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Xandra* - Colorado (Vinyl)

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Her New Year costume has been updated since Papa's Bakeria. She now wears a black collar and hat studded by stars and rainbow stitches. Her tutu now has stars and she wears black shoes with rainbow soles and turquoise blue laces. In games where she dresses up for Halloween , Xandra wears a clown costume. She wears a costume almost identical to the one she wore during New Year.

However, she instead has blue and magenta dyed hair, a white powdered face, and wears white gloves and a clown nose during Halloween.

She wears a yellow shirt with a white "X" sewn on the front with a blue and pink collar and a white tutu. She wears pink and blue-striped tights and a pair of bunny ears clipped into her hair during Easter in Papa's Cupcakeria.

The record is based on the legend of Rattlesnake Kate, a Greeley woman who allegedly killed rattlesnakes in Sheep shearing demonstrations are just one fixture at the National Western Stock Show. The National Western Stock Show features all types of farm animals, including the exotic zebu cattle breed.

In , Matthew Shepard will have been dead for as long as he was alive — 21 years. He was murdered in a hate crime in Cloud seeding technology remains tricky and expensive, but has become more vital as the effects of climate change ramp up. Colorado's journey from Prohibition to microbrewery dominance crosses paths with WWI, the Temperance Movement and s protest culture. Go to shop. Listen Live. Need help? Search Input. Life and Culture.

Feb When anyone threatened me or approached me something happened that I never understood. I remember I would become incredibly angry and then they would fall in their tracks, passed out and oblivious to the world. Some woke up. Some didn't. I soon gained the reputation of the "The Possessed Child of E.

From then on everyone steered clear of me, and if they didn't, they might not wake up to tell about it. I searched the entire city for a raven haired little girl, but to no avail, No one had seen her, no one had heard of her, and no one even cared. Finally I was forced to the realization that she was gone. I had failed to protect her. Something was never quite right inside after that day and I turned my back on the City of Angels, stowing away on the backs of pick up trucks all the way across the country, trying to get as far away from it as possible.

Her name was Isannah. I will always love her. I stumbled upon Camp Half-Blood through a series of trials at the young age of 9 and there learned the truth of my unusual parentage. I was quickly placed in cabin 11, there not being a cabin designated for my father, and my many questions were answered by the bonfire with Chiron. I learned why I could cause mortals to fall into a deep sleep at will. I loved Camp Halfblood. Though I found that I was not the most skilled and coordinated with most weapon, I did have a natural affinity towards throwing knifes and soon was able to hit any target I set for myself.

My closest friend was Michel Yew, son of Apollo. He showed me kindness and believed in the skittish, scrawny little girl I was. I came to think of him as an older brother, and picked up a sarcastic mouth and a quick sense of wit from him. Over the course of a few tedious months I also learned how to control and channel my powers of sleep until one day I was able to purposely cause even Chiron to fall into a blissful rest. For the first time, I felt like I belonged.

But then one day, a terrible accident occurred. I lost control again. Several campers were seriously injured and comatose for days because of my power, and one girl was never to wake again.

As I gazed at the horror I had caused, I knew I was a monster, a failure. In the night, I slipped away from Camp Half-Blood, never to return. I survived alone until one winter day a tawny owl swooped out of the icy sky and deposited a stained letter at my feet. It stated that my estranged mother had been appointed Professor of Divination at a school named Hogwarts and requested that I enroll to learn the art of witchcraft and wizardry.

Though I despised my alcoholic mother and her eccentric personality, and hated her for abandoning Isannah and me, I quickly recognized this school as an opportunity to quench my never-ending thirst for knowledge. So I accepted and was placed in Ravenclaw House with a 11" wand in one hand, and a worn-down, beat-up collection of textbooks in the other. Those were magical days.

I loved my classes and threw myself wholeheartedly into them. From morning breakfast until when the candles were extinguished at night, I was lost inside my books. My mind was filled and enriched with glorious tales of dragons, magic, witches, goblins, light, darkness, good, evil and fearless warriors.

My stories were really my only friends at Hogwarts, for I pushed people away in fear of hurting them again. I graduated three years early due to my diligent attention to my studies and my natural skill at memorizing very powerful spells, but as I stood on the train station platform, preparing to leave my beloved school for the last time, I realized that the mundane life of a newly graduated witch was not what I desired.

So I set off again in search of adventure and knowledge. I lived on the streets of New York City for several years. Over these years I became very skilled in the art of fighting and took some difficult assassination jobs under the pseudonym "Lethe" for a couple of street gangs to help pay for the tiny room I was staying in.

I kept my successes low key, and only used magic in the direst of situations, otherwise sticking to muggle methods to avoid detection. This paid well enough, but I saved most of the money I acquired for another day. When the Battle of Manhattan occurred, I was determined to keep to the alleys, not wishing my fellow camp mates to recognize me, but I could not resist following Michael Yew and his group of the Apollo cabin to the Williamsburg Bridge.

As I watched them battle from the shadows I quietly helped by causing their demigod opponents to feel drowsy and weak and placing several minor hexes and curses on them.

Things were just starting to turn in the campers' favor, when the wave came. It rose up, massive and dark against the sky, and I knew that we would not survive.

Right as it crashed against the bridge, wiping out a tremendous section and stopping Kronos' halt into the city, I managed to grab a thick steel cable and tie myself to a supporting trestle. The wave smashed past me, narrowly missing my beam and hurling demigods, concrete, and celestial bronze weapons into the East River below.

I held on until the horror was over, and then shakily climbed down to find myself utterly alone on the wreckage of the bridge. I tripped on a twisted piece of wood, only to realize it was all that was left of Michael's bow. Sobbing, I threw it back to the ground and ran away. From that day on, I have hated Percy Jackson with a passion for sending that wave and have never forgiven him for Michael's death.

I left New York, searching for a new life and a fresh start. As I hitchhiked across America, something inside told something inside told me I had to keep moving. I was no longer surprised by magic. Monsters no longer terrified me. The impossible was expected. Nothing could be taken for granted, and I learned to never to trust anyone.

Eventually I found myself in Fresno, California, almost right back where I had started. Welcome to Fresno the sign read cheerfully. As I leapt off of the rusted bed of the old Toyota that had carried to this hauntingly familiar land, I surveyed the city with a mix of dread and hope. What I hoped to find here, I did not know, but somehow I knew it was time to stay put for a while.

So I did what every normal teenager does. Working at a tiny bakery tucked away in the middle of Central California was a totally new experience for me. I turned my back on the violent life of a mercenary and as I iced the donuts and mixed the cookie batter, I figured out two things about myself.

First, that baking my troubles away with sugar, flour, and tears was a process of redemption for me. My hurt and sadness over Michael's death, the accident I had caused at the Camp, the rejection I had felt all my life by my parents, the disappearance of my little sister, it all melted away like butter on toast.

The second thing I learned was that I was terrible at baking. I eventually quit, since I was burning everything to a crisp anyway, and took to the streets again. Sitting behind a dumpster eating a smashed blueberry pie on my 15th birthday, that was how she found me. I almost knifed her in surprise, but she smiled quietly and said simply, "Hey.

I'm Bree. You look lonely. Wanna come with me? There is someone who would like to meet you. Through grimy alleyways and over chain-linked fences I followed her slight form.

She moved faster and faster until I was practically sprinting to keep up. Finally we halted at a gnarled willow tree on growing on a windswept hill the on the outskirts of the city. At the base of the roots there was a small hole.

Something did not feel right about the whole situation, and I warily drew one of my knives and turned to face my guide, but she was gone. I searched around for a little while, calling her name, but she seemed to have vanished like smoke into the crisp California night. I thought bitterly.

All of this for a stupid prank. Can't believe I left a perfectly good blueberry pie for this. And I turned to go, taking one last glance at the little hole. Suddenly something white caught my eye. As I leaned in for a closer look, something or someone gave me a mighty shove and I toppled towards the dirt, expecting to slam my head painfully into the roots of the tree any second. To my shock and amazement, the hole opened up and seemed to swallow me into the ground.

The next thing I knew was the strange tingling sensation of falling into inky darkness. When I woke up, I was laying on a couch and being fed something marvelous, something I had not tasted in many many years.

The girl who was feeding me was eerily beautiful, and when she looked at me skeptically and helped me stand from the couch I felt plain and stupid as mud. She led me through many twisting, vine covered terraces and tunnels, past gardens and bubbling fountains and finally stopped at a small entourage of two equally beautiful girls attending to a withered old woman. The old woman directed me to sit on the side of a large fountain and began to explain that she was Atropos, the oldest and harshest of the Fates, and she had brought me here to ask me to accomplish something for her.

I asked why she needed me, and she explained that since I was a drifter; one who floated in between lives, groups, and magic; and an already talented assassin, I was prime for the task at hand.


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Colorado on Discogs. Label: Mercury - • Format: Vinyl 7 Xandra* - Colorado (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Colorado" on Discogs.3/5(3).
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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Xandra* - Colorado at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Xandra* collection.3/5(4).
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    Colorado - Xandra Sandra Reemer renamed herself Xandra for the Eurovision Song Contest, singing 'Colorado'. I already owned the Dutch version of 'Colorado' and the English version of 'Colorado'. So when I saw this single, it was mainly the .
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    Categories: All Eurovision (Artists with their Eurovision entry on Cd - CDSI -or Vinyl single), Netherlands, Vinyl single (Eurovision Artists). Tags: , Eurovision, SI. Description Description. Eurovision Entry Size: SI-7 inch Artist: Xandra A side: Colorado (English version) B side: Stranger In Town Label: Mercury Country: Denmark.
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    Ben And Sa Tumba Vinyl 45 RPM EP Miguel -petticoats Of Portugal Cha Ch Barclay. $ + $ shipping. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions ‎– Perfect Skin Single Portugal $ Artist - XANDRA. Title - COLORADO. REF - MERCURY Y EAR - Country - Seller Rating: % positive.
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    Xandra - Colorado (Dutch Version)I Don't Own This Song No Copy Right Intended This Song Belongs To It Respective Owners Please Support The Artist By Buy.
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    Mar 22,  · DV - The Netherlands - Xandra - Colorado (English version) מור דיעי.

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