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Kostas Taslis - Bouzoukee Goes Disco (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download Kostas Taslis - Bouzoukee Goes Disco (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Omikron Record Company - NR11103 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Disco

As a kid who grew up at race. Hospital when I was Ruth Hall Getting to meet [my] favorite authors, getPediatric tracheostomy nurse, Bayada Home ting to read their books before publication, What was your hardest job? Health, Manchester and just generally being around books and Closing a nuclear testing lab and receiving a book people all day! A cleaning guy in high school at Fanny meeting all kinds of wonderful people from What has been your best job perk?

Farmer candy stores and [at a] concession all over the globe. The best perk of my current job is having stand at Bedford Grove drive-in movie thea role in helping children to develop and ater at night. Matt Johnson grow within the community. The first job I ever had was stacking hay Concord on a farm.

Hugs and applause. As a magician perWhat was your hardest job? Working in a textile [Stacking hay] was the hardest job I ever warehouse in Emporia, Va. My current job is the hardest back that arrives in all forms, from emails, job I have had, mentally.

The best perk of my current job is that I Canvassing in Baltimore neighborhoods for a left-wing. For more classes and information NHTradeSchool. I really appreciate that my manager allows me to shift my hours to handle picking my son up from school. We wrote, rehearsed and performed eight different minute musicals in eight weeks. The best perk of my current job is being able to bring my kids with me to my gigs!

Drone operations specialist; owner, Drones, Goffstown What was your first job? Telling good employees they are being let go from their jobs is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Being self-employed and getting to choose my own daily projects, clients and activities. The first job I ever had was when I was about 13 years old, and it was tutoring elementary-age students in reading and language skills during a summer reading camp. The hardest job I ever had was teaching piano lessons. I was still in high school when I was teaching and was a fervent piano player myself. I taught lessons to beginners and intermediate players of all ages, and though I loved helping others learn scales and their favorite tunes, it was definitely a challenge to keep up.

Firefly is a small, family-owned restaurant, and therefore we have the luxury of being flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of needs and occasions.

I love working with people and organizing their festivities. Firefighter, Windham Fire Department What was your first job? I worked at a bike store.

I was probably 14 or I worked in construction. Physically, that was definitely the hardest job. Just getting to make a difference in their lives by helping them out is pretty cool. My first job was working at a concession stand in a movie theater. That is a tough one, since I have enjoyed the jobs I have had. I would say, though, that working in a grocery store deli was the hardest job I [had] since I liked it the least.

I have been working at UpReach since There are many reasons I have remained in this profession for 20 years; however, I want to be remembered for making a difference in the lives of others, and I get to do that every day.

As for working for this organization, the best perk is the family-first mentality. In high school, I was a janitor for a home remodeling showroom during the school year and a basketball camp counselor during the summer.

I spent a lot of time in a mascot suit and on cold calls, but it gave me my first opportunity to broadcast professional baseball. While totally fun, dressing and entertaining in a pound bear suit in the summertime was not easy! Watching our former Fisher Cats players achieve their dreams and succeed in the major leagues is always a thrill.

I was lucky enough to see that first-hand earlier this year, when the [Toronto] Blue Jays invited me to broadcast some MLB spring training games in Florida. Setting them up for success in our customer-focused playground is a challenge, but always so rewarding.

Many of them move up within our ranks to supervisors and managers. As Director of Fun, the best perk of my job is being able to create. Maintaining a family entertainment center is challenging, but it is so rewarding! Bringing ideas of creative play to life and seeing it through to watch families in our community enjoy those creations is a perk I realize every day!

A dish washer. Remodeling old houses. That every day is different, and just having a flexible schedule. Master hair stylist, 5 Diamond Salon, Manchester What was your first job? I was a cashier at 16 years old. I am not able to single out just one job as the hardest. All of the jobs I have had previously have had challenges to overcome. It helped me learn and grow as a person. The best part of my current job as a beauty professional is the support each of my team members provides to one another.

Canobie Lake Park food service. Their food service department hired at I worked serving corn on the cob in their outing tents after the college kids went to work.

Senior account executive, Zco Corp. I landscaped and cut down trees to pay the bills while I was in college. I get to be a part of many diverse projects. It never gets boring! Loading trucks for FedEx. It was non-stop and physically exhausting.

Being my own boss and all the comic books I can read! I worked with alcoholics in a pilot program … providing education about their addiction and counseling them on the issues that led them to alcohol abuse.

We have a few openings available in our kindergarten and elementary classrooms. Please call to schedule a tour of our newly renovated 24, sq. Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm Call My hardest job was as an assistant prosecuting attorney in St. Joseph County, Michigan. The frustration of having to plea bargain cases two or three levels below what I felt I could get a conviction in a trial was disheartening.

The criminal defendants were sentenced to probation, even when they were currently on probation for prior offenses. Eating regional food specialties around the country — and in Europe occasionally — when coaching at national and international tournaments, and exploring the host cities on off days. After graduating from Control Data Institute, I landed a job at Digital Equipment to diagnose, repair and test computer modules. Working outdoors every day is huge.

It does wonders for most demeanors. I sat in a cubicle for many years. I needed out! My first job was when I was I worked at a small grocery store in Pembroke called Bi-Wise, bagging groceries. The hardest job was working for my family. My stepdad owns a construction company and, being the low man on the totem pole, I was the one running shingles up the ladder and cleaning up during the hot summers.

Being able to be my own boss, taking care of my family over the past 20 years and working with my daughter. I helped customers, organized displays and worked the register. Home Health and Hospice. I found hospice very difficult because as a personal care attendant you clock out after your shift despite the condition of the patient. Now I work in libraries. The biggest perk of my job is the same perk that every library user has: I have loads of resources, books, movies, CDs, video games, magazines and programs at my fingertips.

I get to bring home all of my favorite titles. How awesome is that? Babysitting neighborhood kids for 50 cents an hour. I get to spend part of most every day in the amazing gardens my husband Mark and I have spent the last 40 years creating. My responsibility was to put the price tags on the merchandise and deliver it to the sales floor. While getting my undergraduate degree, I spent summers working on a highway and bridge construction crew.

This always leads to a greater enjoyment of life and I get to witness this on a regular basis. Helping run a family business, training people to become lifeguards and save lives, and teaching people how to swim all come with their own unique challenges. Working with children and adults of all ages and teaching them the lifelong skill of swimming. I love seeing the progress that they make and having such an impact on their lives.

Stocking shelves and bagging groceries at a local grocery store when I was Lieutenant with Cavalry Regt, 1st Armored Division, especially during our year overseas. Obviously the beer! Velcro Companies was part of the historic Moon Landing, securing items in place… in space! The Velcro Companies is a technology-driven, innovative global provider of fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant, and surprising ways for businesses and consumers around the world.

With worldwide locations and a presence in more than twenty countries, Velcro Companies continues to innovate, producing more than 35, different products across many key industries and markets including: Personal Care, Transportation, Medical, Packaging, Construction, Industrial, Apparel, Military and Government. Our fasteners are also part of one of the greatest inventions of all time: the disposable diaper. The best perk of my job is giving people their smiles back.

I love seeing someone look into the mirror and smile, after they have been embarrassed or unable to smile for a long time. A real smile is better than any free goods or trips I could ever have. Plus, I get to work with my mom [Dr. Elizabeth Spindel] every day! My first job was doing carpentry with my uncle, Jeff. I had to drive to Newton, Mass.

I met [my current boss] Debbie in and have been working with her ever since. I was lead-poisoned as a child, so I find that being a lead inspector is an important position. My job ensures the safety of children living in low-income housing, which is rewarding for me since I was poisoned as a kid.

I worked as a production assistant in the art department on the movie The Longest Yard. I lived in New Mexico for the summer and was responsible for helping with the sets and props on the movie.

It was really fun and amazing to work around so many talented people who were always making me laugh! The first job I ever had was babysitting for the neighborhood children. I was entrepreneurial from a very young age and loved the ability to make my own hours and charge my own rate! My hardest job is definitely my current job as a dentist. I strive to treat all my patients like family and always want to give them the best treatment, and that can be stressful.

Many of my patients are very nervous and I try really hard to make them comfortable, which can be challenging. It was way too tedious for me, and I felt it stifled my creative spirit. The best part of my workday is helping my clients decide how to properly frame and present their artwork.

The best perk is seeing how happy they are with our design and workmanship. Drives truck with capacity of more than 3 tons to transport and deliver cargo or materials Maintains telephone contact with supervisor to receive instructions or be dispatched to new location Keeps record of materials and products transported Secure cargo for transport Cleans, inspects, and services vehicle Operates equipment on vehicle to load, unload, or disperse cargo or materials Obtains customer signature for goods delivered and picked up Assists in loading and unloading truck manually Performs pre-trip, en route and post-trip inspection of vehicle.

On-the-job training and orientation will be provided. Prior experience driving a truck over 3 tons is required. Sitting, bending, twisting and standing for long periods of time will be required. Exceptional customer service is mandatory. Ability to work as a team with others is a MUST. Requires walking and using arms and hands to handle and control objects, in a repetitive movement.

Will be loading and unloading bins from trucks. High school diploma or equivalent preferred but not required. Laundry or warehouse experience is a PLUS. My first summer job was auto body prep for a car painter. I remember spending hours on my back sanding the paint of an antique SAAB.

I get to eat some of the rarest and best chocolate in existence and [travel] to places like France, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. We did seriously cutting-edge research and development with superconductors, lasers and electro-optics. I learned to be competent at everything from wiring, plumbing and aligning unusual ring dye lasers to analyzing experimental processes and data.

I grew up helping my dad with his residential apartment buildings doing cleaning and painting. I had jobs in high school as a camp counselor, telemarketer and a wavepool lifeguard. My first real job after college was working as a WIC [women, infants and children] nutritionist.

We never felt like there was enough staff to handle the amount of low-income families coming through the door. Since I started my private practice 10 years ago, I have been surrounded by awesome energy in the functional medicine family.

We no longer just give out food plans. We explore underlying issues that encompass the entire person. Being a young store manager made me learn a lot [about] managing a business and following the procedures in place.

Being a small-business owner is by far the hardest job I ever had. You are in a position to wear all the hats, leading sales and marketing, client implementation and maintenance, as well as the day-to-day face of the business. My best job perk is being able to help other small-business owners. I am in a position to help them stay organized and up to date with their finances without worry. They are able to focus on what they do best while I do what I do best.

Executive director, Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications, Manchester What was your first job? I was a helper probably would be called a technical assistant today at a TV repair shop when I was in high school. After the technicians diagnosed the problem, I somehow survived a couple of years of replacing picture tubes, tuners, resistors, transformers, filters and other parts. I only blew out the power in the shop once.

Being a road construction laborer for two summers during college. I was on a crew building I through Baltimore. Being in college, my name in the ditches was Professor. The best part of my job at the Nackey Loeb School is seeing people attend classes and workshops because they want to learn about writing or photography or social media or the First Amendment.

Students, who are middle schoolers through retirees, receive no official credit for completing courses, but they leave with tools to help them communicate — a skill that helps people of any age in any job. Residential and commercial interior designer; owner, J. I am going to have to say my current job. When it. The first job I ever had was working in a nursing home.

The hardest job I ever had was working as a fitness director What has been your best job perk? The best perk of my current job is being able to spend time in the outdoors and meeting friendly people looking to learn new skills. Stuffing envelopes and making copies for a medical marketing company.

I worked at a sub shop one summer. We never had enough staff and always got slammed with people right before closing. I had a great time there and learned a lot about the amount of work it takes to care for a shop, and, of course, prepare good food in the right way. Physically, I briefly worked for a small wind farm development company.

For the time I was with them, the bulk of the job involved bushwhacking through woods and on top of hills in rural areas on the East Coast that were seen as prospective turbine sites.

We then installed sturdy equipment that would gather information about wind patterns and strength in that location. Sharing meaningful time with lots of different terrific people.

This includes staff and clinic visitors, for sure. Working together with a dedicated group of folks [whose] simple aim is to make lives less challenging … is a blessing. Getting to hear daily feedback on this endeavor from clinic-goers is humbling and satisfying, often both at the same time.

The best thing about my job is the people I work with, both the yoga teachers and our clients. Essentially, I guide and support others to feel healthier, happier, more empowered and more at ease. It is a true privilege. Probably my current job! It is a labor of true love, though. I work long hours and juggle many different responsibilities, but for me no other job could ever be as fulfilling. My first job was as a part-time checkout clerk when I was 14 years old in the U. Getting to travel and create magic … from Joshua Tree National Park to Brooklyn, New York, to Boston, to Portland, Maine … [and] getting to soak up and contribute to the creative vibe of unique places.

Being self-employed is the hardest yet most [rewarding] thing any entrepreneur will ever do. I do appreciate the ability to be flexible with my schedule. This allows me to be more active in the community and commit time to a few of my favorite nonprofit organizations.

Of course, the flexibility means that I am making up time in the evenings or on the weekend, but it is well worth it! On Friday, events include a chicken barbecue 5 to 7 p. See pembroke-nh. See wearehistoricalsociety. Today through Sunday, Aug. Thursday through Saturday; p. Thursday is billed as Margaritaville Night, Friday is Wizarding World night and will feature a Fisher Cats socks giveaway and Thursday and Saturday games will feature post-game fireworks.

Monday, Aug. See milb. As of Aug. Next Thursday, Aug. The farm will serve grass-fed burgers with a side of farm salads and vegetables, cheese and more. The Londonderry Blues Festival runs today from noon to 4 p. Harp Blues Revue Band p. Find more live music in our Music This Week listing, which starts on page The historic Bridges House commemorates 50 years of being the location used for official state functions by the governor and others today from 11 a.

See friendsofbridgeshouse. BE MERRY: With homemade tacos Learn to make street tacos carne asada and chimichurri sauce, tequila lime chicken and chorizo with mango pineapple salsa and fixings Mexican corn salsa and fresh guacamole and a tres leches cake for dessert at couples cooking classes on Friday, Aug.

Cue Zero Theatre Company tackles some heavy material in its third and final mainstage production of the season, Next to Normal, which continues its run at the Hatbox Theatre in Concord Friday, Aug. The rock musical centers on a mother suffering from bipolar disorder and how her mental illness affects her husband and two teenage children as they struggle to maintain the suburban status quo.

It separates fiction from reality and finds the true grittiness [of mental illness] without overdoing it. The company decided to go with another show, but Pelletier said he knew he had to direct Next to Normal at some point in the future. The musical sheds light on the effects of living with bipolar disorder and living with someone who suffers from bipolar disorder; one day the mother tries to bleach the whole house and retile the roof while other days she cannot get out of bed and argues incessantly with her family, Pelletier noted.

Now, what can we do better? After five years of sporadic performances, the company held its first full season this year, which featured three mainstage productions, including Next to Normal, plus a series of staged readings of Shakespeare plays done in unconventional venues and a Laboratory Series, which included side projects like theater workshops and classes, small-scale performances and staged readings, and online content including a blog and podcast.

California Suite is a comedy by Neil Simon that follows four intertwining stories of couples staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, all for different reasons. Call or visit winnipesaukeeplayhouse. Bank of New Hampshire Stage 16 S. Main St. Visit banknhstage. Traviata, the opera adapted from his novel and play The Lady of Camellias. Cindy Reilly is a modern retelling of the Cinderella story. Call or visit peterboroughplayers. The show features two dark comedy one-act plays by Chris Elliot.

In Deuces Wild, Jehovah and Allah are in heaven playing poker, and the stakes are human souls. In Bad Relationship, a woman and a man in a marriage destroyed by alcohol, infidelity and rage get drunk together, but when one of them dies the other must figure out how to arrange the body. Visit playersring. Visit peterboroughplayers. For more information, videos and to register go to www. Monday through Saturday at p.

Visit winnipesaukeeplayhouse. We are also looking for the largest grown zucchini. Flew your culinary muscles with the vegetables of the hour; the ever-so-flexible zucchini. Slice it, dice it, shred it, boil it, blend it. Bring us your most delicious zucchini creation. We will provide the zucchini as well as non-lethal carving tools.

Awards will be given to the most beautifully carved zucchinis. Zucchini MUST be the primary component but feel free to use other vegetables to create a life-like creature. Make it here or bring it to the festival to be judges on the 24th. Boats and floats can be made at home or here on the day of the festival. Again, the primary component MUST be zucchini! Prizes are out but accolades are in as you are invited to chare your zucchini-inspired poetry and song in an amplified supportive circle or like-minded composers.

Like the vegetable, it celebrates the Goffstown Hardware Zucchini Festival strives to be as green as possible. All the decorations for the zucchini carving table are bio-degradable, we encourage recycling at the event and compast all zucchini remnants at the end of the day.

NEDA provides a variety of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services for every age at every stage. Now accepting new patients with immediate appointments available.

For all locations call nedermatology. Zachary Aikins and gallery owner Kevin Kintner will also show their work. Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday from 3 to 7 p. Visit arghgallery. Visit nhantiquecoop. The juried, outdoor market features a variety of art and crafts by local artists and craftspeople. Visit concordartsmarket. Artists selected for an exhibition will have their artwork on display for six to eight weeks.

The gallery will give preference to art that is well-suited for its physical space; cohesive bodies of work that lend themselves to.

Visit actonenh. Palace Theatre 80 Hanover St. Visit palacetheatre. Hatbox Theatre, Loudon Road, Concord. Visit hatboxnh. All media, including video and installation art, will be considered. An electronic submission form is on the gallery website. The deadline is Sept. Artists will be notified of their status on Oct. Visit 3sarts. Dunfey Exhibition. The juried show is open to NHAA members and non-members. An entry form is available on the NHAA website. The exhibition will run Oct.

Visit nhartassociation. Theatre Marcy St. Court Street Theatre 14 Court St. Visit actorsingers. Visit joycescraftshows. Runs weekly on Saturdays 9 a. On view through Sept. Tower Gallery, Elm St. Zachary Aikins and gallery owner Kevin Kintner will also show work. Now through Sept. The video is a reflection on the range of human responses to crisis. June 8 through Sept. Currier Museum of Art Ash St. Visit currier. Salem park hosts free family fun day By Angie Sykeny asykeny hippopress.

Kids can jump around in the bounce houses, including a bounce house just for toddlers, and, new this year, a foot inflatable obstacle course.

They can also get hands-on with a toucha-truck area, featuring police, fire and construction vehicles and a med flight helicopter, or you can touch something softer at the petting zoo, brought by Carriage Shack Farm of Londonderry. Memorial Field, Pleasant St. Visit pembroke-nh. There will be face painting and a number of local vendors doing raffles, games and prizes at their booths. Home Depot will host a free craft tent where kids can make a small toy. Upon arrival, attendees will receive a scav-.

Field of Dreams is a volunteer-run community park and playground located on Geremonty Drive, funded solely by private donations and fundraising. It includes a toddler area and areas for older children, a fitness trail with exercise machines, a misting station, hiking trails, a performance stage, picnic areas and a sand volleyball court. Stone Building, Town Center, Weare. Find the event on Facebook. Fifty years ago, in the summer of , the family of former Gov. In the five decades since, the Bridges House has been a focal.

The park also hosts a summer concert series every year. The concert is free; just bring your own blanket or lawn chair. There will also be a raffle with proceeds going toward the new pavilion project.

Cost: Free food priced per item Visit: fieldofdreamsnh. Bridges House, 21 Mountain Road, Concord. Children ages 15 and under are free. Visit friendsofbridgeshouse. Hopkinton Fairgrounds, Kearsarge Ave. Ferns are under-rated and largely ignored by gardeners but should not be. They can add much to a garden.

There are just 28 common ferns in the book, and there are silhouettes of each at the beginning of the book. Imagine a frond of a fern that is all one big blade or leaf.

Then imagine taking scissors and cutting that blade into leaflets. That is Group 1, once-cut ferns. Group 2 includes ferns that are twice-cut, and then divided into two groups based on how the fronds stems are arranged, either in a vase shape or in a random arrangement.

And so on. There are five thrice-cut ferns, five ferns with three parts instead of one long blade, and one unique fern, the maidenhair fern which is unlike all the others. Pretty straightforward. Here are 8 common ferns you can easily learn to identify.

Group 1: Once-cut Christmas fern Polystichum acrostichoides. Unlike nearly all others, this fern stays green all winter, and has very dark green leaves. It grows in free-form clusters, and has simple leaves. Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibilis : Light green leaves. It is very frost-sensitive, hence the name. Often grows in big colonies, either in sun or shade. Can be a pest in the garden as it spreads by root.

A big fern with fronds up to 5 feet, this will grow in wet or dry shade. When spores are produced, they interrupt the arrangement of leaflets with smaller spore-producing leaflets that are not like the other leaflets. But not all plants will have an interrupted section, so look at a colony to find some that do to confirm I. The little leaflets that produce spores get dry and turn brown in mid-summer.

Participants should wear sturdy footwear and bring water and insect repellant. Admission is free and registration is not required. Visit nhbugs. An audiovisual presentation begins at 7 p. Use mist nets to capture birds, ID, band and record the data for the national database. Learn how to determine bird species, sex and age. Learn about animals that migrate, where they go and how they know where to go. Meet at the Fishways and travel to the Hackett Hill natural area to play and explore in the forest.

What are the Issues? Carol Foss, the director of conservation for New Hampshire Audubon, will lead the presentation. Learn how to survive in the wilderness. Discover the survival skills of building shelter, finding water and food and making a fire. Use activities and games to get more comfortable in nature.

The weekend runs from 5 p. Call , email info cotef. The Mt. The program will include classroom and field time. Call or visit littlenaturemuseum. Rainbow Leaves will teach participants about why leaves change color in the fall.

Discover why leaves change color in the fall and how life changes along the river during fall. Learn about the oil sands deposits of Alberta and issues surrounding them. Jon Woolf will discuss the wildlife of the New Nature. The show features original artwork by amanteur and professional artists. Here, participants can visit 20 artisans and artisans in 16 different studios in Deerfield in a self-guided tour.

It Thursday, Nov. Admission is free; no tickets, reservations, but the show is first-come, first seated. C O m Jay Barry, a licensed bird bander, will lead a free bird banding demonstration at the Massabesic Audubon Center 26 Audubon Way, Auburn from 10 a. Take a tour of the lighted pathway to meet with naturalists and musicians. Then, visit the Enchanted Bonfire.

Meet at the McLane. Learn about wildlife and natural features on the way and celebrate the end of the hike with cider at the orchard. Shuttles will bring hikers back at the conclusion of the event. Learn about animals that harvest and play games. Play games and talk about what these animals do to prepare for winter and what they do with the nuts they collect.

The event is part of the Amazing Autumn series of Fishways Fundays programming. This is a family event that will include a jack-o-lantern trail, creatures, characters, skits, stories, games and a campfire. Event info loremIpitatet officae si aut ditatio rectem imilique voloris solupti quat fugias et aut ut aut exerspe lestruptam doluptas represtium isit qui con rehenimpores dente et a nonem derferiatum.

Discover bat habitats and what you can do to help bats in New Hampshire. Wednesday, Nov. Learn about harvest foods like apples and pumpkins. Learn about where animals migrate to and how they know where to do. Make a turkey craft to take home. Tom Ricardi, a licensed rehabilitators and wildlife biologist will bring a golden eagle, turkey vulture and other birds of prey. Prepare for Thanksgiving by learning about turkeys and making a turkey craft. Enjoy harvest-time treats and learn about what local animals harvest during the season.

Native American Storytelling. Listen to traditional stories and learn about the lives of Penacook families. From to 11 a. Learn about what the animals that live along river do when the cold weather comes. Comedy Calendar Saturday, Sept. Call or visit tupelohalllondonderry. Call or visit palacetheatre. Call or visit thecolonial.

Call or visit themusichall. Call or visit ccanh. Join for and play the rest of for free! August 1st - november 30th golf membership drive join for and receive rates and golf privileges for two of our sister courses.

Hippo september 5 - September 11, Page GenGold is a valuable discount program now available with any checking account from The Merrimack. All liabilities, claims, damages and demands are the direct responsibility of Generations Gold, Inc.

Not all services available in all areas. Every year, the Hippo asks readers to pick the things they like best about life in southern New Hampshire — best restaurant, best local band, best hiking trail. This week is a look at the best beer shops and the best restaurant beer selections. Our annual look at your 50 Favorite Restaurants ran in the April 17 issue, and you can find all of the winners of the Best of in the March 21 issue, both available at hippopress.

Fifteen years ago, people could choose brown ales or pale ales if they wanted to shake things up. So pull a chair up to the bar or meander down the beer aisle and find the perfect brew for you. New Hampshire, along with the rest of the country, has experienced a sort of craft beer renaissance. Best Beer Selection at a Restaurant 1.

Strange Brew Tavern, 88 Market St. There is a lot of interest now in craft beers. The Taproom features beer tasting combinations as well. Beers on tap: Top pick: IPAs, followed closely by whatever is in season. The restaurant also features an array of craft beers, including Stone Enjoy By IPA, which is a limited edition batch that is fresh hopped — it must be finished by Sept.

The unfiltered ale has been a staple ever since. Over varieties of hardy perennials, flowering vines, choice shrubs, berry bushes and a world of roses. Fall beer suggestion: Southern Tier Pumking. Assistant brewer Brian Link said customers are more in tune with craft beers these days. Beers on tap: Eight on tap yearround, with eight more seasonal brews on a rotating basis.

The regular pumpkin ale should be available soon. To help celebrate, Ouellette will tap the 20th Anniversary Old Ale he brewed last summer and aged for a year. He will tap it at 7 p. The beer will feature Broadway, Derry, , caskandvine. The eatery features a variety of specialty beers for patrons.

Next month, the breweries Stone and Smuttynose will pair beers with another four-course meal. The bar tries to keep a local emphasis as well. It can be Guinness after Guinness, but people do come in asking for other choices. Manager Neil Brown said staff are happy to help patrons. Four years later, the shop now has about labels. Beers are priced by the bottle or by the six- or four-pack.

The shop has tastings every Tuesday. While most IPAs are characterized by big hops and malt, along with a higher alcohol content, this IPA features the big hops and malt flavor, but with a lower alcohol content.

New on the shelf: Varieties of Shandy, which is beer cut with citrus. Bingel said shandies were particularly popular this summer. Fall beer suggestion: Spaten Oktoberfest, a true Oktoberfest a true Oktoberfest must be brewed in Munich, meaning most American beers labeled as Oktoberfest, are actually just Oktoberfest-style.

Only six breweries brew true Oktoberfest. The shop features tastings every Thursday. Top pick: IPAs. New on the shelf: Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking, an imperial pumpkin with great pumpkin flavor and a higher alcohol content, Lambert said. The shop has a special cooler where cus-. The Beer Store, Amherst St. Customers have well over beers to choose from.

People were going down to Massachusetts to find a really nice beer selection, literally out of necessity. New on the shelf: Harpoon Imperial Pumpkin. The shop has close to 20 pumpkin beers for patrons to choose from. The Drinkery, 2 Young Road, Londonderry, , thedrinkeryshop. The Drinkery opened more than two years ago.

New on the shelf: Southern Tier Pum-. North End Superette, Elm St. The shelves of craft beer provide plenty of credence to that statement. Singh says he takes whatever craft beers his distributors can get him. The Superette hosts tastings whenever new beer comes in, Singh said. The shop opened 22 years ago, and about a third of store is devoted to beer.

People can buy craft beer six-packs by the pack or the bottle, which lets people try a wider variety without having to buy a whole six-pack of something new. Fall beer suggestion: Shipyard Smash Pumpkin, which is best at room temperature and comes in ounce bottles. Broadway, Salem, , mckinnonsmarkets.

Still, Harvest Market offers a wide variety of beers. But with the seasons starting to turn, people are definitely on the lookout for fall offerings now, Murphy said. Top seller: Lagunitas IPA. There are so many new beers. Customers are constantly asking about and trying new things. New on the shelf: About 10 varieties of pumpkin beers Fall beer suggestion: In general, Walch enjoys the real German Oktoberfest varieties.

Learn about the history of chocolate from to a. Master chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy of Dancing Lion Chocolate will discuss the history of chocolate, including a sampling and session on how to taste chocolate.

Pre-registration required. Included with regular museum admission. Free admission and lectures to Want to know your future? Head to The Yard Restaurant w w w. Tuesday—Saturday 10am—5pm.

Twenty farms will be open to the public for tastings, education and pick-your-own events. Visit nofanh. Visitors can attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the largest canoe and kayak raft on a single body of water. Call or visit nhlakefest. Cars will be separated into 19 classes and trophies will be awarded.

Call Chris Pappas at or visit concordkiwanis. Featuring 15 craft breweries. Visit blackicepondhockey. Registration begins at a. Runners and walkers can take on the 5K course and walkers can also select a two mile course. Proceeds benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Visit nocc. Try out massages, angel readings, hair and makeup instruction and more. Show Off Those Legs! First time clients must call to schedule an appointment with Jen, and mention this ad at time of service to get discount.

There will be a break after the first two shows for adjudication, and again after the last two. A supper break will occur before the awards ceremony. The intensive nature of short, one-act plays is challenging in its own sense; the time restraint accentuates the need to move plot, to grab and keep audiences entertained, all while making a lasting impression. It forces theater members to dig deep and to be creative in designing sets.

All the while, two adjudicators — Nancy Stone, who is the division chair of Visual and Performing Arts at Franklin Pierce, and Caroline Nesbitt, the founder of Advice to the Players — will judge the performances and decide a winner at the end. Every two years, the American Association of Community Theatre holds a national festival.

But most actors, directors and producers find that this festival is still of great value during these non-cycle years. Includes listings, shows, auditions, workshops and more. To get listed, e-mail arts hippopress. Adults-only stand-up history tour of Portsmouth every Monday and Saturday evening at 6 p.

Arrive 15 min. Portsmouth, , Aug. Visit playersring. Showtimes Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 p. Call , visit peterboroughplayers. WAC president and company stage manager for the show Christopher Cohen says that NHCTA provides an opportunity for guild members to meet new people and for the young community theater company to experience something more challenging. There are many festival challenges that you might not think about. Each company has just 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to disassemble.

Includes listings for gallery events, ongoing exhibits and classes. Includes symphony and orchestral performances. Call , visit actonenh. Public performances at the Mariposa Museum, 26 Main St. Tickets to the West. Call , ext. Visit actonenh. Call , visit claremontoperahouse. Showtimes Thursdays at 7 p. Streeter Theatre, 14 Court. Visit thesopha. These lessons, aimed at kids 8 to 12 years old, will be held Thursdays from to p.

Lessons for kids ages 12 and older will be held from to p. Call or visit northmainmusic. The organization is on the lookout for unused violin donations with the promise of a tax-deductible donation letter and that a child will put the unused instruments to good use.

Call or email snh symphonynh. More than handcrafted fairy houses made by artists, florists, garden clubs, businesses, families, children, etc. Visit prescottpark. The restaurant donates 15 percent of each bill to NAAA; let server know. Visit nashuaareaaritstsassoc. Original artwork by amateurs and professionals. Music, food, dance, crafts, storytelling. Visit nhquilts. Visit artroundtown. Call , or visit andresinstitute.

Email stpeterscraftfair gmail. Visit arts. Fair celebrating rural farm traditions and traditional arts. The second is called Woman on a Train. Following showtimes are Sunday, Sept. Visit oneactnh. Common Man ith food purch. Other restrictions may apply. Bring it to the professionals at.

We handle it all. Call us at One course fulfills all the states education requirements to become a licensed gas technician and includes hours in our hands on gas lab, working with state of the art equipment. Why buy a postcard when you can have art instead? At the end of a beautiful weekend away, you want to keep something to remember your trip by.

Leaf-peeping season is nearly upon us, and before you know it, visitors will be crowding New Hampshire roads, looking for that something. He was visiting Hollis from Idaho, which is where Morgan grew up. At her Wild Salamander Art Center location, this is especially true. One of the pieces Anna Birch shows depicts her grandmother walking on stilts in the s. But viewers will also see some of their favorite New England spots in a. Alene Sirott-Cope also took a less-thantraditional approach; her work is made from alcohol ink tiles, inspired by the sunrises and sunsets on New Hampshire and Maine beaches.

Her pieces look almost marbleized; she only began using this medium a couple of months ago. For the time being, she happily traded in her paintbrush for the straw, coffee stirrer and Q-tips she uses for this kind of painting.

Contact: wildsalamander. The series will feature presentations by professional artists on the first and third Saturdays of the month, p. Extension, Nashua, Visit pdasociety. Offered twice daily. Reservations required. The reception is on Friday, Sept. Call Coderre at for general information. Attendees to these monthly exhibits and presentations the next is on Sunday, Sept. Visit labellewinerynh. Though admission is free, space is limited; RSVP by emailing rsvp nhia.

Welcoming families of all backgrounds. Our synagogue community reaches all of Southern New Hampshire and nearby Massachusetts. Hippo August 29 - September 4, Page For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Heidi Lovitz, Director of Education and Programming at or director tbanashua. Commercial St. Reception on Sat.

Art by Peg Duffin and Claudia Koeppel. Reception on Mon. Visit greatbay. Reception on Thurs. Reception on Fri. Oil paintings of the seacoast. Visit nhartassociation. Juried by Jay Schadler. Reception Sat. Visit theloadingdockgallery. Pictured, a piece by Kenny Scharf. Opening reception on Fri. Call , visit nhartassociation. River Road, Manchester, on view Sept. Exhibit by Leslie Fry. Call , email m. On view Sept. Reception Fri. Call or visit mcgowanfineart.

Tony Barrand and accordionist Dr. Call , visit portsmouthhistory. Conferences and performances. Listings 41 Clubs Hobbies, Gardening, Cars Food 46 Seafood fest! Get your program listed by sending information to listings hippopress. To the beat of a lone drummer, a team of 20 rowers powers a boat along the river.

Though the history of dragon boats dates back to ancient China, the sport of dragon boat racing has experienced a revival in North America since appearing at the Vancouver Expo in The aquatic sport will make its debut in Concord on Saturday, Sept. In addition to high school crew races, live music and Super Duck Boat Tours, the festival will be bringing in two dragon boats from 22 Dragons, a company based in Montreal and Burlington, Vt. Throughout the day, teams of 21 will go head to head to see who can paddle these behemoth boats the fastest.

Matt Robert, owner and founder of 22 Dragons, said dragon boat racing is a sport that almost everyone can take part in because the team with the most brute strength is not always the one that wins. The best strategy by far is timing and good synchronization. Visit mjwrabbit. See gatecitycorvetteclub. Concord Parks and Recreation director David Gill said the annual Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament has been a huge success for fundraising and community building in the winter, and adding a summer event will help push the project forward.

He said the festival is a family-friendly event, and while young children will be better suited to watching the dragon boats as opposed to rowing them, kids can take part in a rubber duck race and ride aboard a Super Duck Boat Tour, which will be giving a historical tour of Concord.

The evening also includes raffles for prizes and a drawing, from which half the proceeds are donated to local charities. The races will be sprints of approximately meters and each race is expected to end within one minute. Once all of the head-to-head races are complete, Robert said, representatives from 22 Dragons will determine which teams will compete in the finals.

As the sport of dragon boat racing grows, he has noticed that most major cities now have their own. Call or , email dseymour tds. Weekend on the Water When: Saturday, Sept. But, he said, establishing dragon boat festivals in small cities like Concord is a great way to keep the ancient tradition alive.

Go to sccnh. See website contact Dan Francis at Are you looking for a professional Salon to commit your talent, expertise and experience to? Booth Rental or Employee Opportunities available. Full Service. New Hampshire State Inspection With this coupon. Can not be combined with any other offer.

Applies to most 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles. With this coupon. Can not combined with any other offer. Excludes synthetic and diesel, call for pricing.

When: Friday, Sept. Visit the website for a discount coupon. Contact: Visit hcafair. When Nancy Cowan goes hunting, she does not mind being a third wheel. In fact, she prefers it. As an experienced falconer and co-owner of the New Hampshire School of Falconry, Cowan lets her bird and dog do most of the work when she goes into the field.

Cowan and her husband Jim have taught this style of hunting since they helped introduce a bill 25 years ago to legalize falconry in New Hampshire.

For the first time, the Cowans will be bringing along some of their birds to demonstrate what they do at the Hillsborough County Agricultural Fair in New Boston. At their school in Deering, the Cowans teach the art of falconry, which by definition is hunting using a trained bird of prey. To train the bird, Cowan said, the falconer and animal must spend an immense amount of time together. But once the falcon or hawk is ready to go on a hunt, Cowan said, the human can stand back and let the bird and dog work together.

The dog sniffs out game and flushes it out. The falcon quickly learns to follow the dog so it can swoop in and collect the hunted animal. Cowan said if the conditions are right at the fair in New Boston, she will conduct a flying demonstration with one of her birds of prey.

During a flying demonstration, the bird will. If she determines that the conditions at the fair would not be safe to do a demonstration, there will still be other ways visitors can interact with the birds.

In past years, the pulling competitions were relegated to tractors and small trucks, but this year, big rigs will be competing to see to can pull a heavy load the farthest. The fair has also expanded a series of agricultural talks and workshops led by local people with experience in various farming fields. Some of the topics for this year include beekeeping, raising pigs, farm work horses, dairy cows and other farm animals.

George said the fair is hoping to host a talk by a giant pumpkin grower to share some tips and tricks on how to grow a prize-winning gourd. Other attractions include live music from local bands, equestrian competitions, including a demonstration by the New Hampshire Mounted Cowboy Shooters, and exhibits featuring nearly every variety of livestock. Cowan said she is excited to bring her love of falconry to the fair for the first time. She recently retired from 16 years as the town clerk and tax collector in Deering and said she plans to spend her newfound free time working with the birds and sharing her passion with as many students as she can.

A harvest dinner will begin at 5 p. Admission to the fair is free, but a separate ticket is required for the dinner. Visit St. The fair will also feature plenty of food, from hot dogs and hamburgers to pies, cakes, brownies and cookies. Visit stpeterslondonderry. Visit the studio on Saturday, Sept. Create a wet clay project from scratch, then leave it at the studio to be fired.

When the final piece is ready two to three weeks later, return to the studio to pick it up. Call or visit arts. All ages are welcome and registration is not required. Call or visit manchester. Using a flannel board, puppets, string and drawing, share stories from your favorite books. The program is for ages 3 Game time Fans of Pokemon have a place to go on to 5 and registration is not required.

Call Monday, Sept. The or visit hooksettlibrary. Call 26 Audubon Way, Auburn with Hide and or visit rodgerslibrary. Seek on Wednesday, Sept. Learn about where animals hide at the Wadleigh Memorial Library 49 within their habitats. Call or visit Nashua St. Participants can also Mammoth Road, Londonderry.

Call or Sept. Call visit wadleighlibrary. Guests welcome. Visit bowgardenclub. Call or visit derrygardenclub. Contact Tom at or email tomgroleau gsinet. Visit dunbartongardenclub. New members and visitors welcome. Visit hampsteadgarden. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. You may send this item to up to five recipients. The name field is required. Please enter your name. The E-mail message field is required. Please enter the message. Please verify that you are not a robot.

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