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Lazer Shoot - Hantasi - Space Space Space (File)

Download Lazer Shoot - Hantasi - Space Space Space (File)
Label: Cyber Dream Records - CYB038 • Format: 9x, File FLAC • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Vaporwave, Experimental, Noise

The defensive system was nicknamed Star Wars , after the movie, by its detractors. Some concepts of the system included Brilliant Pebbles , which were Kinetic Kill Vehicles, essentially small rockets launched from satellites toward their targets a warhead, warhead bus, or even an upper stage of an ICBM. Other aspects included satellites in orbit carrying powerful laser weapons or particle beams. When a missile launch was detected, the satellite would fire at the missile or warheads and destroy it.

Although no real hardware was ever manufactured for deployment, the military did test the use of lasers mounted on Boeing s to destroy missiles in the s, however these were discontinued due to practical limitations of keeping a constant fleet airborne near potential launch sites due to the lasers range limitations keeping a small number from being sufficient.

The tests took place at Edwards Air Force Base. Orbital weaponry is any weapon that is in orbit around a large body such as a planet or moon. As of September , there are no known operative orbital weapons systems, but several nations have deployed orbital surveillance networks to observe other nations or armed forces.

During World War II Nazi Germany was also developing plans for an orbital weapon called the Sun gun , an orbital mirror that would have been used to focus and weaponize beams of sunlight. These agreements prohibit weapons of mass destruction from being placed in space. As other weapons exist, notably those using kinetic bombardment , that would not violate these treaties, some private groups and government officials have proposed a Space Preservation Treaty which would ban the placement of any weaponry in outer space.

Orbital bombardment is the act of attacking targets on a planet, moon or other astronomical object from orbit around the object, rather than from an aircraft, or a platform beyond orbit. It has been proposed as a means of attack for several weapons systems concepts, including kinetic bombardment and as a nuclear delivery system. Using this system, a nuclear warhead could be placed in low Earth orbit , and later de-orbited to hit any location on the Earth's surface.

While the Soviets deployed a working version of the system, they were forbidden by the Outer Space Treaty to place live warheads in space. The fractional orbital bombardment system was phased out in January in compliance with the SALT II treaty of , which, among other things, prohibited the deployment of systems capable of placing weapons of mass destruction in such a partial orbit.

As of the only true orbital bombardment in history has been executed for scientific purposes. The CAN laser consists of many small lasers working together to generate a single powerful beam. This device is currently under development to drive particles at high speeds in atom smashers. The scientists would use the laser to vaporize a thin film of matter off the surface of debris.

The resulting high-speed plasma would act like a rocket plume, nudging the junk downward, and away from the space station to eventually burn up in Earth's atmosphere. A full-scale version of their system would be armed with a ,watt ultraviolet CAN laser that can fire 10, pulses per second, each lasting one-tenth of one-billionth of a second. The researchers say this system could blast debris from a range of about 60 miles kilometers , and the laser would need about 17 lbs.

The scientists plan to deploy a small proof-of-concept version of their system at the International Space Station. A RIKEN spokesman noted that the mini-EUSO telescope has been accepted as a project on the International Space Station and could perhaps go up in or , but the laser system is still a concept that has not been built. If the proof-of-concept and full-scale versions of this system are successful, the researchers suggest developing a satellite devoted solely to blasting space debris.

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  1. Tekus says:
    Mica Levi’s “Blue Alibi” is a wonder, covering everything from bare, grungy guitar songs to heady avant-garde outings. Bandcamp New & Notable Feb 1, go to album.
  2. Tagor says:
    space space space by hantasi, released 06 august 1. dead 2. stargrind 3. lazer shoot 4. soft nights 5. electrical fire 6. vacuum 7. vprwvs 8. burn 9. teledome cyb
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    The upcoming GRACE-FO mission will test a laser measurement system that could possibly detect changes in the distance between two spacecraft to times narrower than a human hair. Lasers in Space: Earth Mission Tests New Technology | NASAAuthor: Tony Greicius.
  4. Kajizahn says:
    Apr 20,  · Scientists Want to Use Lasers to Shoot Down Space Junk The idea sounds farfetched, but it may be better than previous solutions An illustration of some of the debris in low Earth orbit (NASA)Author: Marissa Fessenden.
  5. Aralabar says:
    Apr 30,  · The International Space Station could one day get armed with a laser to shoot down orbiting debris, researchers say. This concept could eventually lead to a laser-firing satellite .
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    Laser Shot is a global leader and has remained committed to developing the most realistic and practical firearms simulators, crew training simulators, and live fire facilities available to the government and public. Laser Shot offers progressive training solutions for all skill .
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    Several shots of a laser pistol + explosion – shot - space: Free: laser 1 shot 3: Sound fx of a laser gunshot: Free: laser 1 shot 4: Sound fx of a laser gunshot: Free: laser 1 shot 5: Sound fx of a laser gunshot: Free: laser 1 shot 6: Sound fx of a laser gunshot: Free: laser gun Sound fx of a laser gun.
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    differences of laser space communications with these systems. Differences to fiber systems While in fiber systems dispersion and non-linearity is a major concern, no such effects exist for the free space channel. Coupling the transmit signal into the channel - which is free space - requires an antenna, usually in the form of a telescope.
  9. Dalkis says:
    Nov 27,  · The Space Shooter It is a Game application built with python using Pygame, Os and Shelve modules of python. It uses Pygame library for the GUI and sounds of the game. Os module is used to join paths for filenames to their associated directories. Shelve module is used to store high score of the player as a record file which is stored in the same directory.

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