano. I have looked everywhere online and can't find the track or the name of the track.

It had a very different feel to it than other house tracks. I hope someone knows the track I'm on about. I've been searching everywhere for this song for like almost 3 years now, but alas found nothing. Really hope that you can help out cause it's driving me craaazee I caught some lyrics for the first time ever, but didn't help much on google and youtube.. Oh yeah, the vocal is female. We may terminate or suspend your account immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms.

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    Compilation – RLPmix Totaldancefloor 1 – CD. Tracklist: 1. Spiritual Vibe – Amor Y Paz (RPO House Spanish Mix) 2. RLP & Sami Dee – Vibeness (Le Full Mix) 3. JB Experience – I Like It Like That (US2 Dub) 4. ATFC – Ready To Roll 5. Sami Dee – You’re My Hero (Dee’s Butterfly Zone Mix) 6. Lab Rats – Suzi 7. Bibi – Everybody.
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    RLPMIX Radio 7 (2) Do Whatcha Like! RLP: RLPmix Totaldancefloor 2 ‎ (CD, Comp, Mixed) RLPMix Records: RLPMIX France: Sell This Version: RLPMIX RLP: RLPMix Records: RLPMIX France: Sell This Version: RLPMIX RLP: Pur Mix - .
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    House/soulful DJ, producer & remixed based in Paris, France. Manager of RLPMix Records and Defuzzed Records. Considered by some as the pioneer of deejaying and House Music in France, RLP began his career in Canada in the late 70's and arrived in Paris in to host the first radio show fully dedicated to deejaying and House music on Radio 7.
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    nirvana – smells like teen spirit (rlp michelle pfeifer re-edit) ram jam – black betty (pied piper re-groove) blur – girls and boys the comateens – get off my case (rlp re-edit)*-pub-rio/the shoes – time to brancher la guitare (rlp mashup mix) omd – enola gay toni basil – hey mickey the knack – my sharona.
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    RLP is on Mixcloud. Listen for free to their radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts.
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    Thanks to everyone who supported my work for over 30 years & who will do so for the years to come. Urs truly. Né au Maroc, grandi à Paris puis Montréal, où j'ai attrapé le virus du DJing à 15 ans. Je n'ai jamais arrêté de mixer depuis.

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