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To Se Na Očích Pozná (Its A Real Good Feeling) - Michal David - 50 (CD)

Download To Se Na Očích Pozná (Its A Real Good Feeling) - Michal David - 50 (CD)
Label: Sony Music - 88697737552,Columbia - 88697737552 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation, Remastered SlipcaseDVD DVD-Video, PAL • Country: Czech Republic • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Synth-pop

Family Show! But it is a path paved not only with the songs of Michal David, but also with the dogged determination of a man who loses any notion of where his role as manager ends and his role as parent begins.

A subculture of insomnia that lives the eternal night. ZOOM Assembly-line production of gaming machines, tools for the consumption of human disorder and unhappiness. Sonatas next to cheap hot dogs, shampoo, and the hopeless of housing projects. An extensive exploration of the transcendental questions of a metastasising civilization. First they were murdered by the colonisers, then they slaved away on their farms, and then they got alcohol. The simple destruction of the image is contrasted with the overabundance of digital advertising and billboards while at the same time emphasizing the silent rhythm of the everyday bustle on the street.

ZOOM Bicyclists and pedestrians seem to emerge from the image, to step out of the screen, followed by their spirits, visible trajectories of their deeds and decisions.

The openness of the conversation reveals the maturity of meditations on sharing, isolation, the relationship to physical changes, and the subtle boundary between life and death. We see only those who stop long enough to leave their imprint on the short-term memory of the place. ZOOM The introductory sequence clearly splits up the space of the courtyard and the opposite windows into various planes while drawing attention to the role of the observer — the architect of the story.

As opposed to the original movie, however, we never see him. ZOOM The original chronophotography enabled the depiction of the individual stages of motion through a series of photographs.

Despite swimming at a regular pace, the person stays in place. The originally lush green and glowing yellow colours are transformed and set in motion until the viewer is unsure as to when the image is real and when it is a parasite that has attacked the digital imprint. ZOOM The crowns of the trees are illuminated by the radiance of a cloudless sky.

This rural peace is disturbed by the nervous camera and the layered traces of clumps of grass, branches, and bushes. The ephemeral camera and meticulous editing give rise to introspective images with a focus on light and the fragile movement of visual fragments of intimately familiar surroundings. In this sensitively edited portrait, we also hear the voice of Alice Guy.

CZECH PREMIERE The patient observation of a military building in California leads to the discovery of a quiet part of a dam and the underground tunnels and cement structures of a giant reservoir that was long used as a test site for torpedoes and other underwater army equipment. The patient poetics of the ordinary puts together three points of view of two buildings at various times of day, evening, and night.

The motionless images seem to merge in slow dissolves. The way in which the smoke from the chimneys covers the images when we segue from one to another is based on J.

Photographs taken in the ruins of a rural house always take the viewpoint from the inside out. A layering of compositions and negative and positives, sometime alternating, sometimes mixed together in order to create an illusion of changing depth and distance from the outside that we are forbidden from entering. ZOOM The combination of the rectangles of the walls and windows in the tapering perspective creates horizons within horizons, thus building a completely new house on screen.

The soundtrack is subjected to similar chemical changes as the image. Some of the patterns are absorbed by others; undestructiveness is lost in transparency. ZOOM The gap between stones slowly grows, a rock is transformed as if were an organic body, a fault is quickly covered in another layer, the original colour is absorbed to create new matter.

Is there in this land a stone that was never thrown? Today it is even emptier because its residents have gone to watch a solar eclipse. But one building administrator is encouraging people to endure. He shows his house and praises the living conditions. During the war, they were used for naval reconnaissance, especially by Germany, and to engage in airborne terror against civilians.

Later, they were used primarily in the United States as airborne radar stations. ZOOM A designer is a person who lives a bit outside of time. The things he things about and on which he works only become real when he focuses on something else. ZOOM The owl as a spectre of the night. A hypnotic, tense, and unsettling portrait, with a surgically precise aim and unclear meaning. An ambivalent delirium of viewpoints sanctifying foolish wisdome and impenetrability.

Four hours of extreme observation, interspersed with singing. ZOOM A reality show from the world of anxieties. An enclosed space, a camera that visits nearly every place, and people who no longer register the presence of recording equipment.

ZOOM In the age of mass media the original concept of the gatekeeper someone guarding entry to a place has been expanded to include persons or institutions that control access to information. Here, two young men are practicing their strokes while recounting their foreign travels, job offers and successes. Their explanation for why they returned to the Czech Republic? The common denominator is an attempt at describing contemporary Czech views of heroism as seen in the light of major and minor historical events of the 20th century.

American director Craig Baldwin is renowned not only for the sophisticated way he works with historical and ideological themes in meticulously researched found material, but also for his systematic approach to the re-use of images. Thematically, he has explored colonialism, American history, and issues of copyright.

He works with the material both with a view to its original meaning and by completely detaching it from its original intent. The result is a politically critical portrait of the Marlboro Man and the cultural associations of masculinity and consumerism that he represents. ZOOM The returning musical motifs that recall the heroism and values associated with Westerns repeatedly emphasize the need for social equilibrium.

Historical facts, illustrated by documentary footage, are mixed with virtual history into a neo-colonial mockumentary about a time when the country experienced a decline in infrastructure, famine, and a sharp increase in government debt.

Velvet Terrorists follows the story of three men longing to become heroes. Its two sides or rather extremities. It is about Europe that stretches from the deserted expanses of the eternal winter in Russian Siberia to the enjoyable beaches of the Bay of Biscay. What could be in common between so drastically dissimilar life styles? Physically they are joined by the gas pipe between Western Siberia and Western Europe. Besides other examples of her cinematographic work, Kirsten Johnson will talk about her current project A Blind Eye.

The master class will be preceded by the screening of The Specialist, Portrait of a Modern Criminal — a unique courtroom drama recorded during the trial of Adolf Eichmann, in , in Jerusalem.

Iran, 75,, inhabitants, 1,, km2, Tehran, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, ancient culture, Islamic Republic, mountains and cities, women and stories, everyday life, loneliness.

But his grand social engineering projects brought many problems: the failed agricultural reform alienated the countryside and tore apart centuries of traditions, and the new class of urban poor was more receptive to the organized and politically active Islamic clerics than to a secular power that relied on a powerful secret police.

His radical ideas were spread vie reel-to-reel and cassette recordings. In , young religious students organized a demonstration against a murder committed by the secret police. They were shot. More demonstrations were organized to honour the martyrs, which were repeated every 40 days.

By the end of the year, there were a million people in the streets. On 16 January , the Shah left the country and the Islamic revolution was victorious. Cultural life was subjugated to the needs of the theocratic state.

Any criticism of Islam, the prophets, the imams, revolutionary leaders and the Ayatollah was prohibited, as was the depiction of unveiled women. But their visual approaches to expressing senses and emotions are all the richer. Using a mosaic-like collage of old photographs and archival footage, Bahman tells the story of an unrequited love that led him into the centre of the revolutionary events. An unemployed young man pretends to be famous director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and fools the members of a rich and educated family with his charade.

A bitter ballad about the will to live and the beauty of life under all circumstances. Archival footage and photographs form the foundation for the real and imaginary search for the identity of the anonymous participants in a demonstration that was broken up by the army and that has become a symbol for the victims of the Iranian revolution.

ZOOM Three soldiers refused to shoot at their fellow citizens and chose to desert. His isolation from the world is interrupted only by the children living nearby.

While explaining the alphabet to them, at the letter P he runs up against an unknown creature. It is white as snow and symbolizes the change that the world has undergone.

The journey in search of the pelican represents the clash with otherness and with the future. The search for the real number of those who went missing reveals the extent of the horrible crime. I shut out everything else in the world and just focus on that. And I made the people working with me do that as well.

A self-analytical meditation upon the paradox nature of media and the role of the artist. Humanism extracted through tyranny. The same with an older man. All over Iran illegal satellite dishes are sprouting.

Few people will admit it, but almost everyone has them. This technology brings a touch of the modern era and of other cultures into the fundamentalist, isolated world of Iran.

The inexpensive receivers are home-produced in DIY workshops and are sold even by teachers. Along with MTV, they bring democracy in all its beauty into Iranian households. The camera follows the sellers and buyers of the forbidden signal. Soon, however, new ones appear. The authorities struggle in vain against DIY inventiveness and modern media. She later goes on to become the director of the village health clinic. By , the medium income fallen to 33, dollars and the income of the richest one percent had tripled to 1,, dollars a year.

Every politician, whether liberal or conservative, wants to move forward, not backward. A combination of statistical data and personal tales creates a corrosive portrait of people robbed of the American dream, whose sense of hopelessness is heightened by the chosen time of year.

ZOOM The human dimension goes hand in hand with the political. Music: David Kahne What began as a straightforward portrait of an American sports hero after his comeback in ended up as a documentary unravelling an elaborate web of lies after his confession to doping throughout almost his entire career. With the help of women activists and anatomy, she tries to liberate it from historically conditional religious connotations and gender stereotypes that have kept the myth of virginity in the general consciousness.

But how much inequality can we tolerate? A compelling tour-de-force critique that presents an absolution of capitalism, whose interpretational arithmetic of the life-and-death game of truth, dignity and conviction unleashes the key issue of our times. ZOOM Inequality as described to students using the example of his own stature, the size of private automobiles, and by turning the perspective of human smallness and the dimensions of personality inside out.

A parametric portrait of a positive lobbyist. Educationally and with artistic gracefulness, he engages with well-known environmentalist converts who, after years of study, have come out in favour of nuclear energy and are launching a new understanding of the atom. One telling example is the admission by one of the environmental activists that until recently he had no idea that there existed natural radioactivity.

Debates on cybernetics, poverty, racism, the end of mankind, apparatuses of power and cancer in chickens. Student protests and collegiate discussions are part of the universe of an educational institution in search of its identity in the 21st century. ZOOM A sophisticated look at the direction of a public educational institution as a universe of truths, critical thinking and rhetorical practice.

The marketing of information transfer, expanded into an edutainment concept for un demanding students. The festival thus joins in celebrating a holiday declared by UNESCO for 27 October in order to call attention to the vulnerability of cinematographic memory.

The years to were an era of mutual plagiarism, which was not understood as anything radical. Guy took up any subject that might be a success with audiences. Perhaps the only repeating subject is cross-dressing. She used split images to create suspense, applied fade-outs and fade-ins, and searched for new editing possibilities. Guy nevertheless forced her actors to act naturally so that she could come closer with her camera and shoot them in medium shots and close-ups in order to express emotions or change facial expressions without excessive grimaces.

She would regularly sit incognito in the audience in order to see their reactions and learn from them. The main thing is that, for a period of 17 years, she was the only female producer in the world. The same goes for three other documentaries: Fisherman in the Current ? We see an attempt at interpreting generally known historical events that are important to the national identity.

Good Absinth introduces us to the absent-minded drunkard who will appear again in Madam Has Her Cravings. The excessive consumption of alcohol forms the basis for comic situations that could have grave consequences. Another example is Panorama of the Seine, where the camera show the river and its surrounding in such a way that we feel we are standing on the bow of a boat. Cold humour as a critique of hospital conditions. ZOOM In early cinema, it was common for directors to look for subjects at music halls and their popular dance and pantomimes.

At the same time, we here see the practice of women playing men, and more commonly the other way around. Wikpedie [online] [cit ]. Wikiepedie [online] [cit ]. Strait a D. Dvorana country, s Seznam. My item was to acquire new information for my teaching experience. The main country production we can find in the USA. The fundamental concept country music includes eight main streams hillbilly, traditional country, cajun, western swing, bluegrass, rock-a-billy, modern country and country rock. This music follows modern trends and adapts to different streams of popular music.

I'm A Believer. Where The Wild Roses Grow. It Takes Two. Christmas Time. Please Come Home For Christmas. Stop The Cavalry. Dear Mrs. Okie From Muskogee. Knockin' On Heaven's Door. For your eyes only. John Michael Montgomery. Far from over. San Francisco Bay. Don't Stop. If I Were A Carpenter. Time After Time. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg. Lonely Boy. Summer Nights. Holidays in the Sun. Beside You. Martin Eden. L'important c'est la rose. Comment te dire adieu. Nine Lives.

Falling In Love. Hole In My Soul. Taste Of India. Full Circle. Something's Gotta Give. Ain't That A Bitch. The Farm. Kiss You Past Good-bye. Falling Off. Attitude Adjustment. Fallen Angels. Dream on. Same old song and dance. Sweet emotion. Walk this day. Last child. Back in the saddle. Draw the line. Kings an queens. Come together. Lord of the thights. Toys in the attic. Mama kin. Atentat na city. Lidi jsou lidi. Nonstop bar. Malej princ. Diky za kazdej den. Co hleda klaun.

Vecerni krasky. Hledac pokladu. Blaznivej kiki. Nejsme nevinny. Pada hvezda. Divka s perlami ve vlasech. Talking The Queen. Road The Hell. Accident Of Birth. The Magician. Welcome To The Pit. Elton John - Crocodile Rock Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side CD2: Dawid Bowie - Fame Rex - Children Of The Revolution Smokie - Mexican Girl Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash Danyel Gerard - Butterfly Mungo Jerry - Alright, Alright, Alright Glitter Band - Angel Face Harpo - Horoscope Hot Butter - Popcorn Mud - Oh Boy Pilot - January The Supremes: Stop!

In The Name Of Love James Brown: Sex Machine Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing Aretha Franklin: Respect Edwin Starr: War Chic: Good Times Eddie Floyd: Knock On Wood Michael Jackson: Billie Jean Hot Chocolate: Brother Louie Sister Sledge: Lost In Music Bill Withers: Lean On Me Soul II Soul feat.

Caron Wheel: Back To Life RZA feat. Xavier Naidoo: Ich kenne nichts Fugees: Fu-Gee-La Culture Beat — Mr. Vain La Bouche — Be My Lover Haddaway — What Is Love Real Mccoy — Another Night Pharao — There Is A Star Maxx — Get-A-Way Loft — Hold On Alban — Sing Hallelujah! Love Message — Love Message


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "To Se Na Očích Pozná (It's A Real Good Feeling) / Dívka Na Inzerát" on Discogs/5(4).
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    To se na očích pozná (It´s a Real Good Feeling) Největší z nálezů a ztrát Mám na to grif Máma Čas jak raketa letí V slepé uličce Děti ráje Chtěl bych žít, tak jak se má Konto štěstí duet s Ivetou Bartošovou
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    – Michal David: To Se Na Očích Pozná (It's A Real Good Feeling) Backing Band – Kroky Františka Janečka* Lyrics By [Czech] – Jaroslav Machek Written-By – H. Steinhauer*, V. Promo* 8 – Jana Kratochvílová: Copánky Backing Band – Skupina Pavla Trnavského Lyrics By – Ivan Hlas, Ondřej Hejma Music By – Pavel Trnavský 3/5(1).
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    Tak se pozná dáma: Valérie Čižmárová It's A Real Good Feeling: Peter Kent: To se na očích pozná Dívka na inzerát: Michal David: Eva Hurychová.
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    Michal David - Michal David 50 (2CD+DVD) Tweet. Hodnotenie 0/5 (0) Zadať hodnotenie. OZNAM: To se na očích pozná (It´s a Real Good Feeling) Největší z nálezů a ztrát; Recenzia (CD): Michal David – Rodinná show (online album) Recenzia (Singel): Michal David & Iveta Bartošová – To je naše věc.
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    Michal David - Michal David 50 (2CD+DVD) Tweet. Hodnotenie 0/5 (0) Zadať hodnotenie. OZNAM: To se na očích pozná (It´s a Real Good Feeling) Michal David, vlastným menom Vladimír Štancl je český spevák, skladateľ a hudobný podnikateľ.
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    Michal David 50 2CD + DVD (CD 1) (, Sony Music Entertainment) Discopříběh; Krásná Domenika (Buona domenica) Super noc; Zas vyhráváš; Nenapovídej; To se na očích pozná (It´s a Real Good Feeling) Největší z nálezů a ztrát; Mám na to grif; To se na očích pozná; Diskotéka.
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    Michal David - Vydáno: Celkový čas: + + asi minut Skladby: CD 1 - Discopříběh, Tak na to šlápni, Vidím tě všude, Správnej čas, Krásná Domenika (Buona domenica), Super noc, Zas vyhráváš, Nenapovídej, To se na očích pozná (It´s A Real Good Feeling, Největší z nálezů a ztrát, Mám na to grif, Máma, Čas jak raketa letí, V slepé uličce.
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    Predaj MC a CD, ukážky ponúkaných CD v MP3. Kollárovci - Goralu cy či ně žal 1 CD + 1. Keď chlapci hrajú ľudová / PaedDr.

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