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Gates To The Sky - L.A. (21) - L.A. (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download Gates To The Sky - L.A. (21) - L.A. (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Telaeg Records - 6.61 551 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Denmark • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

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All tracks on the second disc are taken from Sky 3 and Sky 4: Forthcoming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Classical crossover progressive rock baroque pop [1]. Michael LOVE Michael returns to talk with us, with us that we will always at your side and never left you - Believers who are suffering at this time the anger and attacks by many, but despite.

One called "Eminem admits that he is connected with Michael Jackson" has already provoked a storm of emotions. I am in shock, the world has gone mad, the addict Emine compares himself to Michael. And here everything is clear as day that even Eminem is not a marker for Michael. In this article, nothing to negotiate. In short, this article, as my grandmother said: "chickens laugh! Fans Eminema, but without resentment.

I understand that the guy he was "cool" and can laugh at all. But the "insult" and build on this "name" in show business does not mean to have talent. Michael L. You are a great person God bless you Love to you Marguerite I don't know if anything will happen sooner, who know's. Maybe, maybe not. But looking forward to easter. All I can say is I can't wait to see people's faces when this all erupts.

Going to be a great day. Ozzie- Whenever it happens I will be shouting to the rooftops and doing a jog as I am shouting. There will be quite a bit of crow eating here and around the world. When simple pleasures weren't taken for granted. Let the nostalgic pop images transport you back in time Nelson de la Nuez. Doesn't this just sound like Michael? He wanted his children to not only be educated about art but also Be aware of what art can do to our senses and show us a different way of life.

It stirs a different emotion knowing Michael will not be here to carry that through with his children. This artwork though will be a reminder to them of what was important to their daddy. Gene your comments on the fake MJ's coming here and leading innocent people to believe it's really him? I think there are 7 of them.

Also what do you think about the poor patients of Dr. Quack Murray? I would not trust him at all. Believers who are suffering at this time the anger and attacks by many, but despite everything going on because they can raise it with you when you are ready, without any hurry.

Continue and do not give up, you're strong You always have been, even when many have tried to destroy you.

I hope people could understand that. Ozzie That's right!!!!!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing how all this truth will prevail Soon and very soon we are going to see the king I will have a real heart attack!!!!!

Non believers say their opinion and we respect that We say our opinion and they are about to kill us!!!!!!! I am very sorry about this situation, but I am ready to fight keeping the faith.. If Michael Jackson should reappear which I seriously doubt I would be the first on line to get a ticket to see him. Anyone is free to believe whatever they want, but to encourage this imposter to come on here day in and day out by feeding his ego his just nonsense.

For those who believe no proof is necessary. For those who don't no proof is possible. Stuart Chase. People are so blind I am Alice in Wonderland and when I look into that hole all I see is this blog. Believe me it is the craziest scene you can imagine and also the saddest scene ever imagined.

It is not a war. It is what you call a difference of opinion. I don't think any of us who believe that Michael passed away on June 25 would rather believe that he is dead than alive. As a matter of fact it was very difficult to accept that Michael died, but we have accepted it and that is why we are able to call a spade a spade. Does anyone know where billie jean is??? These imposters are disrespectful to Michael Jackson whether you believe he is alive or dead, and to encourage them is also disrespectful.

If you encourage this type of behavior by the idle banter, chatter, you are not a fan of Michael's, just looking for some much needed attention yourselves. For anyone to encourage ignorance is shameful. Michael Jackson deserves respect, but obviously those who contribute to the playground here do not think so.

Say what you will, but stroking egos of imposters and inflating your own in the process is the sign of true loneliness, and this blog will not help with that. I just do not understand the non-believers.. You do not know see beyond your anger. If you can not tell if love is the real michael michael maybe you should ask if she knew him well before. Linda we believers have the blinders off. We allow you non believers your beliefs and yet you will not allow us believers the same rights.

This is calling a spade a spade. Good one! Hello to all of my Hags, believers and non-believer friends! Maurgerite, I see you are on here keeping us all in line, my old lady pal!

I would like nothing more than for MJ to come back. My advice is for everyone to listen to theirs and I mean really listen to the words of each and every song. When you do it is a really eye opening experience. Gene when you come back, there is an investigation by a group of people that you will find very intersting — it is called This Is NOT It.

There is a blogger named DN who comes here and talks about it. I can't post the site because they will take it down but if you search for Michael Jackson This Is Not It, you will find their site. They are dot-connectors like you. I think you would be interested in what they have to say.

Thanks for listening to our pleas and coming back to the bloggy. We need you as the investigation goes forward. Michael deserves our patience He is so absolutely inferior.

He is also inferior to other artists in that genre. Violence and degradation in lyrics is not artistry. He does not even have the stuff to comprehend and appreciate the kind of human being MJ was — let alone the performance. Back to the sewer Rat Boy. Diane- You betcha, someone has to!!! I am doing it for Michael and only Michael.

He needs someone believeing in him and willing to fight for him. I have never been one to believe the press and their negativity. Have you ever watched michael in any of his concerts? I never had the chance because i am too young I am not 'angry' at all, quite the contrary I feel sadness for the disrespect for Michael as well as for those who feel deprived of attention and the need to come on here and feel worthy. I am not angry in the least I am very happy in my life.

How dare he compare himself to MJ. What a hypocrite! Only thing he could relate to is :PUKE! IMO — those who claim to be MJ are so disrespectful. They might even be MJ haters having fun. We must never lose hope. Michael is alive and we must help him and support him in this very difficult time. I never realized that his Thriller period outfits were meant to look like nutcrackers and that The Nutcracker Suite was his favorite album.

This man was so fascinating. I so wish he had written another autobiography. I'm glad for you. But it also accused of lack of respect for Michael.

We love Michael and we will do everything for him and we are also willing to pay your charges. Never left him alone.

Anne Thanks so much for your post above. Yes, "our man" was a fascinating, multi faceted person. Makes me miss him more but also grateful that I knew him. I think as the years go by we will learn more about his charming and captivating personality.

I wish MJ was still alive but he's not I ain't trying to read between lines or looking for clues and junk he ain't here I'm glad you have your GENE back This my last comment on this blog I will believe that when pigs fly Michael was Answer to Judi.

I am not to kowing abuot oter imposter into here. Only thing. I am sayeing. Oter people they are to be useing my name befroe to makeing big problem into here. So I go away from here. I am kowing now I am to thinkeing Jermain he comeing into here but not to say who he is.

I am not to kow but not too good for 1 persons to be using these simpathies onto Michael Jackson fans. I am wish to God Michael is to be aliving. First things I will go to kick his butts then shakeing hands and slapping onto his back go haveing beers. But not right to hurting so many these fans.

I am thinkeing if Michael Jackson he wanteing to go away. He will tell to the world Hello now I am to going away for to retirements. That is to be it. He would not to hurt his family his children. You listen. Michael Jackson he go away over 1 years befroe. Impossibilaty to makeing biggest prank on the world to say I am death now. True he is gone. Figureing out why. Somebody sees these dumb docotr and haveing vadettas against to Michael Jackson seeing opportunist way to do something onto Michael Jackson.

Wondereing why all medicenes left inside home and somebody takeing video secerity tapes. Makeing no senses here. Docotr he lieyers not say truths to anybody and leaveing drug in house not to cleaneing up.

I am thinkeing somebody is pay to his attorneys same thing. These men from Colony Barrack. They makeing big moneys all times since Michael Jackson is passed away. They tryeing useing Jermain for Neverland and to pay small amounts to him all they thinking is abuot moneys. They not ever show sadness for friend death. Marguerite it is not up to me to allow anyone to do anything. I am just stating my opinion. If Michael is alive—I would be jumping for joy. It is not my intention to put down anyone fo their beliefs.

If that is the impression that my post gave to you or anyone else, that was not my intention. I happened to be friends with alot of people on here who are believers and that does not affect the way we intereact with each other at all. We just have different views. MJ truly was a brilliant creative genius. He was a treasure trove of knowledge of the entertainment world and music industry, a lover of the beauty of nature and Tudor architecture, art, and art history.

He either met or worked with nearly all the entertainment greats who were living during his 45 year career. I would be very interested to know which of his 10, volume library were his favorite books.

As for Cris.. I think we should let him be. He raises valuable points on these blogs and the last think we want is to lose another great poster. Gene Very great points. I completely agree. We need to seek the truth. Bring justice for Michael!!!

WOW not far of a butt cleaner you saddo you make me wanna gauge out my eyes so i dont have to see yourUnattractive, unsightly, unseemly, unbecoming, ill-favored, repulsive, sickening,grotesque, hideous, homely,unappealing,unbeautiful, unhandsome, unlovely, unpleasing, unpretty, vile,disgusting, repugnant, repulsive, revolting; unimposing, unprepossessing, unimpressive; plain, unaesthetic, unshapely.

I think this particular blog reflects the new Michael Jackson media phenomenon that began on June 26th where Michael Jackson's name is inserted into every possible article or piece of news in order to get a wider audience. Eminem is just using MJ's name to get free publicity for his new album. I have noticed a lot of articles on google have MJ's name in them even when they are not about him at all. Thriller 25th anniversary did not get enough attention, and now the media can't stop using his name.

I don't understand why people think Eminem is comparing himself to Michael musically or humanitarianly. He's not. He knows he's nowhere close. He's just saying that as a human being he relates to Michael, the same way we all do, which is why we listen to his music.

I always think that for 16 years I have had to defend myself as an MJ fan and take down everyone who has been putting him down. Don't other MJ fans agree that is unfair?

Why are you doing the same thing to Eminem? He's just a guy who has a talent in stringing words together, a lot of people who appreciate his talent although not as many as Michael , and he gets a lot of crap from non-fans too. By the way, I have been a Michael fan since the first time I heard music and still listen to him every day. If that's not a fan, I don't know what is. Gene,maybe you didnt read,couse i came after you earlier,i said so good,you are back,everybody was waiting for you!

And i agree with your every word. I dont tink,he would comne back after somany years,whenn was realy no news about hem,and make all this crasynes.

No way! And i believe for the family,that this is maybe not exident. From the first day everything is weird. I cant wait finaly for the LAOD to finish the investigation. But if they dont doo them job good,i dont know what to doo Anne I agree-All using his name to get attention. All losers. Michael never got any good publicity no matter what he did—Always trashing him and now since he passed away—you would think they would leave him alone--NO—they are still feeding of him.

Yeah i know most of the children do he must be so proud of him self helping the worlds children to have sewer mouths and disrespect there parents hes a butt plug lol. As I was sitting here reading some of the post from last night I came across a comment made by Marguerite and it took me off guard She said that if anyone was even tempted to watch Eminem's video we are not Michael's true fans And after reading that I feel as if I need to say something and I for one am not a person to hold my tongue Not a true fan, actually makes me laugh a little, because who set's the rules on what you can and can't not do to be a true fan Just because I or anyone else watched that video, does not mean we are not true fans It means we are curious We want to defend Michael and how can we do that if we don't have the ammunition Earths Collide by we.

Christopher Gemeinhardt. Christopher Gemeinhardt This Album is pure dope! Love the progressiveness, as well as the contemplative character of the tracks. Always takes me on a mental journey! Josh Such an amazing release I bought this album after listening to minute-long samples of only two songs on the album, which I rarely do.

It's immediately clear how highly balanced and well-written the music is Please support them if you like instrumental post-rock journeys of heart and mind. Agent K.

Just keeps getting better! Favorite track: Transmissions Of Static. So why is Earths Collide so easily standing head and shoulders above the rest? It's the songs! Parasitic, Penny For Your Thoughts and especially yodatrainschewbacca are instant classics in the genre, and the rest of the LP has not one soft spot. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Bahasa Indonesia Italiano Edit links. Pop rock , rap rock. Cash Money , Universal Republic , Island [1]. Bryan "Baby" Williams exec. In the City To the Sky Kevin Rudolf, Dr.


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    Apr 18,  · referencing The Red In The Sky Is Ours, LP, Album, DEAF 10 Mine has inner labels on vinyl switched, A label on B side etc, anyone else? Reply See 1 reply Notify me Helpful/5().
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    Track A3 is spelt on sleeve as ‘Bennie And The Jets’, and on vinyl label as ‘Benny And The Jets’. Track B4 is spelt on sleeve as ‘Jamaica Jerk-Off’, and on vinyl label as ‘Jamaica Jerk Off’. Track C2 is spelt on sleeve as ‘The Ballad Of Danny Bailey ()’, and on vinyl .
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    Sky is the debut album by the supergroup Sky, released in In Esoteric Recordings started a schedule of remasters and expanded releases with this recording.

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