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Private Pride-Remake - Soft Ballet - Escape-Rebuild (CD)

Download Private Pride-Remake - Soft Ballet - Escape-Rebuild (CD)
Label: Edge Records (9) - ALCA-58 • Format: CD Single • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: J-pop, Synth-pop, House

Romanization and Japanese for Honey Vanity up. But the long, grueling process has produced something of great beauty: my child, the Noseycarrotpanman. He's not unborn or gay, but he will still do nicely. He will stand guard with his 2 eyes over the new Velvet Eden fanart section. It would be worth it to check it out I think Got some gorgeous fanart coming up though, and a wallpaper if I ever figure out how to get it up on the site But I caught myself and fixed it I've created a mascot!

Cause every page needs a mascot. Now I just need a scanner and possibly some bodygaurds. Some lovely fanarts to come soon too and finally NOT mine. I need not say what I thought of that. But you know what sucks even worse? No malice, just laziosity. Well, I took a short break from Vis Kei and added a pretty detailed outline of the different lolita types in the Gothic Lolita section. But then I hope you knew that. Ranting now. Serena, beer, sunglasses, mummies?!? It's okay, it's all okay.

Cause I have lettuce I'll do an article a week And then on other I Here's how it works. Email me to tell me which one you want. I will sit on my fat butt and draw pictures of Dada as a cow. Oh yeah, and Khaos is done. I also learned how to spell Promenade. The comic book will come later. Gonna finish Khaos too soon, but my heart's just not into it. I was thinking I should become Kozi, just so we'd have lovely carnival music forever and ever. Then I realized I could only do so visually, not musically.

Everything I write ends up electronica So that's the kind of stuff I do. I found out on some messageboard that he DOES make them, of jrockers nonetheless! But it's not like I did or anything. In fact, I typed up the newgrave interview for someone and did something or other to the Velvet Eden section of the web page. He's a meaniehead. I burst out laughing, cause it reminded me of Velvet Eden. Now Dada interview. We have liquor, but I didn't know until now cause we moved and I found it I weigh about 46 kg, but I didn't get drunk at all!

Caffeine makes me high though. Well, it was exciting. Translated Velvet Eden's Operaza no Kaijin If thee be interested in Art Marju Duchain, you'd best be lookin' at them too. And happiness and rainbows and flowers, because we all be friends. I'm having a hard time reconciling the pony with the pirate part of me No update, just a comemmoration of the occasion.

And for those of you who wonder what it's like to talk to me on aim and such J: Because you want a turkey I'll make a turkey on Thanksgiving to eat around PM when mom comes home from work. Will this make you happy? I JUST got back! F: I wanna be a pirate! F: oh yeah, well that doesn't matter. F: from now on, I call people "poppet" J: I'm daddy poppet?

F: no, you're not. I won't do that on green friday though J: Good! J: Did you get my turkey message? Have shopping bags, scurvey dogs! It will be the smallest turkey I can find. F: k, that works F: I am happy J: What made you start thinking about pirates?

F: I saw pirates of the carribean again F: Jack is very cool. And he has eyeliner J: Great movie. I still don't know exactly I know people are always like, "I don't have anyone! Valentine's Day sucks! Think about it. It's just a day. He didn't give her anything until she started sobbing. They're still together, and I bet he doesn't do anything for White Day either.

Oh, and by the way, I'm going to put up my info, livejournal and mixi and stuff. I'm a little weird, but if anyone wants to friend me, just let me know.

I've no myspace. I've been thinking a lot about all sorts of things recently. I've also been reading my guestbook and thinking about what it would be like if there really were clones of me all over, kind of like that funky sheep. Oh, also, Hora's last entry made me remember this song.

Cute, no? Those song lyrics They make me think about more things when all I want to do is not think. I wish I were a blob. Plus I like Hizaki's lyrics well enough.

My mom stopped seeing reality again so I decided I can't stay with her anymore and left. Now I'm back home and lonely, but I just can't deal with that anymore Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have someone you know will be there for you when you're upset laughs. How curious it be. Are they really that unpopular? Oh, and my friend found an awesome cartoon. It's like watching people's heads in some random guy's blog.

But it looks like it's just Nickelodeon. I run like that. I did a new layout to celebrate. But it's peculiar, how winter won't come this year. I keep waiting for the snow, yet there's nothing but rain rain rain I also translated Kaya's explaination of the songs for Glitter I was going to erase what I had written and replace it with this, but ultimately I decided against it, as everything I say is neither particularly relevant nor deleterious laughs So the explaination has been included in its entirety on the main Glitter page.

As I explained once, somewhere laughs , I won't copy other people's traslations to my site, and I won't translate anything that's already been translated.

Something weird happened a little while ago. Someone tried to understand me That's never really happened before laughs It was very surprising. I just wish I knew why they did that I believe the voice actor for Tetsuko in Milkchan American release was the warthog on "My gym partner's a Monkey" I'm not watching it though.

A lot has happened to me this year, and I've learned from it. For example, I was made to feel emotions. I don't think I've ever been so upset with someone in my life I wrote a diary entry and structureless poem about it. All the guys in the world who weren't gay all I wasn't though : F. I'm fine, really. It's just that some troll posted a link to a bandman's personal page on a messageboard, and though I didn't mean to, I wasn't thinking and clicked on it. Complication ensued for only me XD I'm quite sure he didn't care.

And it's not like I hadn't known about it since last May anyway. But that's not what I want to say. What I want to say is Merry Christmas! In fact, some day I will dress up as Jack for Halloween. It's just that I already had a perfectly fine lightswitch cover I bet my uber-tight tank top isn't couchy Well, to continue on, I won't be updating today because I worked 10 hours so I could pay for me In fact, I like the feel of Irish music in general.

Mimori Yusa once said that it's structurally similar to Japanese music, but for me it's just shimmering. And it reminds me of Shinjuku As before, thank you for visiting my site, and if you do not like Christmas, Merry Undeath Day to you. I've taken the liberty of assuming that if you're reading this you're not dead I don't know why I feel I should say this, or who I'm directing it to even, but That's all really What happened to respect for other people's privacy?!

Japanese vis kei band girls are idiots. Hora updated I went to the local Japanese store today and found that they had these really cute Whinnie the Pooh gachagacha's for a dollar.

The optimum gachagacha would have been Eore sp dressed up as piglet, but instead I ended up with Tigger dressed as Pooh. Either way you look at it I can still take Tigger out of his Pooh costume though, which makes me giggle, and thus makes the entire experience a very pleasant one to have had regardless. I receive pretty harsh criticism for this site sometimes in my guestbook.

After 5 years, I'm used to it and usually just laugh it off. Besides, I don't much care anymore So I copied this particular one which was left public, and thus for my use and responded. I take no credit for finding these pictures though.

That would be Lejun, a tall, big, scary blonde guy and original SS fanpagemaster. I bet he can buy clothes in the USA Ah well. Yesterday I decided to get a new quilt because it's been chilly, and so I went to the department store and looked around. I meant to be serious, I really did. But then I found a Little Nemo quilt and thought, " So I didn't. And now I've caught a cold. But I can't take a shower because my mother won't get ready for bed, and so I can't use the shower. When I grow up, I'm living alone.

With my shower. Those of you who inhibit other's shower usage, stop doing that and a pox on you. April perhaps. Recently I've been thinking of coloring my hair But I've realized something rather interesting. Before, I'd always thought that men and women really aren't that different. But I think they really are.

And I wonder if it's possible for a man to ever really understand a woman their brains are different, you know Soft Ballet translation, for those who didn't want to read my entry though you should. At first it looked like any old convenience store, but then, hidden away in the back, I found A My Pet Monster video tape! It's good. When I did that, my brother and father were both like, "Argh! What is that!?! Turn it off!!!!! I think I'll try broadening my range and attack them with my My Little Ponies too.

Really though, I don't know about the rest of the world, but it's been extremely cold where I live this week. Take care of yourselves, mkay? And make sure you get enough iron And so I thought long and hard what I might do to thank I have no idea.

Anyway, I eventually decided the best thing I could do Was upload sucky karaoke. Those who were wondering what they'd sound like if Ryouichi were a girl, please click the link. More on that later. But for the time being, just a discography. Now I ramble And part of me is like "YES! Then I wouldn't be alone! Get a life. Are you that weak? Human's okay. But no one's ever going to love you you weird, ugly, crazy pudgemuffin. You'd just be afraid of them anyway.

So if you ever did love somebody you should just mope about it and enjoy the pain. But then a part of me says, "wait. Would you really want to hurt somebody? You're going to be so cold, just like that year I'm not too thin!!!! And then I sit there and cry a little bit. And then I go jump around the house again and have some high-iron seaweed. And don't get life. So those who do, be happy That means I'll be all alone this winter And a story about the weirdness that is my mother.

It's an awesome weirdness. I was going to start learning flash, but if AXML is going to make it obsolete there's no point. It only took me 4 minutes, so I figure he should be done with his CD now too. It's called "Ode to XXXXX" he wishes to remain anonimous , and was made entirely from clips of my friend's voice as he made fun of people.

Please enjoy. Just how long does it take Abercrombie to sell out, a week?!? I really wanted that sweater And "The " is really good! It's written by one of the ladies who wrote for Star Trek That's not a style. Here's the real link to my diary entry!

It's gotten cold recently, hasn't it? Today I woke up and I could smell fall in the air Unfortunately this means I'll start wishing I had a significant other more?

I suppose. Oh grundlemuck. Other than that, I have a new job. It's only temp, but it's still a job that pays well and has wonderful people, and for that I'm happy. My co-workers say I look like an angel Like Ovaltine and hamburgers laughs who in the world still drinks ovaltine?! This isn't A Christmas Carol! That too is grundlemuck. Oh, but one more thing! Recently people who have been reading the site for quite some time have been signing the guestbook and writing me emails.

Then it says something random. And then I do, and say I have the last copy left for sale on earth. It also seems that he's decided to put up any remaining copies he has for sale as a result, so if you missed out before, now is definitely a good time to rectify that. I'll be doing the translation to "Seraph" when I get the chance, but now that I'm house sitting for my first mother I have a real bed to sleep on I usually use the floor Thus am I going to go to sleep now, and actually doing it for more than 2 hours this time.

You won't be disappointed! You could also listen for the part in "Smashing the Sun" where it sounds like he says "more than coconuts". This is my eventual conclusion It's kind of silly, but that's how these things really ought to be treated. Loathing is illogical by nature. Fell Down Fast 6. Flicker 7. Intermission 8. Toocan Morning Song Each Star We See Jumpin' Jack Boy 7. Same Side 9.

Baby Baby Baby Please tell me Jesus Lost Child 8. Spill Your Guts Without You. Adios Nonino 2. Milonga Del Angel 3. Muerte Del Angel 4. Verano Porteno 5. Mumuki 6. Flibertango 7. Tres Minutos Con La Realidad 8. Camorra Ii 9. Luna Tango Ballet. Magic De Lamour 4. E-Lover 5. Leave Me Alone. Thank God I Found You 4. Magic Love 5. SUGAR 8. A LIE 9. Pedal To The Steel 2. I'll Be Your Everything 3. Whenever You Need Me 4. Angel 5. Through Your Eyes 6. Forever In Love 7. The Prince You Charmed 8.

Lose My Cool 9. Jamie Lee Early Frost Don't Worry Dance Floor Remember Spicy Marmalade 2. Blind Game Again 3. Move-from the Floor 2. Sweet Paradise 5. Roots-Yearning 6. Liquid of love 7.

Come with me inside 8. You never know 9. Maze-to the Future Freddie's Dead Absolute Liquid of love Come with me inside. Walk 3. AGAIN What Can I Do 7. Liberation 8. SANDY -remix-. Trying To Find My Way. Simbelmyne 2.

Dementia 3. Angina 4. I'll Be Your Secret. Think Of Me 2. Is There Something Else 3. Bellingham 4. Postello 5. Bittersweet 6. Seasonal Affective Disorder 7. Deflowered 8.

One Star 9. Virus Summer Break My Fall Winter Left You Alone From A Distance High On Love. Come Go With Me 2. Whispering Bells. Burning Down 2. Mother Love 3.

Singers At The Worlds Dawn. The Messenger 2. A Slight Attack 3. Chimera 4. Gone 5. Great Big Lie 6. Heaven Coming Down 7. Samsara 8. Taking Me Away 9. The Halcyon Days These Living Arms Touch Trollbunden 2. Pa Landet 3. Manskensman 4. Under norrskenets fallande ljusspel 7.

Best Friends 2. Catch Me If You Can 3. Good Time 5. I Don't Care 6. Kissing You 7. Picture Perfect 8. Retrato Perfecto 9. So Fly So You Say Start Over Again Stay Together Wake Up With Me Wish We Could Be Free. Brutal Planet 2. Wicked Young Man 3. Sanctuary 4. Blow Me A Kiss 5. Eat Some More 6. Pick Up The Bones 7. Pessi-Mystic 8. Gimme 9. It's The Little Things Take It Like A Woman Cold Machines.

Skin Like Winter 2. Intro 3. If These Scars Could Speak 4. Kathleen Barbra 5. Dark Cold Sound 6. Autopsy 7. Savannah 8. Desire The End 9. The Ghost Psalm Man in Cage Jack Wilson. She Sells Sanctuary 2. Fire Woman 3. Lil' Devil 4. Spiritwalker 5. The Witch 6. Love Removal Machine 8. Rain 9.

In The Clouds Coming Down Drug Tongue Edie Ciao Baby Heart Of Soul Wild Flower Star Resurrection Joe Go West Sun King Wild Hearted Son Sweet Soul Sister. Equally Damaged 2. In particular 3. Melody of certain three 4. Hated because of great qualities 5. Love despite of great faults 6. Ballad of Lemons 7. This is not 8. A cure 9. For the damaged Mother War Head-Ryuichi Sakamoto Person To Person-Logic System Platonic-Haruomi Hosono Plastic Bamboo-Ryuichi Sakamoto Photo Musik-Ryuichi Sakamoto Living Dining Kitchen-Haruomi Hosono Grand Espoir-Yukihiro Takahashi Perspective-YMO Gradated Grey-YMO Talk Back-Logic System Clash chinjyu Sun -Logic System Front Line-Ryuichi Sakamoto Taiso-YMO Orient Express-Logic System Maps-Kenji Omura School Of Thought-Yukihiro Takahashi Hypnotize-Scritti Politti Perfect Way-Scritti Politti Boing Boom Tschak-Kraftwerk Music Nonstop-Kraftwerk Short Wave-Richard H.

Kirk Lessons In Love-Level Wood Beez-Scritti Politti Absolute-Scritti Politti High Time-Person To Person Zoolookkologie-Jean Michel Jarre True Faith-New Order State Of Nation-New Order Strange Love-Depeche Mode Master And Servant-Depeche Mode Blue Monday-New Order Metal Dance-SPK The Politics Of Dancing-Re-flex Do Or Die-Human League Penthouse And Pavement-Heven Tour De France-Kraftwerk Numbers-Kraftwerk Don't Go-Yazoo SEX I'm A INTRO BLACK CATCH S Blame It on the Night-Finis Henderson Hard Times-Boz Scaggs Is This a Dream-Angela Bofill Serious-Billy Griffin Reach Up-TonyLee I Just Wanna -Alton Edwards Every Single Night-Universe It's Only You-Benny Rose Heat You Up-ShirleyLites Remember-Gino Soccio.

BAND Inside Out-Odyssey Garden of Eve-Yvonne Gage Love Town-Booker Newberry Contagious-The Whispers Reack Out-GeorgeDuke AWA SHENA Get It On-Spence Dance School-kano I Want You-Curtis Hairston Garden of eve-Yvonne Gage Cheating-Prestige Heat You Up -Shirley Lites


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    Private Pride-Remake Lyrics By – 遠藤 Soft Ballet: Escape-Rebuild ‎ (CD, Single, Promo) Edge Records (9) ALCA Japan: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release All Versions of this Release Review Changes. Add to.
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    Discogs: CD, Escape-Rebuild. リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。 Soft Ballet ‎– Escape-Rebuild レーベル: Edge Records (9) ‎– ALCA フォーマット: CD Private Pride-Remake Lyrics By – 遠藤 4/5(2).
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    CD: Soft Ballet: ESCAPE-Rebuild. Date de sortie: 10/08/, Ref.: ALCA
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    SOFT BALLET - Escape - Rebuild - SOFT BALLET - Private Pride remake - SOFT BALLET - Ego Dance single version - SOFT BALLET - Blood - SOFT BALLET - Final 7 mix - SOFT BALLET - America remix - SOFT BALLET - Virtual War remix - SOFT BALLET.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Single Collection ’’91 on Discogs/5(3).
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    Oct 28,  · "Index - Soft Ballet 89/95" is an 11 disc remastered compilation of the majority of Soft Ballet's work, released in a limited amount in honor of their 20th anniversary. All songs were remastered under the supervision of Maki Fujii.

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