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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

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Which cults? I dunno. In all four movies, alien spores arrive on Earth from space. In the early films, they take the form of pods, which look like very large, brown snow peas.

Some viewers complained after Kaufman's movie that they couldn't believe aliens could truck those pods all over San Francisco, to which the obvious reply is: Do you expect a movie titled "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" to be plausible?

In Oliver Hirschbiegel's new version, the spores piggyback on a returning space shuttle that crashes and scatters debris from Dallas to Washington. Anyone who touches the debris gets the infection, which is then spread by the exchange of vomit in more ways than you might imagine.

In Washington, a psychiatrist named Carol Nicole Kidman has a patient who complains, "My husband just Versions of this line do duty in all four films. The pod people look like the people they occupy and have the same memories "Remember Colorado? Carol's estranged husband, Tucker Jeremy Northam , is a disease control expert who becomes infected, and after four years, suddenly wants to start spending time with their child Oliver Jackson Bond.

Little Oliver texts his mom that his dad is Carol's current good friend is a doctor named Ben Daniel Craig , who is one of many to notice a new "flu virus" that is spreading through the land. His colleague, a researcher named Dr. Leaving the flower on their bedside table, she awakens the next morning to discover Geoffrey now behaving strangely cold and distant.

Elizabeth's colleague, Matthew Bennell, advises her to visit his psychiatrist friend David Kibner, who is holding a book-signing party to promote his new self-help book. As Elizabeth and Matthew drive to the bookstore, a hysterical man warns them of danger and shouts "They're coming! You'll be next! The mob watch his death without any emotion.

At the bookstore, Elizabeth asks Kibner for help regarding Geoffrey, but he theorizes that Elizabeth is simply using the belief that Geoffrey is behaving differently as an excuse to end their relationship. Despite other people complaining of similar scenarios, she takes his advice. Meanwhile, Matthew's friend Jack Bellicec calls Matthew to investigate when a grotesque body covered in fibres which resembles Jack is found in his wife Nancy's mud baths. Sensing danger with these odd occurrences, Matthew goes to Elizabeth to warn her.

After breaking into her house, he finds Elizabeth in a deep sleep but also discovers a semi-formed duplicate of her in the bedroom. Suspecting Geoffrey's involvement, Matthew takes Elizabeth home with him, but when he returns later with the police, the duplicate body is gone. The following night, Matthew and his friends are nearly duplicated as they sleep, by four pods in Matthew's garden.

The pods duplicate any humans while they are sleeping in the immediate vicinity, copying not just their physical characteristics but their memories too. Once the duplication is complete, the original human dies and disintegrates and the alien "pod person" takes their place.

Matthew calls the police, but realizes that the department has been infiltrated. They have also begun tracking him through the phone lines, alerting others to the group's location. Matthew destroys his own semi-formed duplicate before escaping with the others, pursued by the aliens who emit a shrill scream when they discover a human being among them, drawing other aliens nearby.

Cornered at a dead end road, Jack and Nancy break away and create a distraction, allowing Matthew and Elizabeth to hide and eventually escape back into the city. There, the pair takes refuge in the health department, where they each ingest a large dose of speed , keeping them awake for several more hours. Again tracked through the phone lines, they are soon captured by Jack and Kibner, who have been duplicated. Matthew and Elizabeth are both injected with sedatives whilst being informed of the aliens' intentions for survivability, though their previous dose of Speed enables them to escape and kill Jack's duplicate whilst locking Kibner in a refrigerated room.

Matthew and Elizabeth reunite with Nancy, who has learnt to evade the aliens by hiding her emotions and blending in with them. The two follow her example, but their cover is blown when Elizabeth screams at the sight of a mutant dog with a human head.

They separate from Nancy amid the chaos and quickly board a truck en route to Pier 70 , where the aliens are cultivating more pods and intending to ship them to other widely populated cities. While Matthew scouts the area in an attempt to flee aboard a vacant ship, Elizabeth falls asleep and is duplicated. Matthew returns and is horrified as her body disintegrates in his arms. Pursued by the duplicate Elizabeth, he breaks into the docks' warehouse and burns down the building, destroying hundreds of pods.

He flees and hides under a bridge, exhausted, as the aliens try to find him. The next morning, Matthew returns to work at the health department and witnesses several schoolchildren being taken for duplication, while more pods are being prepared for the remaining West Coast cities. As he heads towards City Hall , he encounters Nancy, who quietly approaches him and attempts a hushed conversation.

To her horror, he points at her and emits an earsplitting shriek, having been replaced by the pods himself. Director Philip Kaufman had been a fan of the film, which he likened to "great radio", although he had not read the novel until after he agreed to direct the remake.

It can be a new envisioning that was a variation on a theme,' he said on the film's 40th anniversary. The first change he anticipated was filming in color; the second was changing the location to San Francisco.

The city with the most advanced, progressive therapies, politics and so forth? Set at the intersection of post-Vietnam paranoia and the myopic introspection that became hippiedom's most lasting cultural contribution, the Philip Kaufman-directed Invasion alternates social commentary with impeccably crafted scares.

As much an echo of Don Siegel's original as a remake, it does little to change a formula that worked fine the first time around. Debbie Prager. Director Philip Kaufman and producer Robert Solo cleverly entwine such elements as disorienting low-angle shots, an ominously pulsating soundtrack and eerie gloom with the tried-and-true plot and come up with a tight thriller.

Gary Arnold. An unusually imaginative and adroit but also self-conscious remake, which transposes the setting from a disarmingly serene small town called Santa Mira to a systematically ominous, threatening San Francisco. Dave Kehr. Phil Kaufman's version of the Don Siegel SF classic is good as remakes go, but not as good as the original. Where Siegel was swift, compact, and efficient Kaufman tends to be slow, garrulous, and needlessly baroque.

Ideas that Siegel knocked off in a few shots are expanded to fill entire sequences—but they're good ideas, and can stand a little stretching. Good allegories never die; they just expand and contract to fit the times. Staff Not Credited. The film collapses midway--because of unsure and sloppy direction, splintered story continuity, and the overacting of Adams, Cartwright, and others.

The battle between Sutherland and the aliens in the "pod factory" at the end is simply absurd and sophomoric. User Score. Earlier, the replica body awakened, took on human features, fluttered its eyelids, and acquired the cut hand. On a premonition that Becky is also in danger, Miles races to Becky's house, enters through a basement window, and in the darkness discovers a smooth-faced, replica "double" for Becky hidden in a bin - and obviously placed there by her father.

Frightened, Miles wakes her from a drugged sleep state and carries her away to his house. By this time, Dr. Kaufman has been notified of the weird happenings, but he is skeptical and ridicules their fears, especially when the corpses disappear.

He again explains everything away as mass delusion and hysteria. Then for a while, things seem to calm down and return to normal. The troubles of Wilma and Jimmy appear rectified. But Miles uneasily wonders to himself that the recoveries are being play-acted for his benefit:. Driving home, I had a lot of questions and no answers.

How could Jimmy and Wilma seem so normal now. Surely I had done nothing to cure them. Maybe they wanted me to feel secure but why? At a barbecue at Miles' home in the famous greenhouse scene, with friends Jack and Theodora, they discover two giant seed pods that burst and explode open like rotten cabbages, with a milky fluid bubbling out [a mock birth scene].

In the terrifying scene, the disgorged pods reveal grotesquely duplicate similarities to their human counterparts - replicas covered with a sticky, sappy foam. Miles, who realizes that one of the 'blanks' looks like him, searches for lighter fluid, and then takes a pitchfork and stabs at the pods' hearts in a vampire-like killing. They all speculate that there's an alien menace in their neighborhood. It may be that distant planet emissaries have sent giant seed pods to Earth. They are a kind of zombie-like alien invader that develops or propagates when a person is asleep with a loss of consciousness , and alters the life force, being and consciousness of the somnolent victim with a new physical vehicle that is an exact likeness.

When the duplication process is complete, the real person's body is destroyed and replaced by the zombie duplicate - "taken over" by the pod, without typical human emotions such as anxiety, love, faith, or hope. The replacement eliminates the human counterpart and bears only a physical resemblance to the former self - it is a loveless conformist or drone without personality or emotion that is only concerned with propagating itself similar to plants :. Maybe they're the result of atomic radiation on plant life or animal life.

Some weird alien organism - a mutation of some kind Whatever it is, whatever intelligence or instinct it is that govern the forming of human flesh and blood out of thin air, is fantastically powerful All that body in your cellar needed was a mind Miles realizes that they are cut off from the outside world and need to escape.

Eventually, exhausted fugitives Becky and Miles end up cornered in his office where they are forced to hide, fleeing from the police. It appears everyone in town has been overtaken by the changeling pods and everything is threatened.

To prevent them from going to sleep and being changed while their minds are least resistant, Miles dispenses stimulants.


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  1. Basar says:
    Dec 22,  · When strange seeds drift to earth from space, mysterious pods begin to grow and invade San Francisco, California, where they replicate the residents into emotionless automatons one body at a time/10(K).
  2. Mikasida says:
    Feb 05,  · Directed by Don Siegel. With Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates, King Donovan. A small-town doctor learns that the population of his community is being replaced by emotionless alien duplicates/10(45K).
  3. Arashirisar says:
    A decade after the Summer of Love, Invasion of the Body Snatchers essentially weaponized flower power, hinting that the erosion of individual consciousness in favor of 93%(57).
  4. Tygoshura says:
    Feb 15,  · Body Snatchers is set in a small California town which has been infiltrated by mysterious pods from outer space that replicate and take the place of humans who then become conforming non-individuals. Miles Bennell, the main character, is a local doctor who resists the invaders and their attempts to erase humanity from the face of the earth.
  5. Shakami says:
    May 28,  · 's Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a critical and commercial hit, as was director Philip Kaufman's remake of the same name, which features a star-studded cast of contemporary and future favorites, including Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy.
  6. Arajinn says:
    Nov 30,  · In this classic 's scifi film, alien plants start replicating the people of a small town, replacing them with unfeeling, soulless duplicates bent on world domination. Only one man and woman can escape the nightmare and warn the rest of the world before it's too late!
  7. Golkis says:
    Aug 15,  · The original INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS is fairly atypical for a science-fiction/horror movie -- in that the idea underneath the material is a lot scarier than anything you see.2/5.
  8. Tagore says:
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, American science-fiction film, released in , that was directed by Don Siegel and has been hailed as one of the most intelligent films of the genre. Invasion of the Body Snatchers Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (), directed by Don Siegel. © Allied Artists Pictures.
  9. Tegal says:
    Body Snatchers may not topple previous adaptions, but it boasts an effective sense of dread and strong characterizations. Trailer Bulletin: Craig & Kidman in "The Invasion"71%(28).

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