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Tuesday On The Ramp - John Altmann - Reno On Record 3 (CD, Album)

Download Tuesday On The Ramp - John Altmann - Reno On Record 3 (CD, Album)
Label: AirCraft Records (3) - ACCD-1005 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music •

RENO, Nev. It raises the possibility of video of the crash that killed nine, including the pilot. Before it crashed, the aircraft also sent information to the racing team crew including oil pressure and temperature, altitude and velocity. That information could help investigators determine what caused the plane to crash. Officials said they have heard reports the pilot sent a mayday call before crashing.

They said so far there is no evidence of a call. The plane hit the first few rows of VIP box seats like a missile Friday, causing a crater roughly 3 feet deep and 8 feet across with debris spread out over more than an acre. Some members of the crowd have reported noticing a strange gurgling engine noise from above before the P Mustang, dubbed The Galloping Ghost, pitched violently upward, twirled and took an immediate nosedive into the crowd.

The plane, flown by a year-old veteran racer and Hollywood stunt pilot, disintegrated in a ball of dust, debris and bodies as screams of "Oh my God!

The death toll rose to nine Saturday as investigators determined that several onlookers were killed on impact as the plane appeared to lose a piece of its tail before slamming like a missile into the crowded tarmac.

Noah Joraanstad, 25, said he watched in horror as the vintage plane came hurtling toward where he was sitting in the VIP section.

He started running, then was blown off his feet. Flying shrapnel hit his in back, barely missing his spine and kidney. He had nine stitches in his head and was covered in aviation fuel that burned his skin as spectators tried to wash it off. Ed Larson, 59, who lives part-time in Genoa, Nev. He was hit on the back of the head by debris and one of his Achilles tendons was cut.

His calf was shredded and his shoulder separated. The crash killed the pilot, Jimmy Leeward, and eight spectators. Phone to reserve yours.

At 42 West Second Street, H. Phone When will this town quit growing? What was the name of the theatre on west 1st between Virginia and Sierra Street? I thought that was the Majestic. The two stories seem to be connected. Man from Reno is a San Francisco set neo-noir mystery. This cross-cultural aspect probably contributes to this being a somewhat unpredictable film with genuinely unexpected moments.

The story slowly reveals itself and contains several strange details which all eventually dovetail together. It is quite a complex plot though and its bilingual nature only adds to the complexity, so I feel this is a film in which a second viewing would add a lot and help capture details missed the first time around.

Another strength is the very good acting performances. In particular, Auoko Fujitani and Pepe Serna, who play, respectively, the female crime writer and the sheriff. Both are fleshed out and convincing characters whom we believe in and care about.

This is a very good and unusual mystery. It also has a fairly dark and uncompromising ending which only adds to its overall unpredictability and boldness of approach. This is one well worth seeking out.

This movie has a very promising start. A veteran sheriff squints through his windscreen as he drives down a mist-shrouded road. Suddenly, he strikes a pedestrian hard who collides with the windscreen and rolls off. Then he struggles to his feet and runs away. For instance, would an attractive young lady really open her hotel door to admit an evil-looking character to use her phone, simply because he was of the same race as her, therefore presumably trustworthy?

The acting can only be described as sluggish and underplayed to a torpor-inducing point. It was very consistent but not in a good way. By the way, could anyone explain why in a couple of scenes the admittedly very decorative female lead was shown toying with a cut-throat razor? My main gripe, though is that this movie is too slow and complex to really work well.

Saw this movie listed on Netflix. Well, clicked it, read the story line, not too sure, but what the heck I can turn it off. Wondered if it were a Japanese film? Seemed like a strange beginning, then bang the story begins. Let me say before going any further, the three leading actors were excellent. Their acting just took me into the story. I watched, listened and wondered where this story would go next.

And it flowed and flowed and flowed. There was a mystery, another mystery upon mystery flowing toward the climax. My rating would have been higher, but for what I thought the ending had some questions that weren't answered. This film is well worth watching for its story line, acting, mystery and directing. It also demonstrates great films can be made without big stars and budgets.

My rating is really 8. I really enjoyed this movie. It had a great twist at the end. The actors were fantastic. I loved how inexpensive it was for the movie to be developed and produced. Furthermore, the fact that the movie title is "Man from Reno" and the movie does not ever happen in Reno, I find fascinating— that is that the director could pull off such a successful flick when the setting is not taking place in Reno. I liked it so much that I want to own it.

What I liked the most is how humor was introduced into the flick. So many times, subtle humor caught me off guard and made me laugh inside not out loud and the mysterious action kept rolling on and on.

One negative part to this plot was that the police sheriff broke down the door into Aki's room when he did not know that Kazuki's character would or would not be there—drama for a neat scene was created, I suppose.

I certainly recommend this film. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. And it lived up to the Tallgrass promise of the "second funnest thing you can do in the dark. Q8-MarronGlace 19 July Good Idea Bad Execution , I didn't mean its a bad movie but it could be much better when a viewer felt bored during the film that means something went wrong that's what what I mean the movie is less than 2 hours but it feels like more than that with all the extra stories and scene that aren't necessary to be added , The film started so well then it began to go down.

Despite the fact that this movie and director Dave Boyle which he was 32 years old when he directed that movie had a lot of wins and nominations but with all due respect but if it was directed by more experienced director it might have been much better! Viewed on DVD. Director Dave Boyle's tale of four-legged contraband and deadly serial identity theft is a classic edge-of-your-seat thriller. Packed with red-herring subplots and many moving parts, it really requires multiple viewings to understand all that occurs and why as well as to tie up a multitude of what seem to be but really are not loose ends.

There is no happy ending. It also lacks thankfully! Score is a bit uneven with themes that range from creative use of one or a few instruments to an overriding and irritating scrapping-like buzz apparently meant to signal that danger lies ahead. Surround sound field is good when fully deployed.

Everyone and everything even if only mentioned in the dialog is given on-screen credit including the supplier of Kame turtles. Since initial funding came from crowd sourcing, several hundred contributors are also listed. Highly recommended for multiple viewings!

I really wanted to like it - so I did. A murder mystery with a worn premise. Liked that too. Main character, Ayako Fujitani, is very good and takes a mean close-up. Very cute. People keep disappearing and identities are always in question.

Nothing new, but with the conflageration of characters it was hard to follow, especially since most of the characters were Japanese. The protagonist was developed, but the antagonist could have been a whole movie. The problem was that this could easily have been a six part mini-series. There were so many characters and sub-plots, all introduced and abandoned. Each of these could have been a one or two hour episode instead of just dropped. In the end - it just ended.

Then I saw the credits. Apparently they were moving along at a brisk pace and suddenly ran out of money. After more funding? I enjoyed it anyway, just wish it had been 'finished'. JasonZ 21 September Please do not read on unless you don't mind having the resolution revealed.

This movie is well shot and well acted. The music and sound were also good, and to be fair, some of the writing is good as well. There are a lot of plot turns that keep it interesting, and I liked the fact that they left it up to the viewer to keep up; each plot point was explained, but not in a way that insults your intelligence.

Little details were dropped that kept things intriguing. Unfortunately, that's what makes the broad story arc disappointing. By that point, the villain's behavior has been explained, and nothing new is learned about anyone. The most interesting character reveals nothing more and the villain acts just as described. It could have been so much more, so to me the final third was a gigantic letdown.

I was intrigued by the film. The film held my attention every single frame. I was always wondering what would come next right to the very last frame.

I thought the writing and acting were very well done. The title was a great choice in my opinion. It kind of summed up everything. A really great mystery full of twists and turns.


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  1. Muzahn says:
    On "Reno on Record 3" you will hear all of the sounds of the fastest motorsport on the planet, Reno National Championship Air Races. The howls of the little Formula One class racers, the roars of the T-6s and the thunder of the hot rodded WW2 fighters of the Unlimited Class will be passing in front of your nose directly out of your stereo speakers.
  2. Duk says:
    SAMPLE: CD ARTWORK AND INFO: Air Speed Graphic Art MENU: Disc One From Reno on Record 1, The Unlimited Edition 1. Introduction Fly-by 8. Start-up for “The Gold” 2. Bob Love Interview 9. At the End Of The Runway 3. Pylon Four Practice John Crocker Interview 4. Jack Hovey Interview Race Start 5.
  3. Malanris says:
    the reno philharmonic is a federally registered (c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of nevada, tax id # The Reno Philharmonic is a resident company of the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, S. Virginia St., Reno, NV
  4. Moogulkis says:
    Jan 30,  · Geremy Kornreich sent in this photo, noting: "Sept. 13, , was a fine afternoon at the Reno Air Races at Reno-Stead Airport (KRTS) in Nevada. The ramp featured a Curtiss P Warhawk and Supermarine Spitfire, with a rain squall and a Hawker Harrier "Jump Jet" in the background. Would you like to have your photo.
  5. Tygoktilar says:
    Sep 29,  · The ramp was ecstatic to see Vicky Benzing in her newly acquired P Mustang Race Owned and flown for many years by Clay Lacy, this airframe has a long history at Reno, most notably as the Unlimited Champion.
  6. Bahn says:
    Wednesday, August 25, ing Gazette Wednesday, Aug. 25, -The handicapped Candidates hear what if s like C.H7f4t PnrMrtn fHtv Riirnon Handicapped persons in Carson City can't even go to.
  7. Mazuhn says:
    The Kenny Loggins title track and more singles from Deniece Williams ("Let’s Hear It For The Boy"), Mike Reno & Ann more. Ghostbusters (Original Soundtrack) The perfect single-CD Ant-hology, this disc has 17 key tracks from one of the most influential new-wave figures. it shot straight to #1 it’s still the Boss’s most famous.
  8. Sam says:
    reno on quibi – has reno news, listings, dvds, episode guides and more for reno
  9. Duk says:
    May 08,  · Ol' Reno Guy. from miles east of the San Francisco Marina May 8. A Majestic Theater. We’ll mention peripherally that page 8 columns are historically written on either a Sunday or a Monday night for the following Saturday, a tradition that may change if the American League can’t figure out how to finish a baseball game in under five.

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