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Smiling Face - Johnny Osbourne, Zebra (3) - Smiling Face / Weh (Vinyl)

Download Smiling Face - Johnny Osbourne, Zebra (3) - Smiling Face / Weh (Vinyl)

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It was an honor to work with them! Although they didn't play "I do not sniff the coke, I only smoke sensimilla " The Beastie Boys also sampled that song on their Paul's Boutique album. One Love! Every year i go to the bahamas i hear it but never know the name lol. Hopefully someone knows. Bernie Mack Juniour AM - 20 April, hello everyone looking for a reggae song goes something like this "mothers lock up your daughters, the are like a lamb to the slaughter" help please.

The song started off with a robotic voice the same as Soundwave from Transformers the cartoon for about 5 seconds. It then continued into a beautiful reggae song, slightly dub like. There is another bit in the song later when the same robot voice re-appears for about the same amount of time.

I'm sure the first couple of lines in the song had the word 'rasta' in them. I think it was : rasta warrior, or rasta soldier. I hope somebody can help me with this.

It's a great song. Thank u so much! The only thing I have to go on are the lyrics "can you feel the music, can you feel the vibes.. Ghetto call someone the champion sound is coming, no have time to waiting, xxx linga, somewhy we rule the area You make me feel like a stregge one of the bad kind of strege But I am looking for this riddim or the Singer and song. Feel very grateful if you guys can help me if you know the information.

But thank you for this anyway. The correct riddim I am looking for is the one I upload in YouTube above in my previous comment. Dont know how to find it. The song s were sung by a man; i say plural because I'm not quite sure if the verse was a combination of two songs.

The lyrics went something like this: "rude layday Would anyone from back in those days quite possibly from the baby boomer generation , know who may've sang that? I do remember my stepfather had a Reggae record album that was royal blue in color, and on the front cover of the album was a photo of crystal pyramid! I absolutely adored that album, but because I was so young, I don't remember the artist of that album, or if the song from my dream is likely related to that album.

Any help on this one? Would love to add the song to my growing collection on iTunes. But I didnt found how are the names of the other two songs. If somebody knows, would feel grateful with that info. D PM - 19 September, Can any of you guys help me out here? I have an awesome old track in my head but can't find it anywhere.

I grew up in the 80's so around that timeframe with the lyrics; "Oh what a hell when you end up in a jailhouse, wo yoi" "Say what a tribulation when you end up on a curfew, wo yoi bad boy" "Bad boy mind, you end up in a jailhouse, wo yoi" "The first time me say your gone in a jailhouse" "The next time me say your gone on a curfew" "The next time me say your gone in a penitentiary" "Man you're gone rub a century" "But your friends say it's better than the cemetery" Sort me out guys It's by Earl Cunningham.

I have no idea what the lyrics are but I'm gonna give it a shot. Hooo No ransom no ransom Hope someone can help, this takes me back.. Tempo was upbeat.. Plz help Jaystray PM - 29 October, I'm trying to remember a song a heard a few years back. Has a very raspy, deep vocalist on the track and a few lines I can remember are, "Dem a rock to a different beat.

Please let me know if know the name of this song it's been killing me lately! I found it Ol school 88 jam hot. Starts after the police pulls over the artist. Goes like; U got weed pon ur bus? Yes officer, strictly high grade from the west officer.

Can't understsnd after that love her every day of my life she's mine the name el General is mentioned in the song.. And I think boom bye bye On the flip was a medley with murder she wrote in it Anyone knows of this or where I can get it, I want that medley Thanks.

There's this song I first heard as a freshman in college back during I don't know the name of the song nor artist female but the lyrics are something like: The night is all over I'm out on my own again????? I have been trying to find this song forever. If you know the artist, title and where I can find it, please let me know.

The song I'm looking for is kinda old Heard it some time ago but no one knows the name or artiste. Some words of the chorus include " Cos I'm falling in love with you Anyone ever heard the song or can help me? Thanks :D. Zoflorosa AM - 19 November, Please help. I been looking for a song for years and don't know who sings it. I have searched everywhere and because I don't know the artist I can't find the song. This is a forgotten reggae song I heard back in the late 90s.

Let me know if you know who sings it. Thank you! I just got it on amazon. Thanks a million. No prob. This would have been mid to late 80s. I remember just a few lines "Mr. Botha sit down, you had your chance to get to Zion but now your chances are blown into the bottomless pit you will now be thrown where rats ans snakes will eat you up and spit out your bones Two I think are by louie rankin but I don't know the names. The other only comes up by Ini Kamoze but that not the song i am referring to.

I'm steppin it hotter this year, cant you feel it,. I'm looking for a reggae song. Beat was to Say Me Dun by Cutty That era. Early 90s Song I believe was called "Unno" and words went something like this, "woman ya looking good Some would say you model by the clothes that you wear. If ya know ya look good hold ya hand and swear, you make me can't knock ya this year Can anyone help???

There was a song done either I believe in the 80s about a school teacher welcoming her students back to school after the summer holidays where she asks each of them what they did over the holidays. The chorus was "roll a little spliff and take a whiff..

Ketboy PM - 5 February, Read this whole page, love some of the the tunes that ave been put down! Ketboy PM - 5 February, Quote:. Than he says " she say loverboy let me tell you something this bird cant fly upon one wing, me say thats true, every word but me never see no nine wing bird".

Google is not showing any results. BIG Tunes!!.. Jok3rE PM - 12 March, lookin for a song been buggin me it go idda "lonely lonely she say she wannabe my one and only" or "you my one and only, never leave me lonely yes you wanna know me, really wanna know me. It did name Nanco. Thanks in advance. It's a female singing and I'll try to post the lyrics as best I can Love a ragga man, I'm talking from the heart It might be ragga man, or something similar. Rocker man? Either way, if anyone can help that'd be amazing.

Matterhorn AM - 10 April, Quote:. The version I remember was from around the mid 90's. I like that one too didn't this one was so popular. Sorry to hear about the original guy. Please does anyone know what this song is, heard it Lady I love you and I just want you to hold my hand and love me too, whenever someone or whenever I gets close you run away Please someone Don Gaga PM - 27 May, looking for a reggae song that sound like There is a Revolution coming it's going to be a brand new day.

The tune was on a mixed tape I bought sometime between to lyrics were like:" jump and shout yeh put up your hands and jump and shak out, yeh junior Rodney running the route, Yeh this is a new fashion a brand new style" With a wicked Bass line, now it was just a mix not the entire tune , I have been through your list, or should I say very Impressive list ,but still cannot find that tune.

Could you help me please. Its got the words 'Ladies and gentleman thank you for flying with us, we are about to enter New York. Its a male artist. A fast dancing song.. Matterhorn PM - 11 July, Incorrect lyrics but yes that's Sizzla lol In English "First thing, woman have to give me pum pum she say she up to it, up to it". Heard a track last week and cant find it anywhere, although it may be because ive got the lyrics wrong.

Not sure of the title but it could be: Look No Further. You've Found me. Sung by a female or a male and female duet. Just curious, how old are you? SOME not all 90s riddims are derivatives of 80s tunes but just like it was for Hip-Hop the 90s was the golden era for Dancehall. Random Dude AM - 2 September, Is anyone old enough to remember a song I recorded off a Reggae radio station in the early 80s?

It may not have been a new song at that time. The beginning lyrics are: "Me one, I travel the land with me little butter pan, them don't understand".

I loved the song as did everyone I played it for at parties. I would love to know the name so I can find it again. I highly recommend it to all if anyone can identify it. Thanks for your time. Some lyrics may be wrong but it went something like this "Went to a session the other night met this girl she was out of sight, the girl she was a bubalo oh ho a champion bubalo" Think there may be some sort of discussion from a teacher along the lines of "what did you do in you holidays" then goes back into song May possibly be confusing two songs here not sure RFD.

Sadam PM - 14 October, so what happen to this song by Nadine Sutherland- "Here Comes the Rain Again Falling on My head like a Memory falling like a new emotion, walk with me talk with me like lover do" classic if any one has it i need it Gracias. Matterhorn PM - 14 October, Quote:. Can someone help me? The lyrics goes something like "Why are you leaving, you said you will never leave me grieving".

I thought the singer was Gentleman but I have been searching all over with no results. Hopefully, one of you guys can remember the song, anyone?

It just goes on for about 7mins and no actual other words that I can remember, just some jibberish in between, like "Jamaica aya, dumfibrilate.. Anyone any idea pls post back. Cowboy M. Rootsy AM - 28 December, does anyone know the song with these lyrics and who sings it, it's from early s??? Girl you, I , I , Love you oo oo, girl you I , I how you tickle my fancy, tingle up my vibe if your love was currency, I would accept bribe woman you got a hold on me, when will you let me go just like a burning spliff at night you make my eyes just glow O O O aooow : something like that!

Rootsy AM - 28 December, Quote:. The O'Jays ' similarly themed hit " Back Stabbers " quotes the lyrics "smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes Whitfield later revisited the song for the album Ma , recorded by Motown's white rock band, Rare Earth , which he produced and wrote. Virginia "Vee" McDonald, who was the female lead singer in the second incarnation of The Undisputed Truth after Brenda Evans and Billie Calvin left in , recorded a solo version of the song in for Ian Levine and his Motorcity Records project.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Hot [4] 3 U. Easy Listening Billboard [5] 34 U. Billboard Hot [7] 14 U. Cash Box [8] 19 U. Friday 2 October Saturday 3 October Sunday 4 October Monday 5 October Tuesday 6 October Wednesday 7 October Thursday 8 October Friday 9 October Saturday 10 October Sunday 11 October Monday 12 October Tuesday 13 October Wednesday 14 October Thursday 15 October Friday 16 October Saturday 17 October Sunday 18 October Monday 19 October Tuesday 20 October Wednesday 21 October Thursday 22 October Friday 23 October Saturday 24 October Sunday 25 October Monday 26 October Tuesday 27 October Wednesday 28 October Thursday 29 October Monday 2 November Tuesday 3 November Wednesday 4 November Thursday 5 November Friday 6 November Saturday 7 November Sunday 8 November Monday 9 November Tuesday 10 November Wednesday 11 November Thursday 12 November Friday 13 November Saturday 14 November Sunday 15 November Monday 16 November With this both Mahir and Bela got inside the car and left.

Neerja and Krish started laughing. Krish : I Hope Mahir sir loves your friend. See, he really likes her and wants to spend some time with her. Can we send them on a date together? Uhm which place will be better. Should i call Bela as bhabhi? Neerja : I must separate my Bela from that abusive relationship first. She deserves all the love in this world. Krish : Abusive relationship? Is my Bhabhi already in a relationship? And be ready for tomorrow we are going to take both Mahir and Bela to some long drive.

Krish : I hope that fevicol be busy for few days. Else she will stick herself with Mahir sir and will not let him spend any time with my bhabhi. Tell me if you feel comfortable. I will help you. Bela suprised : Mahir actually i wanna talk with you about..

Oh wait wait. Who is she. I think i know her? I have seen her somewhere? And sits inbetween Bela and Mahir as Mahir sat beside Bela. Baby, I got to know that you, Neerja, Krish and me are going for a long drive.

Mahir clearly disturbed and irritated : Bela. We are going with Bela not you. And what made you visit my home Karishma? I forgot to change the lock for my flat. Thank you for reminding me with barging inside my home and separating me and Bela. PS:- The next chapter will have more Behir scenes.


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    Vinyl and CD 1 – 28 of Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; Domanick: Call out me Zebra (3) Johnny Osbourne, Zebra (3) - Smiling Face / Weh.
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    Smiling Face Bass – Dee Murray Congas – Graham Morgan Percussion – Ray Cooper Synthesizer [A.R.P.] – David Hentschell* Trumpet – Michael Hinton (2) Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Me* B4: Beautiful One Bass – Dee Murray Drums – Nigel Olsson Electric Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Davey* B5: A Lovely Day.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Your Smiling Face" on Discogs/5(5).
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    Mar 04,  · Provided to YouTube by WM Japan Smiling Face · Stardust Revue FACE TO FACE ℗ WARNER MUSIC JAPAN INC. Composer, .
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    Reggae Smiling Face.
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    A yellow face with smiling eyes and a broad, closed smile turning up to rosy cheeks. Often expresses genuine happiness and warm, positive feelings. An emoji form of the ^^ emoticon. On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that you message that person often but they aren't your #1 Best Friend.
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    1, Free images of Smiley Face. Related Images: smiley emoji face smile happy emoticon emotion laugh funny positive. Smiley Emoticon Anger. four green emoticon balls. Basketball Man Model. man playing basketball. 98 96 People Talking Father. man wearing black tank top.
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    Tek Weh Yuh Self Again (Intro) Mr. Vegas ft Kat DeLuna & Lil Kim Other Jump N Move (David Savior Extended Mix) Brand New Heavies & Jamal-Ski Reggae/urban Jump N' Move (Featuring Jamalski) The Beand New Heavies Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1 R&B/Soul.
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    Reggae Music Rare Collector's & Vintage Record Online Store. ¥0 (US$) (0items)Pass.

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