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Los Hermanos Pinzones - Various - Los Cachondeos Del Año (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Download Los Hermanos Pinzones - Various - Los Cachondeos Del Año (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Impacto - EL 242 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Spain • Genre: Latin •

If you want to check it yourself, go to the Teatro Lara in Madrid on June 11th. Check his agenda to find later dates. The Buzzcocks — Nostalgia To speak of beginnings and endings, the best is to start this paragraph with a full stop. Almost everyone who was famous in the next few years in La Coruna was that night at Beach Club".

It was September 26th, and the nightclub was crowded. Walking through its streets pointing old buildings already disappeared, bars which did not resist the passing of time or the location of the record store where we bought our first vinyl, helps to reconcile us with the origin of that brief but intense fire, the result of an electric and exciting riot, almost Dionysian, which was on the verge of success and still consu-.

Era el 26 de septiembre de y la sala estaba abarrotada. Pasear por sus calles. That nostalgia for the future mentioned in Pete Shelley's verses. Javi tells the story of the rock explosion that he himself witnessed live and direct, keeping discreetly in the background so that the weight of the legend rests on its true protagonists who, after all, are the ones who must continue to live with it.

On and off stage, Los Eskizos played a prophetic role that made them heroes in the eyes of a youth that is currently around the forties. Los Eskizos are back, and who knows if they will stay. What is clear is that they never left totally because since the world began, and continues, young people will want to be free, to shout with no one who understands them, dancing in the streets and burning their guitars.

Esa nostalgia por el futuro a la que aluden los versos de Pete Shelley. In the words of Melvin Benn, director of the Festival, "We look forward to a fantastic new edition of the Festival, in a unique place where Fibers can spend several afternoons and evenings watching some of the greatest international artists and where, in the morning, they can recuperate on the beach.

Both environments will make FIB a festival more alive than ever. El pop Tropical, Satellite Stories, L. Un Eleanor Jackson en estado de gracia. Estad atentos tico lujo, la Campa de la Magdalena. Tres Belako. A meeting that is taking shape to welcome in.

Santander three days where pop, rock and electronic as main ingredients, will be happening in a single stage at a location of true luxury, the Campa de la Magdalena. A Little Big Festival which is already a classic in the calendar of events of live music in northern Spain.

Santander Music takes place in one of the most special places, taking the Magdalena Peninsula, located between two facing beaches in the Cantabrian capital.

Three days of concerts and DJ sessions in a single space next to the Cantabrian Sea. The festival has added to its lineup three names that have revolutionized it. The coolest electronic pop of La Roux, with Eleanor Jackson in grace. Also the comeback to the stages of the band from Madrid "Cycle", that will present in Santander their new album "Dance All Over".

Carlos Sadness is the latest name to join this festival that still has surprises to reveal. Pay attention to www. Still shining stars, like. Thirty-five years later, the musician will join her by jumping from the top of a building in Budapest, after watching the that song associated with an inexplicable wave of suicides allegedly incited by its lyrics.

Verbal attacks betwen Tupac Shakur and Notorious B. The controversy would settle with the death of them both in different shootings that cemented their legends and swelled the coffers of their respective labels.

Her reflection on suicide in Si no fuera porque Phil Spector went into the tank of the studio with a bottle in his left hand and a 38 revolver in his right hand, he put the muzzle on Leonard Cohen's neck and whispered in his ear: "Leonard, I love you.

If we try to read between the lines, the song provides strong evidence of the crime of passion which led the producer of The Beatles and The Ronettes to serve a life sentence. Among all the concerts that I regret not having attended, which are many, I will always remember when he visited my city in and I did not go to the concert because it seemed expensive to me. He did not want to receive treatment for a lung cancer and lived as he died, in his own way and leaving nothing unresolved.

He was one of the promoters of flamenco fusion with the duo Lole and Manuel. Veremos como evoluciona. Nothing is further from reality, Tidal is starting to stagnate in the rankings of applications. We'll see how it evolves. El resultado parece que no convence a todos.

The result seems not to convince everyone. Esto es fresco pero familiar, y lo tiene absolutamente todo para volveros locos. This is fresh but familiar, and it has absolutely everything for making you crazy. Turquoise guitars to lower the windows, sunny melodies to accompany you the entire summer, distortion to give you goose bumps and a blonde Swedish singer who will poison your dreams.

I do not know what else you want. The result is hypnotic, dissonant and very danceable. It can have psychedelic side effects. Here he sings an accelerated irresistible song that give us back our faith in the funk that Mark Ronson took us. We do not have here every month a band of shoegaze from the Russian Federation. These are from St Petersburg and make a wonderful mix of expansive shoegaze, humanoid electronics and Icelandic postrock.

Haunting melodies, ethereal voicesinstrument, saturated environments, playful melodies and occasional urgency. If you know the origin of the name without searching it in Google you can be considered shoegaze fans: expert mode. They are not summer songs, no, but if you need someone who understands you and want a melodramatic album, well played, well sung and won der fu lly arranged for listening to it for hours, Nadine has it.

It's called 'Fast Food'. For fans of: Drive the movie , M83, The Horrors and the motor side in general. The progression of Wild Honey, due to his big effort and a very popular word of mouth, has led him to a dominant position in the Spanish indie scene.

The double line up of Spanish artists that the Heritage presents for its first summer stop brings to Madrid the exquisiteness of two reasonably young Catalan bands, Boreals and Ocellot.

Both share a love for reverie, but with a more guitar pulse in the case of the latter. Verlo es un privilegio inexcusable, dado que sus giras, pese a ser extensas, no suelen contener muchas paradas en el sur de Europa. Canadian troubadour with a long and constant career, will visit Spain in mid-June, with a central date in the Teatro Lara.

Attending his concert is an inexcusable privilege, as his tours, despite being long, do not use to include many stops in southern Europe. The return of a small legend. Their meeting has even led them to act in Latin America but they could not miss an exceptional visit to the neighbours of the north of Galicia. The ex-Sunday Drivers and the Basque band Smile will open the summer in Santiago with some music quite appropriate for the time.

Jero Romero has entered a fainter land with his latest LP, "La grieta", while the other members of the line up will recover the spirit of the indie of the nineties singing in English, thanks to an AngloSpanish vocalist of perfect intonation. Havalina live in the middle area of the Spanish indie when talking about popularity, but their career happens to be one of the longest and consolidated all those initiated in the XXI century.

The album they released this year is called "Islas de Cemento" and it is already their sixth long work. The 'Resu' presents this year a new amalgam of hard, historical or new sounds, with the legendary Motorhead at the front line.

The deep weight of Kurt Wagner's voice has been increased over the years and albums. Since his debut in so much has happened in the music world, that a recovery of his legacy is particularly necessary.

Lara Theatre will host the first concert of his summer mini-tour through Europe. From Rio de Janeiro but living in Los Angeles, he owns a melancholic and precious poetry. So is Rodrigo Amarante, a singer who is closer to the 'saudade' than to the carelessness of the majority of the Californians. Previously he was part of Los Hermanos, a band exceptionally prestigious in their homeland, and the project Little Joy, already in North America.

The specificity of the Sinsal Festival, which makes it unique, has been maintained over the years since its first edition in Already established as a brand, the changes have been sporadic and have not affected the heart of the proposal. As usual, the final lineup will be almost a surprise until the last minute. Al mismo tiempo el festival. I do not know when you will read these lines, I do not know if it will be June or maybe July, but what I do know is that in A Coruna a festival of different cinema will be taking place.

An event which, as the name suggests, shows the peripheral cinema, the one that we miss or that we even do not see, just as happens with the field of vision. At the same time, the festival gives a multitude of new experiences and ways to approach cinema, and especially that other cinema which is not very present in theatres, and which often requires some explanation or learning to be fully enjoyed.

So I hope that you have discovered it, as I did at the time or if you are still in time, that you enjoy it. Thanks to S8 , I started checking what I could have missed in the tangle of premieres. I remembered the classifications of horror or science fiction movies that have circulated since the appearance of Interstellar or the remake of Poltergeist, and where Kubrick reigned.

That's how Rodney Ascher and his Room returned to my memory, resulting in the fact that this year has signed a work that left knockout and scared the Sundance attendees. This time he chose something as common to all. Then he wondered, if dreams produce monsters, where do these creatures end up when we wake up? Perhaps, before disappearing in our memory, they wander this uncertain space that opens to people who experience paralysis in the intervening moments between sleep and wakefulness.

The episodes usually last just minutes, but they are a source of great anxiety among those who suffer them, unable to move or call for help during a time when they may also have the feeling of being accompanied in the room, even sensing the shapeless silhouette of other people. The Nightmare basically consists of the testimony of eight people of different ages and backgrounds who agree on certain aspects of their descriptions of episodes of sleep paralysis where they suffered certain hallucinations in that time lapse between sleep, wakefulness and arousal.

Unable to move but completely aware of the things that happen around them, with intuited images and disturbing sounds that terrorize them. Surely tonight it will be harder for you to go to bed. Primera claqueta! Take one! McConaughey has been talking to Marvel Studios about his involvement in one of the superhero movies of the company, but has not revealed which character he would play.

The documentary directed by Asif Kapadia "Senna" will be released in most of the world on July 3rd, 20 days before the 4th anniversary of her death. In Spain, Vertigo Films plans to release it two days later, on July 5th. Its premier was fixed for July. The problem for the Spanish fans is that the film will not reach Spain until November 6th. Colosamente devorado Toho accuses them of using the character without its consent to attract the attention of potential buyers in Cannes, commenting that its protagonist was Anne Hathaway and stating that the movie will be a mixture between Godzilla and Lost in Translation.

What a mess. Abstenerse gente seria y poco amiga del absurdo. Twenty years after what happened in Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar has been transformed into Jurassic Wold, theme park with "tame" versions of some of the best-known dinosaurs. When everything seems to go perfectly and be the deal of the century, a new dinosaur species still unknown and much more intelligent than previously thought, begins to wreak havoc among the inhabitants of the park.

Jurassic world returns to theatres in this fourth film in the blockbuster adventure saga starring dinosaurs, initiated by Steven Spielberg in and based on the bestselling novel by Michael Crichton. Big bugs, lots of special effects and fun for the fans of amusement parks. In the 60s, the Minions are marginalized in Antarctica waiting to find a new villain to serve, given the disastrous success of their former masters.

They will be discovered at a convention of villains by Scarlet Overkill, the first female supervillain, and Hamm a Herb Overkill, her inventor husband, and they will want to become their faithful followers.

At last 90 minutes of the funniest characters in animation movies of the last decade, with apologies to the Ice Age squirrel. The plot is not important, the most important thing is to see these devils in action. Refrain yourself if you are very serious of not friend of the absurd. Kyle Balda y Pierre Coffin. Colin Trevorrow. Jose Mari and Primitivo are two alleged detectives who are unemployed, unsuccessful in their profession and the most worthy representatives of our two irreconcilable Spains.

With the unexpected arrival of Gaje, layabout and seductive gypsy who proposes them a crazy "real" mission, their luck will change In a country in ruins, with a government under suspicion and a monarchy in low hours, it seemed that we were on the brink Ulloa will achieve a new Airbag?

Or not? Comedia Dir. Juanma Bajo Ulloa. Tsai house is a country house designed for a couple formed by two young art collectors. Located in the town of Ancram in the state of New York USA , and only two hours from the Big Apple, its design positions it as a large volume located in the highest part of the vast plot where it is located, representing the requirements for which it has been created through the assimilation of a single abstract piece. The four equivalents "boxes" that make up its volumes are built on a wooden structure that supports the grooved metal panels that create the outer enclosure and the cover, while the interior is laid out with panels of plasterboard and wood depending on the type and use of each room.

The distribution at functional level is developed according to the needs of traditional cottages, being the bedrooms area the partial result of the rigid and categorical outer form.

The great living room is focused in a way that allows an infinite number of positions for the lighting conditions, designed to house a future art exhibition and leaving the unbeatable views of the outdoor prairie as a backdrop. In short, this country house allows you to enjoy it in two complementary and unitary ways: the sequence of the different rooms of the house with a leisurely and stepped pace reflects perfectly the idea of creating a private gallery, emphasized by the entry of natural light to all these spaces through the gaps and exterior skylights of the different volumes.

Sphere City Center offers a residential development of low height and high density composed of 12 residential blocks that form a continuous volume adhered to the perimeter of the field, creating an interconnected sequence of courtyards, gardens and public spaces for residents and neighbours.

Fujimoto has been declared winner of the competition to design the next learning centre at the Polytechnic School of the University of Paris-Saclay. With a hallmark of the firm, the white and open design integrates in one building six educational and research institutions at the University of Paris. Esfera City Center, AV Le Corbusier, Ecole polytechnique, Hesav, Rijksmuseum. In this case it has awarded the renewal made by the Spanish architects Cruz and Ortiz and the creation of the new historical rooms that integrates even more the ensemble.

Muebles, accesorios para casa, gadgets Many of the latest design trends can be summarized in the career of Oitenta, a company founded in whose name refers to a decade that stands out for its creativity. Furniture, home accessories, gadgets The creations of this studio, based in A Coruna, convey simplicity and functionality.

The added value of craftsmanship is reflected in unique pieces such as the bentwood chair, 'Eira'. Another example of this return to the traditional processes can be seen in the stool 'Taboo', an auxiliary furniture made with fir wood, absolutely versatile, which is assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye without accessories.

A way to take home a corner for relaxation, as a chill out space, a sample of the most creative use of organic forms. In addition to the artisan execution, nature, either in materials or in embodiments thereof, the boys of Oitenta also employ the latest technology and 3D production. As an example, their wall hangers Escalador y Elefante or the polygonal pots designed to form urban gardens or indoor gardens.

Customization, which is another trend in design, can be seen in their custom-made projects, providing an auteur product that adapts to the needs of each person.

Oitenta achieves to materialize in their design the perfect aesthetic and functional symbiosis between parts, user and environment. Full content objects, sometimes wisely reduced to a minimum. Luz 2 en 1, que ocupa 0, Rattan is back It is not a floor lamp, nor is a table lamp. Search Myspace Start typing Please try again. Photo from.

You're now in slide show mode. Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Your email? The email you used to create your account. The last part of your Myspace URL. Ex: myspace. Facebook Twitter Email. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Their road back to a bigger audience was followed by their participation in "Fordsupermodels" the band played on a stage, doing the soundtrack for the fashion show and Luau MTV, a MTV show on which were included, in acoustic versions, songs from the first and second CDs, to later be released on DVD.

Bloco do Eu Sozinho , in spite of being considered nowadays as one of the best Brazilian rock albums of all time, did not have much impact in the media, mainly due to the conflicts with the label Abril Music.

The follow-up to Bloco do Eu Sozinho , Ventura , was released in , and the band's sound was even more influenced by samba , choro and bossa nova. Although these albums weren't as commercially successful as Los Hermanos , they were acclaimed by critics and generated a strong cult following which propelled the band to be regarded as one of the defining alternative rock acts in Brazil, mainly because of their elaborate lyrics and their mixture of Brazilian rhythms with rock.

The third album featured a multi-faceted Los Hermanos. Of "Samba a Dois" to the pop rock of "O Vencedor", or with the dialogues of "Conversa de Botas Batidas" and "Do Lado de Dentro", "Ventura" was the album that consolidated the band on the national scene. The first single, " Cara Estranho ", had good presence on the radio and was nominated to some music video awards.

The shows began to house a legion of fans who had become the trademark of the band. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, it contained predominantly their latest CD's repertoire. The band also recorded the soundtrack for the short film "Castanho", by Eduardo Valente, where the disco style was very evident in the early version of "Talk In the presentation of the band in the VMB , they were presented by singer and composer Caetano Veloso.

In announcing the band, Veloso put a fake red beard, like all members of the front rows of the awards. The action was classified as "embarrassing" by keyboardist Bruno Medina. During the show, the band played the song "Anna Julia", due to the insistence of the presenter Fausto Silva , who said that the band "never played" the song.

The band received an e-mail from a fan, questioning and criticizing the presenter. This criticism was refuted by keyboardist Bruno Medina, at the very site of banda. The attack occurred in the arrivals hall of Fortaleza airport and the aggressor came to be arrested by Federal Police.

Hola Tarta. Zorra, cerda, puta. No te mereces que me acueste contigo, mejor te como, para que no seas tan zorra. Un compi del curro, me dice que eso lo cantaba el cuando era joven Saludos, feos! No padezco de locura.. Los nacionalismos regionales no son mas que una manera diferente de fascismo, camuflada de partido progresista de izquierdas. Lo q me he reido.


Used - Convulsions / Black Kites (2) - Convulsions / Black Kites (Vinyl, LP), محمد محي = Mohamed Mohie* - ليه الحبيب = Leh El Habeb (CD, Album), Guilty (Eddie Thoneick Remix) - Various - Heavenly House (CD), Euphoria - Various - FTR Hits Compilation (File, MP3), A Slug Playing Tuba In My Garden - Tibbar - The Flora & Fauna EP (File, MP3), God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Johnny Mathis - Sounds Of Christmas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mouvements Perpétuels - Le Groupe Des Six - Selected Works 1915-1945 (CD, Album), Dario G - Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven) (CD), Ora Che - Congiura Dei Pazzi - Sintomi (CD, Album), Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Eliza Keil - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Vinyl), Ballada Grudniowa - Tadek - Niewygodna Prawda (CD, Album), Oh! Darling - The Beatles - Abbey Road (Vinyl, LP, Album), Embargo - Various - Retro Arena Top 100 Volume 2 (CD), Eddie Henderson - Comin Through (CD, Album), Hand Grenades Next Month - The Set Of Red Things - Who Touches Pitch Defiles Herself (Vinyl, LP) Isleno De Aqui Y Alla - Various - Mambo! - Vol 1 (CD)

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    Explore releases from Los Hermanos at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Los Hermanos at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    Welcome to Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant, home of the best Mexican Food in Utah Valley. Delicious Mexican food, quality service and friendly staff.
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    Jul 22,  · Los Hermanos Pinzones. Bunk Moody. Follow. 5 years ago | 14 views. Los Hermanos Pinzones. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. TE NECESITO vol ft Los Hermanos Martinez De El Salvador - Los Hermanos Martinez de El Salvador Los Hermanos Banda De Salamanca - La Loba Del Mal - Hermanos Banda De Salamanca. ACE Records Inc.
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    Los hermanos más conocidos, Martín Alonso () y Vicente Yáñez (c. - c. ), fueron capitanes de La Pinta y La Niña, mientras que Francisco Martín (), menos popular.
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    Los Hermanos Pinzones eran unos mari neros, que se fueron con Colón, que era otro mari nero y se fueron a Calcuta en busca de unas rutas, conquistaron Camboya con la punta de la espada, y a los indios motilones les cortaron los caminos, Una india muy maja a Colón le hizo una pipa.
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    Los Hermanos is a rock band from Rio de Janeiro, group was formed in by Marcelo Camelo (vocals/guitar), Rodrigo Amarante (guitar/vocals), Rodrigo Barba (), and Bruno Medina (keyboards/keyboard bass).Currently they are on an extended hiatus, performing some concerts sporadically. Although the band is Brazilian, the name is Spanish, meaning "the brothers", which .

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