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Dodommeyadedom - PYN (2) - Songs For Children Who Dont Want To Sleep (CD, Album)

Download Dodommeyadedom - PYN (2) - Songs For Children Who Dont Want To Sleep (CD, Album)
Label: Magaibutsu Limited - MGC-48 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Experimental, Art Rock, Prog Rock, Folk Rock

My daughter who was around me more knows that I play guitar and write songs. Sometimes I go off and play with a band. None of my girls we were really aware of my punk rock background. How do you look back on the early punk days?

Did it feel like you were in the middle of a revolution? It felt revolutionary, what we were doing. It felt radically different. And I think more than anything, it really had a long term influence on people that were involved in punk. It really changes the way that you approach life, the way you feel like you can empower yourself. You feel like you can pick up an instrument and make a statement and your voice is heard onstage. And the concept of someone else keeping power out of your hands is really an illusion.

When I first got involved in music, I thought we had to wait for somebody or some record company to discover me and pay for my recording and put out my record and pay for my tour. I can just get up and do it. I think that attitude has always been with me, once I discovered punk. I always wanted to be a singer because my first positive stroke came from my music teacher in elementary school.

So it always seemed like the one thing that I was confident about and that I was good at. I imagined myself …singing great multi-octave songs. I have no regrets. I think we all wanted to not have a day job. We wanted to be working musicians. For me, the important thing was I wanted to have a voice. And also another secret goal of mine was to meet Elton John on equal footing.

So he would take me seriously and think of me as a possible wife. My experience in glam rock [was] the way that women got close to a man was by becoming groupies. So I have to be a musician, someone who he respects so that he falls in love with me and marries me.

Steven Collins. R J Mackenzie. Anton Ferreira. Gideon Hoon. Purchasable with gift card. LIMBO ZX DAN My galaxy is doomed, so I've moved to your moon. So turn up your radio, and play me that rock and roll, Stop feeling so blue- I'm coming down to you. I've watched you on my screen, you're sweet, sweet sixteen I've monitored your mind, You're just the loving kind Meet me tonight at your window; Dress warmly for absolute zero And I'll come down as quiet as the snow And we'll go for a glide in my U.

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    PYN / Songs for children who don’t want to sleep magaibutsu limited MGC US$20 Koenji Hyakkei’s the 1st Album Re-recording drum and remix version came here. [CD]Auris Media Aum // US$ This CD documents the Israeli gig of Japanese drummer Tatsuya Yoshida (of “Ruins”), the Guru of Japanese underground.
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    tatuk · Сен (5 лет 2 месяца назад, ред. Ноя ) PYN / Songs for children who don’t want to sleep Жанр: Avant-Prog/Free Improvisation.
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