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Dont You Worry - Allies - Allies (Vinyl, LP)

Download Dont You Worry - Allies - Allies (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Light Records - LS 5864 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Religious, Pop Rock

And it's more of the same. Come on, then. After passing through the sixth set of lasers. Jessie : Like a walk in the park, huh?

Upon approaching the third staircase without getting hit by the lasers. Jessie : Not a scratch! Now onto the objective! Upon approaching the third staircase if hit by the lasers. Jessie : Well, I'm glad that's over with. And we're almost at our objective. Upon arriving down the third staircase.

Jessie : Look. They don't call those things sweepers for nothing. They can wipe out a whole squad in seconds. At the start of the battle with the sweeper. Barret : Hah! We can take this hunk of junk! If its pressure first subsides without being staggered. Barret : Of course, it just had to get back up. Guess that'd make you a one-year-old, huh? Live and learn!

Upon reaching mako storage. Jessie : That's our target. The reactor core. Gotta set the bomb at the bottom. Upon arriving down the ladder. Barret : Goddamn I can practically taste the mako in here Hurry it up!

Upon reaching near the end of the platform. Barret : My heart's pounding like a jackhammer! Upon approaching Jessie. Jessie : Heads up, boys—the end's in sight.

I leave the rest in your capable hands. Good luck! Upon approaching the other ladder to the right. Jessie : Not that way! Down the ladder, dummy! Jessie : Aw, you're choosing me over the reactor? That's sweet, but I'll wait my turn. Go blow her mind. Upon arriving down the stairs before the last ladder leading downwards.

Barret : You think, if we fell in, we'd sink right down to the bottom? To the planet's core? Upon taking the ladder down to the floor with the reactor core. On-screen : Mako Reactor 1 - Core. Upon approaching the core. Barret : All right. Let's see if little Stamp really can bite the hand that feeds Barret : Go on. Do the honors. Prove to me you're the man Tifa says you are. That you're one of us. As the battle with Scorpion Sentinel begins.

Barret : Hey! How the hell do we fight this thing? Cloud : It's got reinforced armor plating—but the internals can be overloaded. Lightning magic. Either line plays. Sometimes after using normal attacks with Cloud against the Scorpion Sentinel. Cloud : Can't see an opening Sometimes after using normal attacks with Barret against the Scorpion Sentinel.

Barret : Damn, this thing is tough! When both are consecutively struck by the Scorpion Sentinel's attacks. Cloud : Gotta memorize the attack patterns When both constantly miss their attacks. Cloud : Gotta time our attacks just right! Hold out until you spot an opening! When Barret uses Thunder for the first time in the battle.

Barret : Hell yeah! You see the damage that did!? When Scorpion Sentinel sustains damage if Barret hasn't used Thunder. Barret : We barely scratched the damn thing! If Barret fails to free Cloud from being bound, leading to Cloud being thrown off onto the platform. Barret : Shit. Was just about to get you out. If Cloud attacks its Field Generator quickly. Cloud : There! Attack it from the rear! If Cloud starts attacking its Field Generator after some time passes first. Cloud : Bingo.

Focus on that core! If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the first time while its barrier is active. Barret : Huh!? It didn't work!? If Barret uses Thunder on the Scorpion Sentinel or its Field Generator for the second time while its barrier is active. Barret : Dammit! Gotta do something about that barrier first! When the Scorpion Sentinel leaps onto the wall after its barrier is down. Barret : It's my time to shine!

When Scorpion Sentinel engages its Tail Laser. Cloud : Watch the tail! You don't want to get hit by that laser! After the Scorpion Sentinel's Tail Laser attack is finished and debris clears. Cloud : Now! When Scorpion Sentinel uses its Auto-Repair for the first time. Barret : Aw, hell, what's it doing now!? While attacking it with Barret after it uses Auto-Repair. Barret : When I get my chance, I'm gonna blow this bastard the hell up!

And that's a promise! While attacking it with Cloud after it uses Auto-Repair. Upon crippling another leg. Cloud : There goes another! Now's our chance to do some real damage! Upon defeating the Scorpion Sentinel, if the player chose twenty minutes for the bomb timer. Announcement : Twenty minutes until detonation. If the player chose thirty minutes.

Announcement : Thirty minutes until detonation. After the Scorpion Sentinel explodes. Barret : Hah, you hear that? Damn thing showed you how it's done! Upon reaching the bottom of another ladder. Jessie : Don't look back! Let's go, let's go, let's go! If Cloud's HP falls to critical in any battle during the quest. Barret : You don't look so good. Take care of those wounds before you bleed out. After the battle.

Barret : Let's go! The others are waiting! Gotta get the hell outta here ASAP Upon encountering a group of Monodrives after climbing the staircase.

Barret : Heads up! We got a whole lotta company! Jessie : I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe it triggered a reaction with the mako? After the first cutscene, while walking through as Cloud.

Wedge : Watch out for live wires. They're everywhere. After rubble falls near the end of the first hallway. Wedge : I felt that one in my guts On-screen : Sector 8 Business District. Announcement : Attention all citizens. Attention all citizens. This is an alert from the Shinra Emergency Operations Center. Unidentified intruders have detonated a bomb inside Mako Reactor 1. Multiple explosions have been confirmed, as well as ongoing fires. In response, a disaster warning has been issued in Sectors 1 and 8.

Structures in the area are at high risk of collapse, rendering the entire sector hazardous. Barret : Merc's right. It ain't pretty, but we can't stop now.

This was just the first reactor. And the planet won't be safe till we get the rest. Barret : Y'all gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. Though you may not be crying out, I know you're in pain—just like the planet.

But it's okay, 'cause I'm here for you! To help take the load off your shoulders! Barret : Your fears Your worries Your concerns And yes, your fees Whatever your problem, I got you. Upon running up the staircase. Barret : We'll split up and shoot for the last train home. Regroup in the freight car. Got it? After the materia tutorial is viewed or skipped. Jessie : Okay! I was only trying to help.

If the bomb timer was set to 20 minutes. Jessie : Oh—before I forget, here's a little something extra, for being so brave. That really was the ride of a lifetime Well, see you on the train! Upon reaching Jessie at the end of the street if Cloud did not wait for too long. Jessie : Cloud! Up here! Look up! I said look up! If Cloud does not look up at Jessie again. Jessie : I give up. If you ever get up here, just be careful you don't fall, okay?

Upon aiming the camera toward Jessie. Jessie : Careful up here! This could collapse at any moment! If you want up, you'll have to use those stairs! Sephiroth : Oh, you need not remind me. It was the crowning moment of our time together. But that was then, and this is now. I have a favor to ask. Sephiroth : Our beloved planet is dying. Can you bear to see the planet suffer Sephiroth : Were the planet to die, so many things would be lost. Your hometown that burns so bright The sound of her voice pleading for me to spare you.

The shiver of her flesh yielding to cold steel. Sephiroth : That which binds us together would be no more. And I would be loath to live in such a world.

Which is why I must ask you this one favor. Don't worry. It's a simple thing. Upon talking to the couple in the alleyway. Topside Resident 1 : Shooting for the station? Take the alley and climb up to the roof of that building at the end and you're practically there. Upon talking to the couple in the alleyway a second time. Topside Resident 2 : Sure, we could try the alley, but is getting to the station really worth breaking our necks over?

Upon climbing the ladder, after the camera pans over to the reactor ruins. Cloud : Man What a mess. Upon attempting to go down the barricade street near Loveless Street. Security Officer : Don't let the intruder escape! Upon attempting to go down the barricade street near Loveless Street a second time. Security Officer : He must be close. Upon reaching the end of Loveless Street.

Sephiroth : You are too weak to save anyone. Not even yourself. Flower Peddler : [note 1] Are you okay!? After the previous dialogue options conclude. Flower Peddler : Lovers used to give these when they were reunited Flower Peddler : Wait—you think someone's out to get you? Is that what you're all worked up about? No one's going to attack you. I promise. Upon encountering the Security Officers past the barricades on Loveless Street.

Security Officer : Hey! You there! Upon encountering the Security Officer near the end of Loveless Street. Security Officer 1 : You! Upon encountering the Security Officers at the end of Loveless Street. Security Officer 1 : There he is!

You're not going anywhere! We have eyes on the target! We need backup! I repeat: this is requesting immediate backup! Upon approaching the Security Officer with two Guard Dogs near the alleyway on the way to the fountain. Security Officer : All clear. Throughout the battle while defeating enemies. Security Officer 3 : Box him in! Box him in! Shinra Helicopter : Enemy combatant—you are surrounded! Lay down your weapon and surrender! Shinra Helicopter : Ground forces engaging target in fountain plaza!

All nearby units converge and provide immediate support! After the battle at the fountain ends. Shinra Helicopter : Target still mobile! Support, proceed to rally point at the station. While searching for the ladder.

Security Officer : Don't let him get away, no matter what! While running across the rooftops. Shinra Helicopter : Be advised—target approaching residential area. Seal all access immediately! Upon engaging the first group of Security Officers in the Residential Area. Security Officer : Don't underestimate him! While moving down the street. Shinra Helicopter : Confirmed—target has entered residential area! Upon engaging the third group of Security Officers.

Security Officer 1 : I have eyes on the target. Upon engaging the fourth group of Security Officers. Security Officer : Target spotted! Moving to intercept! Shinra Helicopter : Enemy combatant—you have been warned! Surrender yourself to Public Security immediately!

Upon engaging the sixth group of Security Officers. Security Officer : Not so fast! Target is surrounded. Moving to secure. Biggs : No need to assume the worst.

I'm sure he's fine. You saw him in action, didn't you? Goddamn one-man army. Cloud : Giving Public Security the runaround, that's what. Had to draw them away from the station somehow. Barret : Lucky us. We've got a crowd to hide in. Head for the front of the train and hold there. Announcer : Due to an explosion at Mako Reactor 1, an emergency schedule is now in effect.

Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Upon talking to Biggs. Biggs : You're uh Even after what we saw at the station and all over Sector 8?

Jessie : I can't stop thinking about it. The bomb I made shouldn't have produced an explosion that big. It doesn't make any sense Jessie : That was my first guess—but shouldn't a reactor have fail—safes to prevent that kinda thing? You mentioned "invisible enemies" back there, right?

Jessie : Hmm I'm just looking for excuses for something that was clearly my own fault. Gotta own up to it if I'm gonna learn from this and move on. Thanks, Cloud. You're a good listener. Upon entering the train cart with Barret. Shinra Employee 1 : What kind of maniacs would go so far as to bomb a reactor? Shinra Employee 2 : They've yet to announce it publicly, but I heard it was Avalanche's doing.

Quit talking out your ass. Everyone knows Avalanche only cares about saving the planet. Barret : In my humble opinion, that explosion was a message—a message to the bastards bleeding our planet dry. Think they got it? Heard it loud and clear? Y'all's masters? Shinra Middle Manager : We will not submit to intimidation or violence! But work together for peace and prosperity! That is how civilized people change the world! Shinra Middle Manager : It's what we believe. We all have to follow our conscience, don't we?

Upon trying to head back to the freight a second time. Biggs: Don't wander off, huh? Upon trying to head back to the freight a third time. Barret: Quit acting like a damn kid.

I ain't in the mood. Jessie : Let's get this out of the way Personally, I find visual aids make the dull stuff a lot more bearable. If it helps, think of it as an initiation rite. Jessie : So, here we've got a wireframe model of the great city of Midgar.

Complete with massive steel plates suspended three hundred meters above ground level Atop which stands a shining beacon of civilization.

The whole system is sustained by the mako reactors, which feed the insatiable appetites of the public. Jessie : This here is the train's route. As you can see, it'll take us around this main pillar.

Look—we're about halfway through it now. They've set up a checkpoint here to scan the IDs of all passengers heading in and out. Date of birth, residential status, criminal history All that and more is automatically cross-referenced in their databases. Public Security wouldn't have it any other way. Heads up. Barret : Take a good look. It's because of that great big pizza in the sky that people down there gotta struggle to survive. Shinra sucks up mako while the soil turns to dust, the air fills with smog, and the flowers die.

Barret : Hmph! Well, that's all well and good if you're only out for yourself. But the folks down there don't have the luxury of choice, you know? You've earned it. Just be ready for the next mission, alright? Barret : See you soon. At Seventh Heaven? You know, where Tifa works? Don't keep her waiting. She'll worry. Upon reaching the Pillar Plaza. Undercity Resident : Hah. The hell it is. Goddamn eco-warriors with their dumbass posters.

I tear 'em down and they're back up inside of an hour. Like I've got nothing better to do In Afghanistan, officials now are calling the killing of a cabinet minister an assassination. Abdul Rahman was attacked yesterday by a mob that stormed his airplane at Kabul airport. Three high-ranking government officials are under arrest, and interim chairman Hamid Karzai has implicated five others.

That was decided today during another court appearance for John Walker Lindh. He's pleaded "not guilty" to 10 charges, including conspiracy to kill Americans overseas. Also pleading "not guilty": retired U. Air Force sergeant, Brian Regan. He's accused of trying to sell military secrets to Iraq, Libya and China. He allegedly wrote a letter offering sensitive U. Regan was arrested back in August. Back to our top story: the awarding of another pair of gold medals in pairs skating. It has happened once before in another sport in another Olympics, but never amid such controversy.

CNN's Rusty Dornin has been following every twist and turn. She joins us now live from Salt Lake City -- Rusty. But it did come as a shock to us today, when the IOC and the ISU did announce they were having a joint press conference, and did announce that they would award a second gold medal to the Canadian skaters, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

Now, Thursday night, apparently, the Canadian skaters have launched an appeal with the court of arbitration for sports. They were asking for those nine judges in their event to testify.

Also the Canadian Olympic Association was asking that they also be awarded a gold medal. Well, it was last night also that the International Skating Union had sort of an emergency council meeting, and that's when they voted to award a second gold medal. Of course, the Canadian skaters were very shocked, but very happy with the outcome. But again, we feel a little bit shy about it because, like Dave said, the other Olympians are doing their personal best and winning medals, and this is what everyone is talking about.

And that's not what the Olympics is supposed to be about. An investigation will continue into that event. The French judge, we are not sure whether she has left Salt Lake City or not.

She has been suspended indefinitely. There will be a medal ceremony for the Canadians, either before or after the women's figure skating, on February 18th -- Wolf.

Five of them voted along the lines of the suspended French judge. What about the four hers who voted as she did? They decided not to bring in the Czechoslovakian judge, who was the alternate.

If they had done that, it would have meant the Canadians really did win the gold medal, and would have marks above the Russians. But they really wanted them both to be on equal footing, for them both to have the gold medal.

So they just threw out the French judge's marks in this case. But no one else has been accused of wrongdoing yet. It will either be before or right after the women's figure skating event. Of course, the Canadians are saying they're hoping their flag will be raised, which I'm sure will happen during that ceremony. Rusty Dornin, thanks for that report. She's been coaching U. Olympic and professional ice skaters for 30 years. Kathy, thanks for joining us. What's your take on what just happened?

I'm very, very happy. I would have been appalled had they taken away the gold medal from the Russians. The skating community is rather surprised that a judge's judgment was overturned, but in this case I think it was the right thing to do. They weren't accused of a faulty drug test or whatever. They did the best they could, and I hope that the skating community, and the American public and the public around the world, does not take it out on Elena and Anton.

It was not their fault. It was awarded to them. I have hearsay that perhaps there was some coercion between giving a mark for the pairs in return for a mark for the ice dancers.

But that's all gossip. In other words, how can we be sure down the road that these judges aren't coerced, that there's no funny business going on?

And I think we're going to have to really give our scoring system some serious consideration, and perhaps have two different panels, like they are for ice dancing now. A panel for the short program, a panel for the long program, would help a little bit.

How are they trained for this? CASEY: Well, in America, I know they're trained by starting at the bottom and trial judging low-level competitions, and then moving up to the next live and trial judging those, until they become very efficient.

And they have to attend judging schools, and they're very educated. In other countries I'm not too familiar with their system. But nothing was ever done about it. BLITZER: Why do you think it's taken this now, to try to deal with this whole issue of the judges, where they're coming from, the block voting, if you will? It was an obvious mistake.

And I say this, I'm very good friends with both pairs, I'm very good friends with both coaches. I think the Russians clearly won the short program, and I think the Canadians clearly won the long program, which would have given them the title. And just minutes from now, we'll be joined by someone who knows all too well the pressures and difficulties of judging that sport.

Stay tuned for her insights. That's at p. Eastern, tonight, on the West Coast. And now to the war. It's been a violent week in Afghanistan.

One day after Afghanistan's minister of civil aviation and tourism was killed in Kabul, the country's interim leader is calling the death an assassination. Also today, dozens of people were hurt in a riot that broke out at what was billed as a goodwill soccer game. CNN's Brian Palmer reports. Earlier tonight, Hamid Karzai, the chairman of the interim government, announced that Thursday's murder of a government minister was an assassination.

And he implicated 20 high-ranking members of the military and the government, five of whom were from the top echelon of power. Rahman, our minister of civil aviation and terrorism, was assassinated, martyred. God bless him. Chairman Karzai has promised swift justice for the murdered minister, Dr.

Abdul Rahman. He is an adjunct professor of politics at Georgetown University here in Washington. Rob, it does look like the situation is very chaotic right now, under the interim leader Hamid Karzai. Internal, the Taliban still have their agents, their proxies. External, you have predatory countries like Iran and Pakistan trying to fill in the vacuum that was left.

So I think he's got two of these major problems, and I think he needs more U. Or are political assassinations going to be the norm over there? I think we're going to see more of this type of assassination, simply because there is still a lot of lawless throughout Afghanistan. But more importantly, I think there's an effort by those inside, members of Taliban, and outside Iran, Pakistan, who are trying to maybe undermine the interim government.

Particularly so, reports we've seen over the past several weeks, of the Iranian government trying to undermine Hamid Karzai, because there's some concern in Teheran that, on March 15, the former monarch of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah, is going to come back. So I think there's a little concern. And maybe what we're seeing is a cycle of violence that has to do with the deliberate attempt to destabilize Karzai.

SOBHANI: I think internally, it will certainly be a source of stability, because he is a figure where everyone is going to rally around. And he was a respected figure.

There's a lot of nostalgia. Outside, however, I think are the wild cards. Pakistan and Iran are the countries we need to watch once the monarch comes back, because they may not be happy with what happens with the monarch. Find out who is coming in and out. I think if we could do that, we probably could help Karzai a little better.

He himself is a Pashtun, but all of us remember, during the weeks and months of this war, the Uzbeks and the Tajiks, all the other factions. Is there some sort of ethnic unity going on in the country now, or are they going back to the bad old days?

But that's why the monarch's return is so important for Hamid Karzai, because he hopes that with the return of the former monarch, there might be some unity. Because if there is not, the experience of Afghanistan could very well fail, unfortunately.

We'll be watching. Rob Sobhani, thank you very much. Army helicopter. That's at Eastern, Pacific. Vice President Dick Cheney today traded in his undisclosed location for a place in the spotlight.

He addressed the council on foreign relations here in Washington, speaking about the economic benefits of the Bush tax cut and other issues. CNN national security correspondent, David Ensor, joins us now with a look at what the vice president had to say. You were there today, David. Tell us all about it. Cheney also said the recent actions of Iran have not been encouraging. You will recall they took some positive steps after September 11th, promising to rescue American pilots if any were shot down and had to land in their territory, and playing a positive role in the talks forming a new Afghan government.

But a senior administration official says Cheney was referring to the arms shipment that was meant for the Palestinians, from Iran, but was caught by the Israelis, to evidence that Iran has been giving arms to Afghan warlords, and to reports that some al Qaeda members may be in Iran, with or without government help. There was one other question about Cheney's life since September 11th, spending so much time in a secure, undisclosed location.

You may have seen the Maureen Dowd ph column, that called him "secret agent man" and criticized him for being too secretive about where he is and who from Enron he's talked to -- his "James Bond" life, as the questioner put it. There are certain features of his lifestyle that I've not been able to avail myself, I'll put it in those terms.

A very serious point from the vice president, that he hopes and believes there can be an international coalition against Iraq if it comes to that. Warnings on Iran, as well. And in the talks that he hopes to hold next month with some of the leaders in the region, officials say he will be also discussing the very worrying situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians -- Wolf.

And for a little bit more on the relationship between the United States and some of the countries mentioned today by the vice president, we go now to our military analyst, the former NATO supreme allied commander, retired Army General Wesley Clark. He joins us from Little Rock, Arkansas. General Clark, is the U. We've had plans on the book for a long time. Friday 28 August Saturday 29 August Sunday 30 August Monday 31 August Tuesday 1 September Wednesday 2 September Thursday 3 September Friday 4 September Saturday 5 September Sunday 6 September Monday 7 September Tuesday 8 September Wednesday 9 September Thursday 10 September Friday 11 September Saturday 12 September Sunday 13 September Monday 14 September Tuesday 15 September Wednesday 16 September Thursday 17 September Friday 18 September Saturday 19 September Sunday 20 September Monday 21 September Tuesday 22 September Wednesday 23 September Thursday 24 September Friday 25 September Saturday 26 September Sunday 27 September Monday 28 September Tuesday 29 September Wednesday 30 September Thursday 1 October Friday 2 October Saturday 3 October Sunday 4 October Monday 5 October Tuesday 6 October Wednesday 7 October Thursday 8 October Friday 9 October Saturday 10 October Sunday 11 October Monday 12 October Tuesday 13 October Wednesday 14 October Thursday 15 October Friday 16 October Saturday 17 October Sunday 18 October Monday 19 October Tuesday 20 October Wednesday 21 October Thursday 22 October Friday 23 October Saturday 24 October Sunday 25 October Monday 26 October Tuesday 27 October Wednesday 28 October Thursday 29 October Monday 2 November Tuesday 3 November Wednesday 4 November Thursday 5 November Friday 6 November Saturday 7 November Sunday 8 November Monday 9 November Tuesday 10 November Wednesday 11 November Thursday 12 November


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